A Guide To Electric Scooter Rental Paris

Electric scooter rental in Paris is a great way to get around – Like most major cities, the traffic in Paris can be chaotic – to say the least!

Many companies have seen a market in a rental of these electric transportation methods whether it be to target tourists who want to ride between tourist destinations or those who live in the city with little space who simply want to be able to get to and from work as quickly as possible. Think of it as Uber for scooters and/or bikes.

In this post, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know when it comes to renting electric scooters in Paris. To ensure that you rent the best electric scooter for your journey, budget and travel style.

Paris Scooter Rental Companies

These are Paris scooter rental companies you should look for when in the city;

Lime Scooters

In our opinion, Lime Scooters and Bird Scooters are the best Paris electric scooter rental companies. You’ll spot these little green scooters all over the place.

Simply download the application onto your smartphone device and enable GPS to find the scooter closest to you. You can see the battery level of each scooter to ensure you’re getting one that’s going to get you to your destination before losing charge.

In our opinion, one of the big downsides to using Lime Scooters over other electric scooter rentals in Paris is the fact you’ve to ‘top-up’ your account instead of paying as you go.

Topping up isn’t as much a problem for regular users/commuters of the service however if you’re visiting and planning on using the scooters for just a short period of time then you might find yourself unable to use all of the credit you have.

Lime Scooters are 1 to unlock and €0.15 per minute to ride, so for the €10 top-up you’ll be looking at one use of exactly one hour.

BIRD Scooters

Our favourite brand when it comes to electric scooters in Paris is BIRD. We first heard about BIRD scooters during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

Since then they’ve expanded far and wide including a number of US cities and states and a number of major cities within Europe with more being added daily (check the website for the complete list of where BIRD scooters are currently available)

While I’m not 100% sure on the numbers. I’d estimate that there’s roughly as many BIRD scooters as there are LIME scooters currently available in Paris.

The screenshot above shows all the ones that are currently available for me to pick up and ride within the proximity of my location, so, as you can see… plenty!

Riding a BIRD scooter costs the same as a LIME scooter €1 to unlock and then €0.15 per minute. The screenshot below demonstrates the distance I was able to cover over the set period of time. as well as the cost.

As you can see on my first ride I was pretty slow, and focused on getting familiar with the scooter – not to mention Helen was fast paced walking beside me.

Fast-forward to the second rental and you can see Helen and I are both zooming around on BIRD scooters and covering quite a distance for a reasonable cost in a short space of time.

WIND Scooters, Paris

WIND scooters have the least availability and flexibility in ride locations when it comes to scooter rental companies in Paris. That said, they do have a flexible top up system that can make them great value for money.

Unfortunately, like LIME. Topping up in advance is the only way to access a WIND scooter. However, if you top up €10 then you’ll get €13 credit.

The charge for a WIND scooter is the same as LIME or BIRD in that it’s €1 to unlock and then €0.15 per minute meaning that for €10 (therefore €13) you could travel on a WIND scooter around Paris for 80 minutes.

Why Rent An Electric Scooter In Paris

  • You can get off the scooter pretty much anywhere you want to. Unlike a car where you’ll have to stick to roads, or with public transport where you’ll have to get off at the nearest stop.
  • In most circumstances, it can be quicker than taking a car or a taxi through the city. It’s cheaper too!
  • Being electric, these scooters are super environmentally friendly!
  • Super affordable. With most electric scooter rental companies in Paris costing just €1 to unlock the bike and then a further €0.15 per minute. Based on the estimated 15mph you can get out of most scooters that means you could travel from the Eifel Tower across to the Arch De Triumph in less than 5 minutes.
  • Riding an electric scooter around Paris is great fun and a fantastic way to see the city.

Health & Safety Tips For Renting An Electric Scooter In Paris

  • If you’re planning on riding the electric scooters in Paris a lot then we’d recommend bringing a helmet or purchasing a helmet in advance. This was one of our biggest worries when on the scooters but financially it wasn’t practical for us to purchase one and there was sadly, nowhere to rent on in Paris.
  • Stay in the cycle lanes. Luckily, there are plenty around Paris and you’ll find that all cyclists and around 80% of electric scooter users use them so you won’t be alone.
  • Gain confidence before gaining speed. These scooters can go super fast, so just ensure that you’re confident and have full control of the scooter and the different controls onboard before speeding off.
  • Go with the flow of traffic. Again, arrows on the cycle lane are likely to point you in the right direction to ensure you’re on course but this is a good thing to remember if you can’t see any cycle signs.
  • Avoid travelling on the scooters with any large bags, suitcases etc. There’s plenty of places you can store your luggage in and around the city instead.
  • Go at a speed that suits you. Just because the scooters can get up to 15mph doesn’t mean you need to drive at 15mph. In fact, Helen nor I never did.
  • Be wary of your scooters controls. When we did a scooter hire in Paris one of the scooters we rented seemed to have a sticky acceleration bar. This meant that I had to manually move it back to slow the scooter speed down rather than it automatically retracts back into a neutral setting.

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    1. They are on-demand mobile scooter rental companies. Not something you book in advance, they are based on your geo-location on your smartphone. Hope this helps.

  1. I use lime bikes here in Seattle. the app works great. When I go to paris is there anything else I will have to do to unlock the bike/scooter? Will my stateside app work or will I have to redgister?

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