Review: ANDA Hostel, Venice

Let me start by saying that Venice isn’t a cheap place to visit. However, that’s not a reason not to visit at all. We always advocate for finding affordable ways to spend time in unaffordable locations and staying in this luxury newly opened hostel in Mestre is one of ours.

Launched in late 2017, the hostel is home to 119 rooms which can hold more than 700 guests in total. On average we paid €56.50 each for three nights. We booked via HostelWorld so we had the free cancellation however, the ANDA website states you can save 5% by booking direct with them.


ANDA Venice Hostel is around the corner from Mestre train station. Ideal for transport to and from central Venice. Nearby you’ll find an extensive range of restaurants for all budgets as well as a small supermarket.

Around a 15 minute walk from the hostel there’s a much larger supermarket and a McDonalds.

There’s always two staff on reception at any one time. Given the number of people in the hostel, I imagine a queue can form very quickly. Because of this, we were served pretty much straight away and checked-in and ready to go up to our dorm within 5 minutes.


We opted for the cheapest dorm room option (we might have gone for a private room however, they’d all sold out when we came to book). In this case that was a 9-bed dorm – the largest room size that ANDA offers.

The bedding doesn’t come pre-made on your bed so you’ll need to set that up before you ‘hit the sack’. Each bed has a small side light and an EU plug (you’ll need a converter to power your devices if you’re not from the EU).

Underneath the bottom bunk, you’ll find a large storage cage. Here you can securely lock up your belongings while out and about – you’ll need to bring your own padlock.

The bed was super comfortable, modern (by this I mean you don’t worry the person on the bunk above you might fall through onto you in the night) and clean. I can’t fault it whatsoever.


Inside our room, there was three sinks, two showers and one toilet. I’m personally not much of a fan of the ‘bathrooms’ within the room. The facilities were super clean, very modern however some basic things were lacking that would have simply made this place a cut above the rest.

  • There’s no complimentary shampoo, shower gel etc. These in a dispenser on the wall are always a hit. No traveller wants to be bringing more liquids than they have to.
  • There’s no soap next to the sinks so you can’t exactly wash your hands after you’ve been to the toilet.
  • There’s nowhere to dry your hands after using the sink… better hope you have a towel on hand.
  • Towels are not complimentary and will need to be rented or purchased from reception if you’ve not brought your own. (these are the small travel towels we use).
  • There’s no hairdryer. Again, a simple addition next to the sinks clipped to the wall, this small device goes a long way!

I’m unsure if the bathrooms within the private rooms or same-sex rooms are any different.

Subject to availability late check out is available for a small fee. This has to be arranged with a staff member on reception in advance. Due to an early morning train from Venice to Verona, this wasn’t something we required.


There is complimentary WIFI throughout the hostel. It’s password protected but the password is available throughout the hostel. We experienced no outages during our stay and a relatively consistent upload and download speed despite the number of people using it at one time.

ANDA Hostel is a very lively hostel. With a number of ongoing activities throughout the week which are highlighted on a chalk board by reception.

At the far end of the ground floor near the public toilets, you’ll find a small laundry room. The facility is open 24/7 and was highly popular with guests. There was a small seating area within the room however you could easily wait out by the bar area.

There are free to use lockers at the front of the hostel all you’ll need is your own padlock. This is a fantastic free service.

Most hostels charge for such a luxury, and being self-serve you don’t have to wait in a queue you can simply drop your bag off before check-in or after check-out and maximise your time exploring the city!


The bar at the ANDA hostel is open from 5pm through until 1am. The only time we experienced any issues with this was on a Friday evening. There was a live DJ set which was so loud we could hear it in our dorm on the sixth floor.

I went down to reception to ask for more toilet paper for the bathroom in our dorm and the guy on reception struggled to hear what I said – I can only imagine what it’s like if you’re trying to check-in.

Then again, maybe this is just a sign I’m getting too old for hostels?

Alongside a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks the bar also serves slices of pizza and small snacks at relatively reasonable rates. These along with drinks can be paid for using cash or credit / debit card.

There is a large kitchen on the ground floor of the hostel. As you can see it has an extensive range of utilities including ovens, microwaves, hobs, pots, pans etc.

There’s also multiple fridges, freezes and shelves for you to store your food items. There are also some items which are labelled up as free and have been left by previous guests.

We used the kitchen a number of times to cook small basic meals from ingredients we’d picked up at the nearby shop – it was more than good enough for what we required.

Breakfast is in the form of a buffet. It’s available on demand for €7 or you can purchase breakfast for your entire stay for €6 a night.

Based on the location of the hostel you could give or take this as there’s plenty of other options nearby of a similar price point. In our case, we opted to shop around and ate at the train station many mornings – despite the inflated pricing we still got an extensive amount of food for a similar price.

On the ground floor there’s a number of vending machines that you can use to purchase soft drinks, coffee and snacks. The machines only accept cash however there’s also an ATM where you can get cash out (and then exchange it for coins at reception or the bar should this be required)

As you might expect the prices are rather inflated. You can certainly get things much cheaper if you’re willing to work the 200m to the supermarket.


We’d definitely stay here on a future trip to Venice – there’s nowhere as affordable or modern nearby. That said, I’d pay the extra to stay in a private room.

I feel the bathrooms and toilets could be improved with some small added touches of hairdryers, soap by the sink etc.

ANDA Hostel, Venice



The hostel was well designed with cool features and plenty of areas to sit, work or chat with friends. The room itself was comfortable and clean and great bag storage. The staff were very friendly and the facilities were great.


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