12 Wonderful Places To Eat In Grassington, North Yorkshire

To say that Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales has plenty of places and options for everyone is an understatement. Though only a small village there is definitely a wide variety of places to eat in Grassington.

You can find everything from casual dining to formal dining. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, there isn’t anything left uncovered. I put together this guide to help you decide where to eat and what to eat.

On a quick side note before we get started if you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Grassington we have a great accommodation directory. We’ve also got a great directory for camping in the wider area of the Yorkshire Dales national park

1. The Devonshire

The Devonshire is based in the main square of Grassington. It is a popular place with visitors and locals. I have eaten there plenty of times after a long walk in the dales and it never fails to deliver.

Places to eat in Grassington - The Devonshire Grassington

The Devonshire Grassington is also a hotel and restaurant making it a great place to stay.

The Devonshire menu is a quite wide variety of dishes including starters, bar snacks, mains, salads and sharing boards.

The Devonshire Grassington pub menu

The food here is delicious and very filling, it is made well and well worth the cost. The prices per meal are very reasonable for the amount of food and quality.

For more information about The Devonshire Grassington click here.

2. The Foresters Arms

The Foresters Arms is another pub which offers everything from accommodation, great fresh food and ales. The pub can cater up to 28 people in the bar/restaurant, with dining tables and places at the bar.

The lunch and dinner menu has both warm and cold selection from traditional British dishes and sandwiches. They also offer up soup, pies and fish options such as salmon.

Places to eat in Grassington - The Foresters Arms - pubs in Grassington

The pub has a children’s menu with 10 different options such as sausage and mash, lasagne and fish fingers and chips.  They also serve up a different menu for Friday night which is Friday steak night, where you can get different deals.

Also on Sunday is a different menu as they have three courses available and the main course is roast dinner. Prices are quite reasonable and don’t appear to be terrible for the meal and included side dishes.

For more information about The Foresters Arms click here.

3. The Black Horse Hotel

The black horse was always a popular stop for us on a way back from a walk in the dales. Our walks would often end and take us back through the village.

The black horse was a great place to stop for lunch and dinner. It is also a hotel for anyone wanting to stay a little longer and make the most of their time in Grassington.

Places to eat in Grassington - Black Horse Hotel - Pubs in grassington

The pub offers up a bar menu for those interested in a snack and a full menu for those who are looking for a more filling meal.

The meals made here use fresh local produce and take inspiration from dishes around the world. Though you can find hearty country meals here as I have tasted many times.

For more information on The Black Horse Hotel click here.

4. CoffeeEco

CoffeeEco is held in high regard to customer service and friendly staff. Many have mentioned they received a warm welcome even when in muddy boots and dripping wet from the rain.

The cafes in Grassington are all individual and offer up unique experiences. CoffeeEco provides customers with freshly made sandwiches and soups as well as handmade cakes.

Places to eat in Grassington - CoffeeEco cafe

The cafe has plenty of options available for guests. The CoffeeEco cafe caters to everyone, from dog walkers and muddy boots to pets and anyone with special dietary requirements.

For more information about CoffeeEco visit their Facebook page here.

5. Cobblestones Cafe

The cafe has been in the same spot for many years, popular with locals and visitors. Cobblestones have a small paved area to the front which is popular in the warmer months.

Places to eat in Grassington - Cobblestones cafe

The tea room offers up cream tea for two, coffee and traditional chunky chips. Perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon, this is a lovely spot for lunch and relaxing after a long day of walking.

For more information on Cobblestones Cafe visit their Facebook page here.

6. Walkers Bakery

Walkers are located next to the Devonshire Grassington pub. It is mainly a fresh sandwich, pie and dessert shop. The ladies that served us were all very friendly and lovely.

Places to eat in Grassington - Walkers sandwich and bakery shop

Some customers had complained about the time it took to make the sandwich but in my case, I was happy with the service. So if you are rushing back to the car I wouldn’t stop here unless it is empty, I would give yourself plenty of time to get food.

Though it did take some time I appreciated that they were making it all fresh. I chose to have the tuna melt panini and Cora had a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich. Both were in fresh bread with lots of tuna filling which you don’t get in premade sandwiches.

We chose a cherry Bakewell for dessert and it was one of the nicest I have ever had. I would say that if you are after something simple this is one of the best places to eat in Grassington.

Places to eat in Grassington - Walkers bakery sandwich shop

While there was no seating inside there was quite a few tables and chairs outside. Also if you struggle to find a seat there is plenty of bench space across the road in the square. We didn’t struggle to find a seat and even got a lovely view of the area.

For more information on Walkers Bakery click here.

7. The Stripey Badger Bookshop and Cafe

The Stripey Badger Bookshop is a bookshop and cafe in one. On one side of the ground floor, there is a bookshop which is set out and looks lovely and the other side is dedicated to being a cafe.

Places to eat in Grassington - The stripey badger cafe - cafes in Grassington

The cafe serves up award-winning coffee, speciality teas, homemade cakes and lovely lunches. Not forgetting their all day breakfast which I can see being popular with hikers.

For more information on The Stripey Badger Bookshop click here.

8. Retreat

Retreat is a lovely Cafe and restaurant based up the hill from the main square. It is within a lovely white cottage stone house and has a lovely front. The day we visited the cafe was quite full and is obviously a popular choice.

Places to eat in grassington - Retreat bistro - cafes in grassington

Classed as a tearoom and bistro, Retreat serves up splendid afternoon tea and dishes for lunch and dinner.

Their menu also caters towards guests that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy free. The bistro is lovely decorated and is a lovely cosy place to stop and have a cup of tea.

As they are also a restaurant they serve up alcohol such as wines, real ales and much more. This bistro is in a lovely location and one of the best places to eat in Grassington.

For more information about Retreat Cafe & Bistro click here.

9. Springfield Tea Room

Springfield tea room is located a fair way up the hill on the left-hand side. This is run by a couple who are said to be very friendly, fun and can’t do enough for you while you are in their company. The tea room is said to be a little pricey but worth every penny.

Places to eat in Grassington - Springfield tea room - cafes in grassington

The tea room offers up a lovely range of freshly made meals, pies and desserts. Best of all the desserts have the option to be gluten-free.

The couple running the tea room are definitely known for their sense of humour recently advertising ‘ pilates – sorry I meant pies and lattes’ on their chalkboard.

For more information on Springfield Tea Room click here.

10. The Corner House Cafe

The Corner House cafe opened in 2014 and is a family run business. Known for their fresh coffee, specialty teas and a wide range of hot chocolates. Everyone is welcome at Corner House cafe from babies, children and even dogs.

Places to eat in Grassington - Corner House Cafe - cafes in Grassington

The cafe is a very welcoming place and even let you in with your muddy boots on. Baby changing facilities are also available here.

For more information on the Corner House Cafe click here.

11. Rozi’s Tandoori House

I think one of the more recent additions though before my latest visit I admittedly hadn’t been to Grassington for a few years.

This is both an eat-in restaurant and take away found within the village. Rozi’s are great places to eat in Grassington if you are looking for a little something different.

Places to eat in Grassingotn - Rozi's Tandoori house - restaurants in grassington

Rozi’s Tandoori house has got some rave reviews on TripAdvisor from different people including vegans and vegetarians. The food is described as delicious and tasty, I haven’t had a chance to visit yet but hopefully soon.

The restaurant does not sell alcohol but you can take your own if you wish to drink, they will, however, provide glasses. This is great if you are staying in the village and wanting to have a quiet night in.

For more information on Rozi’s Tandoori click here.

12. Grassington House

Though all the food I have ever had in Grassington is delicious, Grassington House is a level above. The standards here have been raised to give the best atmosphere and evening for all.

Owner and chef John Rudden creates high end locally sourced meals that are both beautiful insight and beautiful in taste. The meals are described as ” traditional luxury with a modern and eclectic twist”.

Places to eat in grassington - grassington house - restaurants in grassington

There is a warm inviting experience both in a bright conservatory and a bar/terrace which leads to Grassington square. There is plenty of dining and dining areas to suit all weather conditions, places to feel snug and cosy in the winter months and the terrace for the summertime.

This has to be one of the more high-end places to eat in Grassington and a great place to celebrate an occasion.

Places to eat in grassington - Grassington house - restaurants in grassington

For more information on Grassington House click here.

That is our complete list of places to eat in Grassington. Of course, there are plenty more within the Wharfedale area and will be sure to cover those in the future. If you have been to any of these places or looking to visit the lovely village of Grassington and need any tips to let us know in the comments.

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