How To Get From Nijo Castle To Nishiki Market

If you’re heading to Kyoto, Japan. then two places you’re going to want to visit are Nijo Castle and Nishiki Market. With a mix of culture, food and shopping there’s something for everyone at these two fantastic tourist spots, thankfully with Kyoto being a relatively small city the distance between the two is less than 2.5km.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the different ways you can travel from Nijo Castle to Nishiki Market (or Nishiki Market to Nijo Castle)


Taxi is the most convenient way to travel from Nijo Castle to Nishiki Market, however, it’s also the most expensive.?While Uber (or a Japanese alternative) isn’t available in Kyoto you’ll manage to find taxies quite easily.

Taxi's are readily available in Kyoto making it easy to catch one for a ride from Nijo Castle To Nishiki Market

Taxi ranks outside most major tourist attractions, train stations, bus terminals and some of the large shops or shopping malls. Taxies accommodate four guests and the cost of a taxi from Nijo Castle to Nishiki Market will set you back around 1,000?.


Walking from Nijo Castle to Nishiki Market will take around 30 – 45 minutes depending on your pace. The route is completely flat with no incline making it a possibility for most. On the route, you could choose to take a small detour and visit some other popular Kyoto attractions including;

– The Museum of Kyoto

– Shimadai?Gallery

– Kyoto International Manga Museum

There’s also a wide variety of coffee shops, convenience stores and restaurants if you’re planning on stopping for a drink, snack or even lunch during your day of sightseeing.


While taking the bus from?Nijo Castle to Nishiki Market will still require some walking it should reduce the amount down to less than 1km.

Both of the buses listed below leave from the?Nijojomae Bus Stop which is just to the left of the castle as you leave the grounds;

Bus #12 – This bus will drop you off at?Shijotakakura Bus Stop. The journey will take around 14 minutes and make 7 stops. From there you’ll need to walk around 300metres to the front of Nishiki Market.

Bus #101 – This bus will drop you a little further from Nishiki Market at?Shijo Karasuma which is around 800metres walk. However, the journey time is shorter at just 8 minutes as the bus only makes 3 stops.

Both journeys will cost 230? per person.


If you’ve got a Kyoto Subway Pass then the Subway is a reasonable way to travel from?Nijo Castle To Nishiki Market. However, it’s not the most cost-effective or convenient so if you haven’t I’d recommend?looking over some of the other options here.

Just right of the exit from Nijo Castle is Nijojo-Mae Station. Where from platform #2 you’ll want to take the?Tozai Line bound for?Rokujizo 2 stops for?Kyoto Shiyakusho Maeeki.

From?Kyoto Shiyakusho Maeeki you’ll have a 1km walk to the entrance of?Nishiki Market. If you choose to pay for a ticket for this journey it’ll cost 210?.

To learn more about the Kyoto Subway visit the website.

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