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Greyhound Bus – From Providence, RI to Boston, MA

greyhound buses what to expect

In preparation for our latest trip to the United States, I tried to book as much internal travel and accommodation as possible. One of which was going to be our internal travel from Providence, Rhode Island to Boston, Massachusetts.

The journey was going to be an hour by car or train. Unfortunately, however, the train was almost triple the cost when compared to the buses. So, in an effort to keep within our budget we opted for the bus, the Greyhound bus to be precise. While the journey was only set to last an hour, I don’t think anything could have quite prepared us for such an experience.

Travel Details

From: Providence, Rhode Island
To: Boston, Massachusetts
Journey Duration: 1 Hour
Price Per Adult: $10.50 (bought 14 days in advance)


As we booked our transport more than 2 weeks in advance we managed to get competitive rates at $10.50 each. We compared the prices to Peter Pan bus service and found the prices cheaper and the times more convenient.

Although given the fact our Greyhound Bus was 30 minutes late and in that time 3 Peter Pan buses seemed to come and go on-time… I wish past me had looked a little harder!

Greyhound bus ticket from Providence to Boston

I booked directly with Greyhound coaches, receiving an instant email straight away with a booking reference and details. Unfortunately, however, from the time of booking and taking the Greyhound bus journey I had managed to misplaced the email.

I managed to get in touch with Greyhound coaches live help to find my booking and receive a new email pretty quickly and conveniently.

We’d chosen to collect our greyhound ticket from the Greyhound station, so we set out a little earlier than we otherwise would have to ensure we made it with plenty of time. Just remember you need ID to get your tickets and travel.

Seating & Comfort

We managed to board and get seated, as many of the passengers had just got off there were plenty of spaces to sit. The seating was well used, dated and dirty, the armrests were tatty and had been picked at. Plus side… The bus had power outlets on most of the seating to charge phones etc.

The interior of Greyhound coaches leave a lot to be desired

While there was the option to put suitcases underneath the bus. There were also small racks above the seating for smaller luggage, personally didn’t bother as it looked like it could break at any point. We chose to sit with our bags at our feet instead.

Greyhound Bus Service

The Greyhound services onboard didn’t exist. I guess, there was no need for any as it was a short journey. There was free WIFI on board. While it was a little slow we’ve certainly experienced worse on coach services. Either way, it should be good enough for you to check Facebook, Twitter etc.

The driver was polite and notified us of when we were approaching the bus station so we could get our bags together. I really don’t feel there was much service to have on such a short journey.

Value For Money

While we don’t have anything to really compare it to in America, we feel if we compared it to bus/coach travel we have taken in Europe it simply doesn’t come close.

From the outside looking in you may assume that the transport network in America would be high-end, clean and functional. In any case, Greyhound coaches seemed to prove all of the opposites.

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