Review: Craghoppers Spring/Summer 2019 Range

We have luckily worked with Craghoppers a couple of times now and every time we are impressed. We are back with a whole new range to show you the well designed functional clothing.

I decided to break up this review into items to fully show the qualities of the item. There are also a couple of key areas that Craghoppers as a business are trying to work on with partners, the environment and more. There is more on that below.

Craghoppers Honesty Project

Craghoppers have been working hard to not just create great quality clothing but creating a business that is working hard on helping the environment.

There has been plenty of talk lately about people doing their bit for the environment and big changes needing to be made to ensure we have a planet to live on.

Craghoppers are doing just that, they are now a BlueSign Partner. This means that they are working on 5 key guiding areas in their business, meaning where they can improve to make their working environment is better along with better ways to make clothes and save the planet at the same time.

I am impressed with the amount of work they are putting into looking at their company and production process with a magnifying glass to work out ways they can help the environment.

This doesn’t just mean they are paying attention to plastic waste but water pollution, microfibre pollution and chemical testing. You can read more about the Honesty Project here.

Lara Dress

I absolutely love the Lara Dress. The cotton-linen blend fabric makes it easy to wear without having the fuss of maintenance. Since we do plenty of moving around and carrying a rucksack we like our clothes to be light and compact. The Lara dress is perfect for anyone looking to have a nice dress for any holiday that is practical and stylish.

I decided to style the Lara dress with a small brown bag and my white converse. I love that the colour of the dress and simple style really can go with many things.

I really appreciate the small insert of fabric towards the hem to give my legs a little more movement. This added insert meant I could climb the stones and be a little more free. It also meant the whole dress hung lovely on my frame and was comfortable to wear.

Some key features of the Lara dress are the lightweight fabric, easy care so you can wear it, wash it and wear it all in a day. That is so handy when you are travelling and want it for the next day. The best part of the Lara dress as many women may agree with me on this is the pockets.

The pockets can fit my iPhone 7+ in it, that is a large pocket and if it couldn’t get better, they zip up! I am so impressed with how good I felt wearing this dress just for the day and can’t wait to take it travelling with me.

Kiwi Pro Crop Trousers

The Kiwi Pro Crop trousers are perfect for warmer climates and hiking. They are made from a stretch material making them perfect for moving around.

The waistband does sit further up on the waist than the hip so if you prefer a lower waistband I would check out the other range they have in store. If you like the added support around your waist these are perfect for you.

Cora was loving the freedom of the stretch fabric on the legs.

Again they are practical for everyday use, hiking and exploring or camping. They come with a wide range of amazing features such as the sunglasses wipe, wash and wear, solar shield and smart dry eco. That is an impressive amount of technology in just one item of clothing but it is all true.

CompressLite Gilet

Cora had a gilet a couple of years ago that latest what seemed like forever. Eventually, we had to throw it away and since then we haven’t replaced it. Having a gilet is great because Cora doesn’t always feel the cold like I do, so having a full thick jacket is too much for her.

The compresslite gilet is perfect for adding a layer over the Verona shirt or just to cover the body from a chill in the evening. The Compresslite gilet is reversible which is super handy and comes with pockets on both sides.

One side is plain and sleek and the other is quilted. Honestly, I really like both sides and find it versatile for travelling.

Martina Vest

The Martina Vest is the top version of the Lara dress, so of course, I was going to love this as well. The cotton-linen blend makes all the difference when roaming around in the heat.

I appreciate a fabric you don’t have to iron while travelling but let’s face it, it isn’t practical or fun. This top is easy to care so you can wear it, wash it, dry it and you can wear it all over again.

This is so handy as we travel between hotels to hostels and sit on buses for hours. I can get off a long journey and still look as good as I did at the start.

I love the detailing of the buttons on the back as it can be a super cute day top or even dress it up for an evening out. This is perfect with shorts, a skirt or trousers for the cooler months.

The slow scoop of the neck sits just right at the base of my neck without making me feel constricted. I love the style of the fabric as from a distance it looks grey and when you get closer you can appreciate the detailing of the stripes.

The Martina top like the Lara dress has a little flare towards the bottom to give your body the space to move. I honestly think the small parts of the Martina vest like the added flare to the hem and fabric choice makes this a great top to wear.

Sydney Crew Jumper

I recently got into wearing jumpers so much more than I used to and love the thought of throwing on a jumper as the sun goes down. The Sydney Crew jumper isn’t just a comfy and cute jumper it is so much more.

I decided to try out the key features of this jumper on a 24?c English day and it was hot. I wore the jumper in the hot car, shaded woods and just walking around and I hardly felt the heat.

The Sydney crew is designed to be a covering later in hot countries with Nosilife technologies, UPF 50+ sun protection and moisture control.

Meaning you are protected from the sun, the bugs and your own sweat. The jumper is also part of the Craghoppers Honesty project, this is something they have been working on and building an honest brand.

The simple construction of the Sydney Crew makes is such a comfortable fit on the body and arms. I personally don’t like jumpers too tight as I don’t like feeling restricted but the Sydney crew is a lovely fit and make you feel cool and comfortable.

Verona Long Sleeve Shirt

This shirt has been perfectly designed for hiking trails, hot climates and walking in the country side. The shirt is in a league of its own with features such as Nosilife, Cooling collar, moisture control and odour control. The shirt is so easy to wear and easy to move around in.

There are 2 pockets with zips one on the left-hand side of the hem. This is another of the items Craghoppers have been working on with the Honesty Project. What I liked the most about this shirt was the option to have the sleeves rolled up or full length.

The shirt has a lovely flare on the bottom making it easy to move around in and flexible. There is also a really handy zip up pocket on the seam line.

One of the really useful things to know about this shirt is that it has drying loops so if you are camping, van life or just wanting to hang it up to dry off. It is also lightweight material and easy care so you don’t have to worry about ironing.

30L Kiwi Pro Rucksack

We travelled for quite a substantial amount of time trying out various backpacks. We went through a phase where we actually had a new bag every week and it was getting frustrating as not any of them had what we needed.

We didn’t feel like we were asking for much either which was more annoying. That was until we were sent a variety of luggage from Craghoppers and we got to try out a couple of different styles.

From that we fell in love with the Kiwi Pro range, these are rucksacks designed for a number of activities from everyday use, hiking and travelling.

We mainly use the rucksacks when we travel and that is all we take most of the time. I like to carry a little more which is why I have the 30L and Cora has the 22L.

What I really love about this backpack is the soft shoulders and straps and the added padding on the lower back area. As we can often spend a full day wearing these bags it makes such a difference to our shoulders and back.

They are comfortable to wear and so easy to use. Another great feature of the 30L Kiwi Pro rucksack is the number of useful pockets you get. I loved having a place to put pretty much everything.

There is a hidden pocket on the reverse of the bag, a laptop sleeve inside, a front pocket that can be home to your wallet, phone or small cables and a top pocket which I love using for my power bank and phone cable. Having all these dedicated areas make life on the move so much easier as I can find everything so much quicker.

22L Kiwi Pro Rucksack

This is the next size down from the 30L Kiwi Pro rucksack. Cora likes to pack lighter than me and so she doesn’t need as much capacity as me. This 22L is just as good as the 30L but smaller.

There is still the larger front pocket to stash all your small items such as money, cables and keys. This pocket is found on the side instead of a full round zip.

We usually use it to store our power bank, journal or items we need to get to quickly. There is also a useful slimmer pocket at the top that is great for storing small items, usually our pen!

With both all Kiwi Pro rucksacks there is a sly pocket on the back on the rucksack. It is slim and can’t hold anything bulky and is built for laptops or documents.

While travelling we often need a safe place to store our important documents and can often store them in this compartment with safe knowledge it isn’t a pocket that can be easily accessed.

That is everything on our Craghoppers Spring/Summer 2019 review. If you shop at Craghoppers what is you favourite item you ever bought?

I would love to know what you favourite holiday item is whether it is a bag, sunglasses or favourite pair of shorts.

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