Review: Bibidi Bobidi Boutique At Disney Springs

Walt Disney World is an incredibly magical place anyway right? But there are those little pockets of activities and things to do that really add the extra pixie dust on top of the cake.

One of those is having a princess or knight makeover at Bibidi Bobidi Boutique. Bibidi Bobidi Boutique operates on transforming young boys and girls into dream knights and princesses.

On our latest trip to Walt Disney World, we were taking 2 princesses and 1 knight. One princess is too young and our knight was more bothered about meeting stitch than getting a makeover.

That left Princess Bella eager-eyed and ready to take on her royal duties. This is how we got on…


There are two locations to go visit Bibbidi Bobidi Boutique. The more well known is located in Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland. Fantasyland is the area located just behind the castle.

The other location is located in Disney Springs near earl of sandwich and pin traders and once upon a toy.

It was originally located in the back of once upon a toy but with the new refurb of Disney Springs it was updated and transformed.

How To Get To Bibidi Bobidi Boutique

There are a number of ways to get to Bibidi Bobidi Boutique in Magic Kingdom. Depending on whether you are staying on site or staying off site you can drive. If you are staying on site you can get the bus, boat or Minnie van.

We were staying at Old Key West Resort and there is a boat transportation service that goes between Disney Springs and the resort.

There is also bus transportation from the resort to Disney Springs. If like us you are staying on site you can use either bus transportation or the Minnie Vans.

If you are staying off site you can drive to the locations at Disney Springs or Magic Kingdom. Or if your hotel offers Disney transport you can use that.


The Crown Package

The Crown Package is the simplest of the packages and cheapest. This is a great package if your princess already has a dress to wear and just wants to have the finishing touches done by the fairy godmothers.

The price for the Crown Package is $64.95 + tax. This package includes hairstyling, makeup with a face gem, nail polish, princess sash and cinch bag. The bag holds your extra pieces like your nail polish and hair brushes.

The Courtyard Package

The Courtyard package is the next step up which includes the basic crown package with a couple of extras.

The price of the Courtyard Package is $109.95 + tax. This package includes hairstyling, makeup with a face gem, nail polish, princess sash and cinch bags along with a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique T-shirt and tutu.

The Castle Package

This is one of the higher prices packages at Bibidi Bobidi Boutique. This is probably one of the most popular for little girls who are coming on a once in a lifetime trip.

The Castle Package price is $199.95 + tax and includes the basic Crown Package with the addition of a princess costume of your girl?s choice and accessories. The accessories include a tiara/crown and a magic wand/baton, this, unfortunately, does not include shoes.

The Deluxe Castle Package

The price for the Deluxe Castle package is $229.95 plus tax. This package includes hairstyling, makeup with a face gem, the princess necklace, sash, cinch sack and Deluxe Disney Princess gown of your choice (excluding shoes) and a coordinating accessory set.

The Princess Signature Dress Collection

The Princess signature Dress Collection package price starts at $450 + tax. This includes everything from the above package plus a princess gown made with heirloom-quality fabrics, a crystal tiara and organza garment bag.

Photopass/ Memory Maker

Even if you are using a standard ticket only on your visit you get a couple of standard photos. These photos are scanned onto a website for you to download from there. The ticket will have a code on for you to access the photos and enable you to download them.

If you are using the memory maker you will get a card with a code for you to access and download your photos onto your laptop at your own pace.

There is the option to go to another location within Disney Springs to get more photos taken with your memory maker. This was only pointed out to us at the end.

How Do You Book Bibidi Bobidi Boutique?

You have to book an appointment, you might strike extra lucky and be able to get something that day. It is highly unlikely to be able to get a walk in appointment, this may only happen on very low season (if there is such a thing at Disney) and if you are going to the Disney Springs boutique.

As we are from the UK we had to book an appointment over the phone (make sure you don’t ring at 9am from the UK because the time difference means they aren’t open).

On booking they will need card details so they can hold your spot, a deposit will be taken. You can only book over the phone or through your hotel help desk.

As of 2019, you can now check availability and book online. If you have any problems reserving a space it is always best to ring up.

Bibidi Bobidi Boutique Restrictions

While there are not many restrictions there are a couple that applies to the age.

How many people can go in with the one child?

There must be a child over the age of 18 must accompany the child at all times. There is a restriction on adults in the party in the waiting room. Each child is allowed 2 adults to accompany during the makeover.

Is there an age requirement limit?

The guests having the makeover at Bibidi Bobidi Boutique must be at least 3 years of age and can’t be older than 12 years of age.

How long do you have in the boutique for the makeover?

You are allocated a time slot of 30 minutes to 1 hour for the makeover.

What is the best location to have it done?

This depends on where you are staying, whether on-site or elsewhere. This also depends on how strict your itinerary is and whether you are wanting the makeover on the first few days of your holiday.

I think if you little one is very excited I would try to get in at the Magic Kingdom boutique. This way the knight/princess can use the day to parade around and make the most of the makeover.

If you aren’t extremely strict on having the makeover in the morning or you don’t want your little one walking around in their princess dress I would suggest Disney Springs boutique.

At what point in the holiday would you get it done?

This is entirely up to you, if you are leaving it for a treat I would book it towards the end. Many people like to push it to the front of the holiday.

Are there ways to save money going to Bibidi Bobidi Boutique?

There are ways to help save money and get the best from your trip to Bibidi Bobidi Boutique. You can opt for the cheapest package with the hairstyle, makeup and nails along with the cinch bag. This way you can bring your own dress, shoes and accessories which can be bought either way in advance or at the outlet.

Just a note… the net part will have spoilers in of what happens and video footage. This is purposely for those wanting to know exactly what happens at Bibidi Bobidi Boutique. 

Our Experience

We were, unfortunately, running late due to our transport taking longer than expected. We had tried to get in touch with the boutique but it was very difficult. Fortunately, Cora managed to get in touch with them to let them know we would be a little late.

As we arrived worn out and breathless they took us to a desk to check in. We were asked what was the princesses name (Bella) and what package they would like, this then determined what Princess dress she would like to wear and what hairstyle she liked. With all our details taken, we were asked to come through to the first part.

This was a room filled with luxurious round seats and large fairytale style changing rooms. It was truly beautiful and wished I could have it in my own house! You are shown to a changing room with your Princess for her to change into her princess dress.

As you walk in there is a huge mirror that you look in and the fairy godmother arrives. She works her magic on you as you stand before her and then you are ready to get into your dress and be transformed.

Once you are ready and dressed you leave the first room down a corridor to wait to be paired with your fairy godmother. This is your hairstylist, the room is a large room with mirrors around the wall, chairs around the edges and stylist stations.

There is a divide in the middle with seating for parents/guardians to sit while the princesses and knights are transformed.

When you are taken through to your fairy godmother, she will seat the princess down on a comfy chair and ask a couple of questions. Ours was so friendly and lovely she took extra time to talk to Bella to make her feel relaxed and comfortable.

At first, the ladies worked on Bellas hairstyle, with her chosen hairstyle she was allowed to pink extra colour extensions to be clipped in. She chose pink and purple, these were simply placed in her hair and were plaited into the plaits.

They then worked on her makeup which she could choose from her own palette she would take home with her. They also painted her nails and put her nail varnish in a box to take home.

Once they have done the hair, makeup and nails they say a little rhyme, sprinkle on dust with a magic wand and turn them around to see themselves in the mirror. It is sweet and magical as they see themselves transformed into a princess/knight.

When we were leaving we were taken into a room for a mini photoshoot. In the room, it was decorated with the Cinderella’s castle on a backdrop and a small carriage.

The girls and boys get to stand in front and have professional photo’s taken. We were given a card to access the photos online and download them when we got home.

Afterwards, we were able to walk around while Bella was in her princess dress. The bonus of going to Disney Springs Bibidi Bobidi Boutique was that we could get the boat from Old Key West Resort. It was also the least busy boutique from the two.

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