How To Get The Bus From Mestre To Venice

Want to know how to get the bus from Mestre to Venice?

We stayed in Mestre when visiting Venice as it was significantly cheaper than staying in the city centre.

During our four day trip, we took the bus from Mestre to Venice and back from Venice to Mestre on a daily basis. We were really pleased with the price point and how easy the system was to navigate.

While you can get a taxi from Mestre to Venice, the cost would defeat the object of staying outside of Venice and hiring a car isn’t really an option as there is little to no parking options in Venice, especially on a budget.

This really only leaves you with two options; either get the train or get the bus.

The train is a great idea if you’re staying nearby the Mestre station, however, we took the bus as we were able to get a pass for the entire duration of our visit that allowed us to travel from Venice to Mestre as many times as we desired.

At the time of writing the Venice travel card costs as follows;

€20 – 1 Day
€30 – 2 Days
€40 – 3 Days
€60 – 7 Days

These can be purchased from any of the ticket machines or online in advance at Tiquets.

view over a canal with boats tied up and houses lining the streets in Murano

Not only does this pass allow you to travel from Venice to Mestre it also allows you to travel on the vaporetti (water-buses) around Venice, Lido and the islands. Along with the buses around Venice centre, Mestre and Marghera.

Mestre Bus Stops

There are a couple of bus stops across Mestre. The one you choose to board the bus going to Venice at is likely to depend on where your hotel is located.

During our stay at Anda Hostel, we boarded the bus from just round the corner at the train station.

This was a popular stop being that it was just outside the train station and would often include tourists travelling with luggage who had got off the train from the airport and was then getting the bus to Venice central.

During another more recent trip to Venice, we stayed in another hostel in Mestre which was located near the large Spar.

This was closer to the city centre so we spent less time on the bus travelling to and from Venice and Mestre. The bus stop was located just outside the hotel which was very convenient.

However, the journey cost the same amount as the slightly longer journey from the bus stop at the train station near Anda hostel.

When booking your accommodation in Mestre you’ll likely find that the hotel advertises how close they are to a local bus stop with a bus running to Venice.

An when you arrive at the accommodation staff at reception will be more than happy to point you in the direction of exactly where that bus stop is located.

Venice Bus Stops

All the buses travelling from Mestre and Venice stop in one location in Venice only and that is Venezia Piazzale Roma.

From here Venice simply becomes walkways and canals.

The buses travelling to and from Mestre drop off and pick up in the same spot, so you’ll find that once you’ve completed the journey once or twice it becomes very familiar and easy to complete.

As Venezia Piazzale Roma is the drop-off point for all buses and taxis entering Venice you may find that in peak times it is incredibly busy, however, again it’s something you quickly become familiar with during your visit to Venice.

Personally, we found it easy to get off the bus and simply follow the crowds to the tourist hotspots during our visit with it being so crowded during our first morning of exploring.

However, if you get stuck there are plenty of signs pointing you in the direction of major tourist attractions in the city here too.

Hints & Tips For The Journey

Many tourists like ourselves chose to stay in Mestra and travel from Mestre to Venice by bus.

Subsequently, you’ll notice that the buses are much busier in the morning and the evening and much quieter during the middle of the day and late in an evening.

If you’re getting the bus between 9am – 11am then be prepared to stand on the bus rather than sit and be prepared to queue and wait for a bus with enough space to arrive for you to board.

The same goes for between 4pm and 6pm with many tourists coming back from the city for the day, returning to their hotels.

If you’re looking for extra space, or a slightly slower pace then consider going into Venice during the middle of the day and staying for dinner, returning slightly later in the evening.

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  1. I loved Venice so much when I went before! This is really handy to find a more affordable way to go back – I would never have realised there was a handy ticket you can use to get in and get around when I was there! Especially when even if you stay in Venice- you will most likely have to get a water bus either way at some point!

    1. I don’t think many people realise how many ways you can save money or just get around easier until you are there or someone points it out. I hope this means you get to go back sooner than you thought 🙂

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