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Review: Ibis Budget Glasgow City Centre Hotel

Ibis Budget Glasgow double bed with bunk bed above.

Finding a budget hotel in Glasgow, Scotland can be difficult. However, there’s a couple of brands I always recommend budget travellers look out for when travelling the UK. Accor’s Ibis budget is one of them, and that’s exactly where we stayed on our most recent visit to the city.

We were limited on where we could stay during our trip to Glasgow by two factors; availability and budget. The availability was mainly due to the fact that we were looking at checking into the hotel that very same day (in under two hours in fact).

The budget was simply due to the fact that Glasgow seemed particularly expensive – Although that’s probably due to the availability factor…


Ibis Budget is located just outside of Glasgow city centre (around 1.5 miles) on the Springfield Quay retail park.

Certainly one of the great benefits of this location is being in the middle of a retail park where you’re able to find a range of shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities including; Odeon cinema’s and Hollywood bowl.

Aside from the benefit of the retail park the location really is a shame. However, as the list of facilities go on you’ll begin to realise why despite it’s proximity to the city centre it’s still a great choice for many travelling to Glasgow.

If you do want to head into the city centre of Glasgow without taking your car, then taking the subway is a great option. The nearest subway station is around a 15 – 20-minute walk where the park and ride carpark is also situated.


Check-in at Ibis Budget Glasgow is located on the sixth floor at reception. There are two lifts from the entrance (which is situated inside on the ground floor) to take you directly there (there are no stops between the ground and sixth floor)

The reception area is spacious, due to the fact it’s an open plan seating and dining area. There were a number of people waiting to be assisted as we arrived at check-in, unfortunately, one of the two staff members on the reception desk was busy taking an over the phone reservation.

Luckily, when we did get served the receptionist was very prompt and polite. At this point, we also had to register our car details for the free parking that this hotel offers (I’ll cover this in more detail in facilities) using a small iPad.


Our room was situated on the seventh floor (one floor above the reception). All the double rooms had sold out when we booked our stay (for the very same day, around 2 hours prior to our arrival at the hotel) so we instead opted for the triple with double occupancy.

The room was in the typical Ibis Budget style that you’ll experience in any of their hotels across the UK. It’s a little garish don’t get me wrong, but just like all of the Ibis Budget hotels Helen and I have stayed in the past, it’s clean, practical and comfortable.

There’s a small TV that’s bolted onto a screen above a desk with a ‘pod’ like chair (with zero lumbar support I’d recommend going down to the seating area by reception if you did want to get any serious amount of work done.


The bathroom is a little weird inside an Ibis Budget room in the sense that it’s broken up into a toilet with a door. An then a sink and shower in the main room. The shower is covered by a screen, but either way you’ll step out of the shower into the bedroom, rather than a bathroom so to speak.

The wash products are limited to a bar of soap however additional items can be purchased from reception should they be required.



The WIFI at Ibis Budget Glasgow is complimentary however the speeds are disappointing considering you’re just outside of the city centre. I had full signal strength and didn’t experience any outages however I did have to tether from my phone on occasion if I wanted to get any ‘intense’ work done or stream any videos on my laptop.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning service is daily at Ibis Budget Glasgow although you can opt out by putting the provided do not disturb sign on the door. Towels are only changed by the cleaning service should you leave them on the floor – this is standard practice by most hotels now in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

We didn’t experience the cleaning service as we did opt out from having our room cleaned. However, the room was more than adequately cleaned prior to our arrival.

Breakfast / Cafe

Level 6 you’ll find reception but also the ‘dining area’ this is where the breakfast buffet is served on a morning.

On an afternoon/evening this space converts into a large seating area where you can sit and eat items purchased from reception including drinks, snacks and a limited number of hot meals including personal pizzas and pot noodles. Much like the rest of the Ibis Budget Glasgow, it’s clean and functional.


One of the biggest draws to staying at Ibis Budget Glasgow was the complimentary parking. Finding complimentary parking in budget hotels or otherwise in major city centres is always hard to find.

In this case, we were looking at staying at the EasyHotel in the city centre which was priced similarly to this Ibis Budget. However, upon contacting the hotel we found that parking isn’t available and instead we’d have to park the car in a private car park opposite the hotel at a cost of £27.50 per 24 hours. This price equated to more than half the cost of the room for one night (and that was at the reduced rate for guests of the hotel).

As the hotel is situated on a retail estate there’s no end of parking with additional parking in the form of a multi-story carpark directly next to the hotel that guests can also use.


There’s one word that sums up our experience at Ibis Budget Glasgow perfectly and that’s ‘practical’. It’s not the prettiest hotel, it’s not the most comfortable, not the most luxurious, but it’s circa £50 a night which is the cost you’d be expected to pay for two people to stay in most hostels within the city.

This isn’t our first Ibis Budget experience, nor will it be our last. As always though we’d love to know what you think of the Ibis Budget Glasgow, or in fact, any Ibis Budget you’ve stayed in around the world – let us know in the comments.

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