Review: Best Western Media Center Burbank

After spending a week in Las Vegas we decided to spend our final few days in LA, specifically so we could go back to Universal Studios.

We stayed in the Best Western Plus Media Centre, in nearby Burbank so we only had a short commute to the Universal Studios Park. This is the first time we’ve stayed at Best Western for probably around five years, so I was interested to see how the brand had developed and how this mid-range hotel in Los Angeles.


The location of the Best Western Plus Media Centre can’t be faulted as it is a 7-minute drive to the park. There is free parking for guests who have driven or rented a car.

The best part of the location personally is the number of local restaurants, cafes and take out places there were around. This made our stay easier knowing we could take a short walk to find somewhere to eat. Just down from the hotel, there was a Chipotle which we loved and enjoyed.

There are other amenities such as Target, Walmart and Marshalls roughly 20-minute drive away.

This is a great spot for anyone looking to visit Universal Studios Hollywood and is one of the recommended hotels. It is also a great place to stay if you are here to go on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood.

As we arrived quite late in the evening after a long day we were greeted and checked in. The host was lovely and inviting which made the day easier as we were quite tired.

The lobby area of the hotel is beautifully laid out and well looked after. There was plenty of space to put luggage or if you have a pushchair or wheelchair.

After checking ID and paying for our room we were given our cards and showed where we can find breakfast and the elevator to our room.


The room is classed as a suite, with a large king size bed to the far side of the room. The room is very spacious and well laid out to maximise the space along with giving the room an open feeling.

There is no divide between the bedroom and living space within the suite but this wasn’t an issue for us. There is a slight arch way that creates a small separation but there is no actual divide between the spaces.

The bed was comfortable with a variety of layers to make up the bed such as a fleece layer and a thin sheet. Each side of the bed also had two full and comfortable pillows. At each side of the bed there was a plug and USB port to make charging easy and accessible along with a bedside lamp.

The sofa was a 2 seater dark grey sofa which was very comfortable to sit and work from when we weren’t out exploring the area. The desk area has a leather chair with plug sockets at the top for easy access again.

I liked that there were quite a few lamps within the room to give it a softer touch rather than all the lights having to be on. There was a small wardrobe area with a bag stand, iron, ironing board and hangers.

There was a large chest of drawers in front of the bed with a large TV on top. We used the HDMI cable to watch something from our laptop on the screen. Though there were plenty of channels to choose from.

The bathroom was very clean, modern and came with a bath/shower. Perfect for families as you can use both and for anyone wishing to soak their feet after a long day exploring. The bathroom came with small shower, conditioner, body wash and soap.

There was an area that had a coffee pot, cups and utensils. On the upper level, there was a microwave oven that we could use to make a microwave meal on an odd night.

We found this useful as our second night we were staying in and relaxing so a microwave meal was perfect for us.


The bathroom was very clean, modern and came with a bath/shower. Perfect for families as you can use both and for anyone wishing to soak their feet after a long day exploring.

The bathroom came with small shower, conditioner, body wash and soap. I liked the storage areas for the towels and space under the sink for placing toiletry bags when they aren’t be used.


The WIFI inside the hotel is complimentary and can be accessed with just a couple of clicks. Upon check-in we were given a card with the passcode to access the wifi.

It was good for us to work from, upload pictures and download anything we needed.

Swimming Pool

The hotel does offer up a pool that is located on the front side of the building towards the street side.

We never visited the pool as we were too tired after a full day at Universal Studios Hollywood and too full of popcorn!


We booked the room with complimentary breakfast which offered up fresh made waffles (you make your own), fruit, cereals, oatmeal, yogurts, fresh scrambled egg and sausage and a variety of breads and bagels.

There was fresh apple juice, orange juice, lemonade and water along with a coffee machine to make fresh coffee.

The food though seemed limited the variations were endless which I liked. There were a variety of bread and bagels in which you could have plain, toast with peanut butter, jam/jelly or butter along.

The waffles were made yourself but there was a variety of maple syrups, chocolate toppings and whipped cream in a small fridge.

I also really liked the variety of breakfast you could have from sweet, savoury and healthy. There were a variety of brands and flavours in the fridge along with fresh milk and butter.

The cereals had roughly 4 options along with oatmeal with different toppings such as dried banana and nuts.

The only let down was that the food was to be eaten off of paper plates with plastic cutlery. There weren’t many staff so I can see it working out better as they aren’t paying anyone to clean but seemed very wasteful as a whole.

The other facilities they had at the hotel were vending machines. As we arrived late on our first night we used these for snacks and drinks. The main snacks machine is located just of the hallways next to the reception and lobby area on the 1st floor (ground floor).

The prices were inflated but that was expected due to the location we were in and having a trapped audience. There were a variety of snacks from crisps/chips to chocolate and cereal/granola bars.

On each floor there was a drinks machine that you could buy bottled water, fizzy drinks such as diet coke, coke and sprite from. Next to each machine was an ice dispenser.


Overall I was pleased with the Best Western Plus Media Centre and enjoyed our stay. The room was the most impressive as it had plenty of room and amenities we needed during our stay.

I would definitely recommend staying here if you plan to go on the Warner Bros studio tour or visit Universal Studios Hollywood.

Best Western Media Center Burbank

Cora Harrison



We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Best Western Media Centre Burbank. The hotel was kept very clean and tidy in all areas. The room was spacious, clean and well presented.


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