Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Rome Fiumicino

As you may know by now we love a good airport lounge and so finding the newest addition to Rome Fiumicino was exciting news for us.

We have been using the Priority Pass courtesy of our Platinum American Express card to allow us access to lounges all over the world. The newest addition to Rome Fiumicino airport is the Plaza Premium Lounge and here is what we thought…


The lounge is located in the E section of the airport in Terminal 3. The Plaza Premium Lounge is located upstairs, you can get up using the escalator or the lifts.

Sign posted pointing to the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

As you come up the elevator you will need to turn around and at the back in the corners are the lounges. This is where you will find the Plaza Premium Lounge.


As we were visiting quite early in the morning we were lucky enough to get straight into the Plaza Premium lounge. It was fairly quiet to say the airport itself was quite busy and had no problems getting a table.

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We were checked in with our boarding cards and priority pass with no trouble. You can book airport lounges ahead of time but not with your priority pass.


The lounge was fairly large and has plenty of open space, the ceiling was very high which gave the room more light and a more open feel.

view of the bar area at Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Within the lounge, as you walk in there is a clear layout. With the bar in the middle of the room as the focal point and the room circles around it.

To the right of the bar are large windows, near the windows, are soft seating areas and private pod seating. In front and in the inner circle of the bar area is more formal dining with upright chairs and booths for eating.

Armchair seating with soft lighting at Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Towards the back of the room, there were more large windows looking out over to the runway. The seating there were armchairs in rows with small coffee tables and working desks.

The view towards the back of the lounge didn’t disappoint, with a lot of activity going on it would be a plane watchers spot.

There were no film or spots on the windows so it was a great clear view. With windows spanning across the back of the lounge, there were plenty of viewing seats.

View over the runway and terminal from Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Since we have experienced our fair share of airport lounges before now I thought we had seen all the seating possible but I was wrong.

As the lounge only opened in April 2018 it has managed to fit the needs of many different travellers into one lounge. The seating arrangements available are:

Bar Stools

Casual Dining

Lounge Chairs

Sofa’s And Soft Chairs

Individual Pod Chairs – These come with a small side table and cover around the side for privacy.

Computer Pod Seating – This seating is a collection of seating, each private with a small table, charging station for anyone wishing to work.

The lounge is quite large but all the seating is fairly spaced out and still gives you a sense of privacy. There is plenty of seating so even in peak seasons there should be plenty of opportunities to still get into the lounge.

Food & Drink

As we were in the Plaza Premium lounge from 9.30 in the morning they were serving breakfast. It was definitely to a high standard as the whole lounge was.

There was a hot counter at the kitchen which was serving bacon, sausage, sliced zucchini and potato. They were also offering scrambled egg or omelette made to order.

Fresh pastries and bread roll for breakfast at Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

Over by the bar in the middle of the room, is were pastries, cereal, toast and an array of cheese and cold meat. There was also a wide selection of salad options with different dressings and olives. To one end of the bar was a fruit bowl filled with apples and oranges.

The food was lovely and well presented and had no trouble finding something new to try each time I got out of my seat.

As we were flying at 12.35 we were lucky enough to be around for the change over from breakfast to lunch.

The biggest changes made to the menu were the meals served at the hot counter. On offer were potatoes, vegetable lasagne and Mediterranean chicken. To order there was a margarita pizza or Arrabitaia pasta.

Hot food lunch with vegetable lasagne at Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

We ordered a pizza and no more than 5 minutes later it was ready to collect. It was served on a wooden tray and was no larger than a small side plate. I tried the vegetable lasagne and potatoes both of which were delicious.

Hot food made to order at lunch in the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome
Small hand made pizza at Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

They had also changed over the pastries to fresh bread rolls and bread squares. The salad options had also been slightly adjusted and refreshed. Where the morning spreads had been there was now fresh melon triangles, rice salad dish and cold pasta salad.

Lunch menu including pasta salad at Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

The bar was located in the middle of the room which served alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, spirits, wine and champagne. The bar also was host to the coffee machine, you could have a coffee made fresh for you there or go to the self serve at the side of the kitchen.

The view of the overall Plaza Premium Lounge Rome.

There were 2 fruit juices available on the counter, blood orange and pineapple. These were kept fresh by sitting in a large bowl of ice. Located near the kitchen was a fridge offering up soft drinks such as coke, coke zero, sprite and Fanta.

The Soft Drinks fridge at Plaza Premium Lounge Rome


The Plaza Premium Lounge had plenty of great facilities available. While there was plenty of seating they had also managed to arrange plenty of charging places. There were tables set with USB and plugs built in as well as plugs on the surrounding areas of the room.

One of the dining areas at the Plaza Premium Lounge Rome

There was a shower service available on request from the reception. This would include a towel and toiletries.

Another great facility the Plaza Premium Lounge had was in lounge toilets. Many times before we have had to leave the lounge to visit the toilet. This lounge had the incorporated which made life a little easier.

As we weren’t flying until 12.00 we had plenty of time to sit and work. I am glad we did now as we had a couple of YouTube videos to upload.

The internet was great, it was easy to connect to and fast, we got the majority of our outstanding videos uploaded. I managed to get some work done which meant I could sleep on the flight.

There were plenty of staff both cleaning and refreshing the food. The staff were both friendly and fast-paced.

There were very on hand and quick to help when they could. The kitchen staff who were making hot meals and food to order were very pleasant.


Overall I enjoyed my time at the Plaza Premium Lounge at Rome Fiumicino and wouldn’t say no to coming again. I am glad we managed to have a lengthy amount of time in the lounge to be able to make the most of the visit and try lots of food.

Plaza Premium Lounge Rome Fiumicino

Food & Drink


The lounge was a great size with plenty of space for passengers to spread out and relax. I thought the view from the lounge was great and worth checking out during your visit.

The food and drink were also very good and the staff were very pleasant. I would definitely recommend visiting this lounge.


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