Our Favourite Things To Do In Dallas Fort Worth

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Dallas, Texas in the United States is most famous for the assassination of JFK in 1963. An while the sixth floor of the library and Dealy Plaza remains my favourite thing to do in Dallas Fort Worth, there’s still so much to see and do here that I simply had to share with you our list of favourites.

Be warned in advance, hotels in Dallas seem to be rather high. The demand is high and the supply is pretty low. To avoid paying circa $200 a night we stayed in a lovely Airbnb just outside of town. This was our best Airbnb experience to date and we can’t recommend it enough.

Save Money With The Dallas City Pass

We decided to save money and see the most of the city that is Dallas with the City Pass. Using the city pass you are able to select 4 of 6 selected attractions to see for free – with discounts on the remaining 2 should you wish to see it all. The pass is available to purchase for just $49 which makes it great value for money in our opinion!

Our Favourite Things To Do In Dallas Fort-Worth

State Fair Of Texas

We came to Dallas at a great time of year and managed to get tickets to the State Fair of Texas, the state fair is on from the end of 29th of September until the end of 22 of October. The fair has everything to offer from rides, food, cattle competitions and live music.

Young woman eating Texas BBQ tater tots at Dallas State fair on the list of things to do in Dallas

Though we usually love hitting the rides our focus was on food and after all the food we ate we couldn’t possibly think about going on a ride.

There are ample parking and a free shuttle train from the car park to the entrance of the fair. There is also the option to get the DART right outside the entrance for anyone not driving.

The fair works on a token payment system to stop theft. You can pre-buy your tokens before entering the park or there is plenty of options to exchange your money for tokens in the park. Everything is paid using tokens so make sure you get plenty if you are wanting to try plenty of food and go on the rides.

I had an amazing time at the fair, I would definitely recommend friends and family who are planning a trip to Dallas to come and check out the fair. It was an American paradise and I will definitely be back even if it was just for the food. It is definitely on a must list of things to do in Dallas Fort Worth.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

While we visited in October and luckily got to see the amazing Wizard of OZ pumpkin display, there is no best time to visit the gardens. The gardens are ever changing with each season in terms of plants and displays. The gardens also put together amazing shows and setups for new customers and returning customers to enjoy.

Young woman standin in Dallas Aborterum Gardens in Things To Do In Dallas Fort Worth

The gardens have plenty to offer no matter the time of the year, such as perfect picnic spots and shady benches to take a break. There was everything on offer for everyone to enjoy, we loved everything from the waterfalls and fish pools to the frog fountains and the pumpkin display.

There is onsight parking, disabled access and wheelchair friendly. The gardens often have different shows and events on for different times of the year. They had a brilliant display for Halloween with pumpkins lined along the pathways and a whole Wizard of Oz themed play area. Perfect for family days out and a chilled afternoon in the gardens.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

We also visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science that was on our list of things to do in Dallas. The museum has 11 exhibition rooms and a theatre to watch short films. The exhibitions were great as they were all interactive and informative, they had everything from dinosaur bones to an earthquake simulator.

When at the top floor of the museum there are great views over Dallas with great spots to take some nice photos. The exhibitions start at the top of the museum and work down.

The very top exhibition is the Expanding Life Hall where you explore the planets and the universe. Working into the next room is the?T. Boone Pickens life then and now hall, which explores the animals and fossils from thousands of years ago.

The exhibitions carry on down the floors until the ground floor where you started, that is also where the theatre is showing films such as Hurricane 3D and Journey to Space 3D and more.

We went to see Hurricane 3D and it was roughly 20 minutes long and it was a very comfy theatre. It has everything to offer a family for a full day out and would suggest to check it out and add it to your list of things to do in Dallas Fort Worth.

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

On our final day in Dallas, we got to see the famous Sixth Floor Museum and Dealey Plaza. Dealey Plaza is home to the museum dedicated to JFK and the day he was killed. The museum is full of interesting facts and theories on what happened and why he was shot.

There isn’t parking near the building but there is plenty of public transport including the DART system to get around. There is plenty of places nearby to grab some lunch and a drink after the long walk around the museum.

When entering the museum you are given a headset and iPhone like device. You follow the cards around the room listening to the audio. You can just read the boards if you prefer but not all the information is the same.

There are short clips and movies to watch too. If you take any interest in American history and the Presidents this is definitely a must on the list of things to do in Dallas Fort Worth.

It was a really interesting place to visit and was eye-opening to know the ins and outs of the day. Listing to peoples perception, views on the day and how the events from the public were seen.

Geo Deck at Reunion Tower

We also got to visit Reunion Tower and went up to the Geo Deck, this wasn’t our first high rise building visit and probably won’t be our last.

We enjoyed the views from the deck and even got to create our own constellation on an interactive board.

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