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How Much Does A Trip To Iceland Cost?

Having visited Iceland in 2018, a lot of our friends ask “How much does a trip to Iceland cost?” having previously heard the exorbitant prices of the country. It’s true that seeing the beauty of Iceland comes at a cost, however, that shouldn’t be a reason not to visit.

There are many ways you can save money on a trip to Iceland, without compromising on the quality of your experience. So while we cover how much a trip to Iceland costs in this post, we’re also going to be sure to share our hints and tips with you on how to save money in Iceland so you can see that a trip to Iceland is attainable.


Iceland is a stand-alone country just south of the Arctic Circle. Which means the majority of tourists arrive in Iceland by plane. Iceland has one major international airport; Keflav?k International Airport which is situated 50km from the capital Reykjav?k.

Flights From Within Europe: $40 – $250+

Of course, Europe is a huge place, so the margins here are likely to depend on your distance from Iceland and the number of budget flight operators within your country.

Tip: Consider catching a flight, bus or train to another country or airport to maximise the discounts available for budget flights to Iceland from elsewhere within Europe. For example; flights from central Spain cost approximately $250 return. However, if you’re willing to get a budget flight to London with the likes of Ryanair before boarding a budget flight to Iceland then you could be paying as little as $100 return instead.

Budget airlines operating flights from Europe direct to Iceland include;

WizzAir – We flew with Wizz Air specifically due to the savings they offered Wizz Air members.



Norwegian Air

Other airlines to offer direct flights from within Europe to Iceland include;






When booking your flights from within Europe we recommend using the search aggregation website Skyscanner. It’s completely free to use and allows you to find the cheapest travel dates to and from your location.

Flights From The USA: $200 – $600+

Over the past five years or so there’s been a huge increase in budget airlines flying direct from the east coast of the USA to Iceland. These flights can be purchased for as little as $100 one-way if you’re willing to compromise on the time of year you travel, airline and departure airport.

The most affordable airline offering direct flights is WOW Air. Our friends Victoria and Terrance from Follow Me Away have shared their experience on this budget airline which they’ve had the pleasure of using multiple times for trips to Iceland.

If you’re looking for something a little more upper-class then the national flag carrier of Iceland, Icelandair also offers direct flights from multiple departure points on the east coast. These flights will set you back nearer $300 one-way and come with minimal differences when compared to the budget experience of WOW Air.

Flights From Everywhere Else: $600+

If you’re planning on visiting Iceland from elsewhere in the world then you’re likely to have to fly to either the USA or Europe before catching a connecting flight to Iceland. Use the information above to find the best budget airline from your likely transfer point to save as much money as possible on your flight.

Airport Transfers: $45+

Tip: This will only apply if you’re not planning on hiring a car during your trip to Iceland. Due to the monopoly cost of this transfer if you are hiring a car then we would always recommend picking it up and dropping it off at the airport.

Bus transfer from keflavik airport to reykjavik

One thing Helen and I never planned for (totally our rookie mistake) was getting from Keflavik Airport to the capital of Iceland, Reykjav?k. Since then we’ve learnt from our mistake and wrote a lengthy article to help you find the best way for you to get from the airport to the capital (the place in which many of us start our Icelandic adventure)

A basic return transfer from Keflavik Airport to 5,500ISK per person which is approximately $45 at the time of writing. However, the cost can increase significantly should you require a more luxury transfer or specific drop off point within Reykjav?k city centre.

Accommodation: $22+ (Per Night)

In central Reykjav?k, you can pick up a dorm room for as little as $22 per night (price is based per bed so perfect for solo travellers) or a budget hotel room for as little as $65 per night (price based on a double room).

Outside of Reykjav?k, you’ll find that there’s not as much availability when it comes to accommodation so the prices can vary much more significantly with some places selling out very quickly during peak season.

For the best family accommodation in Iceland or places to stay outside of Reykjav?k we’d suggest Airbnb. Here you’ll gain access to cooking facilities which should, in turn, reduce the cost of your food bill as you’ll be able to use food from the supermarket rather than eating out.

Tip: You can save over $40 on your first Airbnb booking by using our referral link.

Car Hire: $25+ (Per Day)

If you’re planning on exploring Iceland independently, travelling to various villages and towns on the island and spending an extended period of time there then you’re going to need to hire a car.

While there are many great tours running for half-a-day right through to multiple nights, you will be on their schedule and expected to follow their programme. There’s also a limited amount of public transport from outside?Reykjav?k so travelling by public transport between towns and villages is virtually impossible.


So, based on our experience how much does a trip to Iceland cost?

Well if you're from within Europe you could spend 5 nights in Iceland from as little as $500 per person. If you're coming from the USA the price for a 5 night trip to Iceland is likely to start at around $800 per person.

Of course, that's a budget trip to Iceland. The true cost of a trip to Iceland is as much as you make it... If you plan on hiring a car, going on all the best tours, buying souvenirs and eating all your meals at luxury restaurants then you can expect that price to increase tenfold.

As always we'd love to know your answer to the question of how much does a trip to Iceland cost? Have you got some awesome hints and tips on how to save on a trip? Do you have an amazing budget Icelandic experience to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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