Best Trousers For Iceland

Are you looking for the best trouser for Iceland?

As the climates in Iceland can vary in a season it doesn’t hurt to travel prepared. We found that when we were within Reykjavík we didn’t need the many layers or thermals but found them useful when we were out on tours.

If like us you plan to do the golden circle tour, south shore tour or even explore the sights on your own, the weather and temperatures can change dramatically.

We found the best way to be prepared for all weathers was to create layers and pack extras such as gloves, hats and scarves.

The best thing about layering up is that you can take any layer off if needed and add more. I would have said easily that having that base layer made all the difference when it began snowing.

Waterproof Trousers

If you are planning on doing any touring around, hiking or just gentle adventuring you need waterproof trousers.

Waterproof trousers were our most essential item along with our waterproof coat in Iceland. Without these we would have been cold, wet and probably miserable.

Packing list for Iceland standing in front of a rainbow

Even within the Spring/Summer months, the weather can turn from being just okay to freezing cold. So I would suggest packing a pair no matter what time of year you plan to visit.

We visited Iceland in May and still found the temperatures to be quite cold. We were really thankful for the waterproof trousers when we were going closer to waterfalls as we kept dry.

Columbia Women’s Storm Surge Waterproof Trousers

Perfect for pulling over a base layer such as thermals or leggings. The elasticated waist is great for adding comfort and getting in and out of them easily.

They fold away small and easy and perfect for carrying around in a backpack when they are needed.

The trousers come with a wide left perfect for slipping on and off over boots. The leg hem can also be adjusted to be strapped closer to the ankle for better protection.

They also come with great technology that helps block wind and chills helping keep you warm throughout the day.

Buy Here: Columbia Women’s Waterproof Trousers.

Columbia Rebel Roamer Pant

Much like the women’s style above the waterproof trousers are made to keep you dry, warm and comfortable.

There is an elasticated waist making them perfect for taking off and putting on quickly and easily.

The wide leg and trouser hem give enough room to pull on over boots and shoes which is perfect for touring around Iceland.

There is even a boot strap to keep rai from entering is any point during your day. The roamer pants are easy to wear and highly practical for cold and wet climates.

Buy Here: Columbia Rebel Roamer Pant

Snow Trousers

I would also suggest if investing in some snow/ski trousers. These are thicker and much warmer especially useful for the colder months in Iceland.

You can wear them as they are or layer up underneath for extra insulation. You can find ski pants or snow trousers in many different camping shops or online.

Columbia Men’s Ride On Snow Trousers

Built with the same technology as the Columbia women’s waterproof trousers the men’s snow pants are built to withstand cold, wind and snow.

With Omni-tech technology the trousers are perfect for a trip to Iceland.

The leg is a fairly spacious fit with room underneath for a base layer. They are also wide on the hem perfect for wearing over boots and shoes.

The waist is also adjustable to fit over base layers or give a more snug fit.

Buy Here: Columbia Men’s Ride On Snow Pants

Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

The Arctix snow pants are highly recommended and reviewed. They are deceptively lightweight and easy to wear during skiing and more.

They come with a drawstring waist band perfect for those who want a little more pulling in on the waist.

One of the best features of the snow pants are that they are comfortable and come with a range of useful pockets for items such as a phone, hand warmers and money.

These are a great option for Autumn/Winter in Iceland when the weather is much colder and snow is probable.

There are features such as the snap fastenings at the hems to make it easy to get in and out of boots, ankle cuff hem guards and internal boot gaiters.

Buy Here: Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers and walking trousers are a great alternative whether you are out exploring the stunning sites or if you are just heading for a coffee.

You can find a number of trousers that are both highly practical and great for various weather conditions.

If you plan to do any long distance walking, hiking while in Iceland I would suggest buying a pair of cargo/walking trousers. This way you can be comfortable and still be protected against the elements.

Regatta Men’s Highton Active Hiking Trousers

Regatta is well known for making high quality walking and hiking gear so it is no surprise to see that some of the best trousers from Iceland come from them.

These men’s highton hiking trousers are great for the warmer months in Iceland from May to August. The weather is warmer and the daylight hours are longer.

They are still waterproof which is great as you can still wear them while exploring the waterfalls and you don’t have to worry about the spray getting you wet.

The waistband is adjustable and elasticated making them comfortable and easy to wear. There are also plenty of pockets within and on the trousers perfect for storing money and essential items.

Buy Here: Regatta Men’s Highton Active Hiking Trousers

Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Trousers

The Columbia Saturday trail trousers are a perfect fit for the warmer climates in Iceland. With splash resistant technology and SPF sun protection you can wear these all day without a worry.

There is a roll up feature which transforms the long leg into capris, perfect for hiking in hotter climates.

The biggest factor to point out with these trousers are the articulated knees giving you space to bend, run, jump and climb if you want to.

The trousers are lightweight and easy to wear and are perfect for hotter climates and backpacking as they dry quickly.

The pockets are highly useful and are zipped on the side to give you full protection of your valuables and easy to use, keeping your hands free of bags.

Buy Here: Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Trousers

Thermal Trousers

Along with wearing waterproof trousers you might want to look at wearing a thermal layer underneath, this is really handy if you plan to go in Autumn/winter time to Iceland.

I would completely recommend finding a pair of thermal trousers, fleece lined leggings or thermal trousers to use as a base layer.

By far the best thing I packed for our trip and wore pretty much the whole time I was in Iceland was my leggings. Though they weren’t advertised as a thermal layer they were amazing and need another pair.

I had used these leggings prior to my trip to Iceland for travelling from the UK to Orlando and back again. They were amazingly comfortable and perfect for layering up with a pair of waterproof trousers.

Alternative Trousers

Our other trousers were a pair of jeans and joggers for Cora. We both packed a pair of jeans because though they aren’t great if they get wet they are thick.

I mostly brought mine so I had something nice to wear if we went out to a restaurant too. Cora decided to pack joggers as that’s her most comfortable clothing.

Think about what time of year you are going and the weather conditions.

We saved our waterproofs and warmer layers for when we were out on tours, visiting waterfalls and exploring more of the beautiful Icelandic landscape.

Meaning we could save our nicer clothes such as jeans, leggings and joggers for when we were within Reykjavik and going out for shorter time periods.

Thats i everything for our best trousers for Iceland. I hope you have found this useful, if you have any tips or want to share your favourite trousers leave us a comment below!

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