Qatar Airways Privilege Club – Everything You Need to Know

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world in our experience (and we’ve only managed to fly economy with the airline).

Qatar Airways benefits from an extensive range of destinations around the world we found that the airline often comes up as the cheapest option when looking to travel from Europe to Asia, however, the airline’s partners allow you to travel even further.

If you plan to fly with Qatar Airlines on more than one occasion, then it’s well worth researching the Qatar Privilege Club.

The Qatar Airlines Privilege Club is the airline’s rewards club scheme. It has four different tiers based on how many points you have available at the time. Each tier comes with its own unique perks including priority boarding, complimentary extra baggage, and access to a private airport lounge. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different parts of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club and understand some of the best benefits that come when you choose to become a member while flying. 

How To Sign Up For Qatar Airlines Privilege Club

Signing up for the Qatar Airlines Privilege Club is both quick, easy and perhaps most importantly, free.

To begin the application process simply head to the Qatar Airlines Privilege Club sign-up page.

The application requires you to fill out basic information including your name, date of birth, home address, etc. You’ll then need to read through and agree to all the terms and conditions of the program.

Once the forms have been completed you’ll get an automatic email providing you with confirmation that you’ve joined the Privilege Club. From there you’ll be able to login to the club portal, add any flight details, or change any personal information.

Qatar Airlines Privildge Tiers

There are four different tiers of the Qatar Airlines Privilege club. The first tier is the starting point from which new members who join the club will begin.

With every flight you’ll then earn points, once you hit a threshold you’ll move into the next tier and be able to access the additional benefits of that tier.


This is the lowest level from this airline and is a great place to start. Many members enjoy staying at this level and getting some great points. The benefits of the Burgundy level includes:

  • Shop and pay
  • Priority stand-by
  • Family accrual rate at 25%

These are the standard benefits of the Qatar Airlines Privilege Club and can be incredibly useful even if flying with the airline is a one-off.


The silver tier is the second-highest tier of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club. It includes the three benefits that were found in the Burgundy plan, along with a few extras;

  • Lounge access before the flight
  • Extra baggage up to 15 kg
  • Family accrual rate goes up to 50%

The lounge access and extra baggage benefits can give you some additional comfort when flying with Qatar airlines.

Plus, if you plan on flying with your family often then the family accrual benefits at the silver tier can be a great way to increase your Qatar Airlines privilege rewards even further.


The third tier level of the Qatar Airlines Privilege Club is the gold tier. Unsurprisingly the gold tier comes with some even better benefits than silver including;

  • Family accrual rate is at 100%
  • You can enjoy the lounge along with one other guest
  • You can bring extra luggage up to 20 kg. 
  • You get 40 Q credits

At this tier, you also still continue to get the benefits from the previous silver and burgundy tiers.


The highest tier available through Qatar Privilege Club is Platinum as such this tier comes with the highest benefits that the airline has been known to offer, including;

  • Family accrual rate of 100%
  • Extra baggage up to 25 kg. 
  • You can enjoy the lounge with two extra guests
  • 60 Q credits
  • No expiry on your miles

These are in addition to the features that are enjoyed in some of the other tier levels. This is the best one to use when you want the most in style and comfort while flying. 

How The Qatar Airlines QPoints Work

To move from the burgundy tier of the privilege club through to the gold, silver, or platinum tiers you’ll need to earn QPoints.

QPoints can be earned in a variety of different ways (more on that in a moment) and need to be achieved over the course of a 12 month period. Once you move up a tier you have 12 months to either maintain or move up a tier.

The Qpoints required to achieve each tier are as follows;

  • Silver – 150 Qpoints
  • Gold – 300 Qpoints
  • Platinum – 600 Qpoints

However, there are fewer Qpoints required to simply maintain your Privilege Club status once it’s been achieved.

You can either earn a smaller number of these points over 12 months or a higher amount for 24 months, depending on how much you decide to fly that year.

  • Maintaining Silver status – 135 Qpoints in 12 months or 270 Qpoints in 24 months
  • Maintaining Gold status – 270 Qpoints in 12 months or 540 Qpoints in 24 months
  • Maintaining Platinum status – 540 Qpoints in 12 months or 1080 Qpoints in 24 months

If you do not meet the threshold to maintain your Qatar Airways Privilege Club level then, you will drop from that tier down to the next one. So, if you failed to maintain Platinum, you would drop down to Gold.

There is also the requirement that you earn a minimum of 20% of your Qpoints on flights that are marketed or operated by Qatar in order to maintain your status.

How To Earn Qpoints

There’s a number of different ways you can earn Qpoints however, not all methods are created equal.

Some methods will earn you significantly more Qpoints than others and are therefore well worth researching – especially if you’re close to the next tier or need just a handful more points to maintain your existing tier.

Flying With Qatar Airlines

Unsurprisingly one of the most common ways people earn Qpoints is by flying with Qatar airlines. The number of points you can earn from each flight is dependent on the following factors;

  • Your current membership tier
  • The class you book for the flight
  • Distance travelled
  • The specific airline you use

To figure out how many miles or points you will earn before the flight, you can use the Qcalculator. This will give you a good idea of how much you can earn based on the price of the ticket and the other factors above. 

Transfer From A Citi Card

If you’re based in the USA then you could also look at using a Citi card and transferring points from that card over into Qpoints.

The ratio of points is 1:1, so 1 Citi point is equivalent to 1 Qpoint. The transfer process takes place on the Citi website, on average it then takes around 48 hours for the new points to show up in your Qatar account.

Rent A Car – With A Selected Rental Partner

Another way to earn Qpoints is by hiring a rental car from one of the selected rental car partners who work with Qatar airlines. 

Some of the companies you are able to earn your points and miles through include:

  • Sixt
  • Hertz
  • Europcar
  • Budget
  • Avis

Different companies have different terms and conditions for their partnership with Qatar Airways but generally, you’ll just need to add your Prividlge account details to your hire car account prior to your booking.

Stay At A Selected Partner Hotel

Qatar Airways Privilege Club members can earn Qpoints through the airline’s partner hotels. There are currently over 50 hotel partners as part of this program which makes earning these additional points incredibly easy.

Some of the hotels Qatar has partnered with includes;

  • Hilton
  • Marriot
  • Radisson
  • Accor
  • Hyatt

What’s The Difference Between Qpoints & Qmiles

As a member of the Qatar Airlines Privilege Club you’ll see two words a lot; Qpoints and Qmiles.

Qpoints and Qmiles are earned and used in different capacities within the Qatar Airlines Privilege Club.

Simply put Qpoints are points you earn that allow you to increase your tier within the Privilege club. Meanwhile, Qmiles can only be earned from flights and duty-free purchases. Qmiles can be spent on free flights or upgrades.

How To Redeem Qmiles?

You can redeem Qmiles for flights with Qatar Airlines or the airline’s partners. The value of each Qmile will vary depending on a number of factors including;

  • The time of year you’re flying
  • Where you’re flying from
  • Where you’re flying to
  • The class in which you’re travelling

There are also some terms and conditions that you should be aware of when it comes to spending your Qmiles on a flight these are;

  • Open jaw / stopover flights are not permitted on Qmile redemption flights
  • Qmiles can not be used to book infant tickets for either business or first class
  • Taxes and fees still apply on redemption flights
  • First class flights on any A380 flights between London and Doha are not eligable for Qmile redemption

In my opinion, the worst thing about redeeming Qmiles is the inability to see available redemption seats in advance. Instead, you’re required to wait until you have enough Qmiles in your account.

This can make planning a trip with miles incredibly difficult, although there are ways around it. This includes contacting Qatar directly or using a partner airline to check reward availability.

How To Book Qatar Flights With QMiles

The reason to build up the miles while in the program is to help pay for some of the flights that you would like. It is hard to know how far each mile is going to get you. It often depends on how far you want to travel and the time of year. 

You will need to explore a bit to find the right flight to use your miles with. You may find that the prices and the number of miles change from one day to another. You will need to check back with the airlines often to get the best deal. Some of the things to consider when booking flights with miles include:

  • Where you would like to travel
  • The time of year you are booking
  • The time of year you plan to fly

If you have some flexibility, you may be able to get some great options that your miles can help pay for. The more stringent your flying plans, the harder it is to find what you need, but this is the same for any mile program on an airline. 

Upgrading Your Cabin Class With Qmiles

You can use Qmiles to upgrade your class on a pre-paid flight if there’s reward seat availability in that class on your specific flight.

However, much like the standard reward flights you’ll be subject to terms and conditions and the amount of Qmiles required will depend on a number of different factors including;

  • The class you’re upgrading from / to
  • Where you’re flying from
  • Where you’re flying to

Flying With Partner Airlines With Qmiles

You’re also able to use your Qmiles to fly with Qatar airlines partners if they have redemption seats available.

However, there are some terms and conditions that you’ll need to be aware of these include;

  • Stopovers are not permitted on redemption flights
  • Open-jaw flights are not permitted on redemption flights
  • Award tickets for infants are not permitted
  • Your itinerary needs to be done with a single partner
  • The maximum number of single flights per redemption is capped at 4

Working with a partner airline with Qatar is a little bit more complicated than using Qatar Airways on its own. However, if you’re having difficulty you can contact the Qatar Privilege club team and they’ll be able to assist you.

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