The New Menu At Limeyard Leeds – A Review

review limeyard leeds

Sadly, as of August 2018 Limeyard Leeds has closed.?

You can be forgiven for not hearing about the California kitchen known as Limeyard before now. As Limeyard Leeds is just the third restaurant to have opened, following Broadway Shopping Centre and Staines Two Rivers Shopping Centre.

However, since being purchased out by?Cote Brasserie Group, Limeyard have ambitious expansion plans which we were lucky enough to be asked to take part in by visiting Limeyard Leeds.


Limeyard Leeds is located at the White Rose Shopping centre. Located just outside of the city centre of Leeds it features a vast amount of free parking and has just undergone a major refurbishment.

With a variety of shops, a cinema and just a mile from the M62 and three miles from the M1. Access isn’t a problem. We drove to the White Rose Shopping centre and managed to get parked just a minutes walk from the Limeyard restaurant.

Interior Decor & Design

Helen and I took exactly 100 photos at Limeyard Leeds. So to say this place is photogenic would perhaps be an understatement. In fact, I really don’t think any amount of descriptive words are going to justify the atmosphere achieved thanks to the attention to detail of the interior decor at Limeyard Leeds.

So, instead… Here’s some photo spam to show you;

Limeyard Leeds has a wonderful bar area. Ideal if you’re wanting a cocktail while waiting for your friends to arrive.
Dining outside is always an option, with cute and cosy blankets on hand to keep you warm.
Leather bound wooden benches and chairs are just some of the dining arrangements here.
Surf boards hanging from the ceiling gives this place a real Cali feeling.
Surfboards hanging from the ceiling gives this place a real Cali feeling.
Limeyard Leeds has a real industrial vibe.


The service at Limeyard Leeds was timely and polite. By that I mean they didn’t ask me 6 times “Is your food ok” as I try and viciously nod while looking like a pig as I chew far more than should be at my mouth in one time.

Nor did any of the staff make us feel like an inconvenience. Everything seemed to be done at the right time – if you know what I mean?


I was driving, so it was up to Helen to sample some of the alcoholic beverages. In this case the Bay Breeze. A concoction of vodka, coconut rum, pineapple and cranberry that was simply divine.

Meanwhile, I tried out the non-alcoholic spritzers…

The Strawberry and Ginger spritz was more suited to my taste as I found the Elderflower and Lime too sweet.


Limeyard restaurants have an extensive menu providing something for everyone. However, we were here to sample some of the newest additions to the menu.

So we created ourselves a little party platter. Starting with the Avocado and Pico De Gallo Nachos. The size of the dish was huge and could easily be a sharing starter. I only wish the guacamole had been more chunky – I do love my avocado!

Then let’s talk about the popcorn chicken. Served in the cutest little bucket ever, with a side of chipotle mayo for dipping. These bitesize treats were so good I only wish there’d have been more of them.

Finally, the half a yard of tacos. If you’re looking for something to make everyone around you (or even on your table) jealous then this is a must!

Limeyard Leeds half a yard tacos


So, there we have it. Our time at Limeyard Leeds testing out the new west-coast flavours of their menu. If you’re looking to check out Limeyard Leeds or in-fact any of the Limeyard restaurants then lunch and early evening is the perfect time to do so with a set menu from just ?9.95.

Meanwhile, if you’re one for a cocktail (or four!) then Lime Time Happy Hour runs daily from 5pm to 7pm.

As always we’d love to know what you thought of our time at Limeyard, or whether you’ve heard of or been to a Limeyard restaurant previously – drop us a comment below.

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