Review: KAL Lounge LAX – Tom Bradley Terminal

On our route home from Los Angeles, we were going through LAX to Phoenix and then onto London Heathrow. While at LAX we took a walk to the nearby terminal of Tom Bradley to access the KAL Lounge.

We had previously been in one of the other lounges here at LAX on our last trip 18 months ago but were left feeling a little disappointed and let down. So we were excited to see that we could head over to the KAL airport lounge to see what they had to offer.


The location of the lounge is within the Tom Bradley area of the airport. We were flying with American Airlines from terminal 4 but walked around to get to the lounge.

It is located on the upper floor of the terminal, you can access this by elevator or stairs.


We gained access to the lounge using our Priority Pass, on the website, it states that they open to Priority Pass guests at 1 pm.

We had to queue for roughly 5 minutes which may have seemed long to others but the reception staff worked quickly and efficiently. Within seconds she scanned us in and we were allowed to go through.


The lounge was quite open and large in space. There were approximately 4 different types of seating available. Unfortunately, each type of seat was grubby, worn and not very well looked after.

The white seats that are on the largest stretch of the lounge were the most popular as they came with a coffee table that included charging ports into the base. These seats were extremely stained and looked more grey than white.

The large tall table with bar stools was the next type of seating within the lounge. This is where we sat as it was the easiest place to sit with back support while we worked. Again the pleather blue seats were very worn and the material was coming away.

Finally, there were the low seated grey seats which looked like a newer addition to lounge but still lacked in life. They were in sets of 4 seats within a block with a wooden divide down the middle for drinks and charging ports.

The upside to the lounge was that there were plenty of places to sit and relax. It had more than enough charging ports for everyone to charge phones and laptops which we highly appreciated.

There was an ‘outdoor’ area that was actually a balcony area that was open to the rest of the airport. It overlooked the gates dining and shopping area below.

The view from the lounge was that of general gates, shopping and dining area below. You could see through the windows to the planes at gates 148.

Food & Drink

The catering area is quite small in comparison to the rest of the lounge. Walled off with only a slim open entrance way to get in and out it can quickly start to feel tight and busy.

As we arrived at the opening time for the lounge we got to see a few different samples of food out. There was sushi, margarita pizza, buffalo wings, fried rice and a range of salad items and fruit.

The plates were only small so most of the food items were snacks and light bites. There was a variety of drinks such as fizzy drinks, juices and coffee.

The food was good and definitely filled a gap, I can see why they make the food as snacks as so many people come and go within the lounge it needs to be accessible. There were noodle pots that created more of a main meal.

There is a bar on the far side of the lounge near the balcony area. It serves alcohol but only a limited supply of spirits and wine. There is also a second coffee machine and fresh juices located at that area too.

Though the food was often replenished and the area was clean and kept clean throughout I couldn’t help but think it could have been more spacious. As there were so many seats and people allowed in the lounge, the food service area was quite cramped.


There are 2 bathrooms available, one for men and one for women. Both are disabled friendly and are easy to access. They are located towards the entrance/exit of the lounge on the left hand side.

There are roughly 6 large cubicles in the bathrooms perfect for those with luggage, children and wanting to change before a flight.

There are also shower room services available but at the time of visiting they were closed and out of use. Unfortunately, I was also unavailable to find out the price or extra cost for the use of the showers.

The wifi was a little slow at time but I believe that could have been due to the amount people using it at one time.

The internet was good enough to get some emails done, download and upload pictures and get some work done.

There are passwords and information on the internet located all around the lounge.

There are a couple of magazines and newspapers but none were English. This is due to the main occupancy of the lounge.

However, there are TVs located at different intervals within the lounge if you wish to watch them. They do have subtitles on for you to enjoy the entertainment.

The staff were quiet but lovely as they cleaned up quite quickly after the guests. They also had to work twice as fast in getting new and fresh food out into the dining area.

They were all very polite and fast to clean up any of the previous mess along with wiping down tables.


Overall, our experience of the lounge was good as the food was nice, drinks were chilled and the staff was friendly. I would say that the lounge would look nicer if the furniture was updated as the walls, floor and carpets were all fairly good condition. The furniture was the only thing for me that let the lounge down.

I would definitely return to the lounge in the future as I feel they have the important parts down and doing well such as good food, a variety of drinks and plenty of charging points.

KAL Lounge LAX – Tom Bradley Terminal

Helen Harrison

Food & Drink


The lounge was great with plenty of space for everyone to sit. The food was good and was often refreshed which is good.

The only downfall to the lounge was, unfortunately, the worn and weathered seating and chairs. With an upgrade to these the lounge would be much better and 5 stars.


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