Review: FareDrop – A Discount Flight Alert Service By Kara & Nate

FareDrop is a website created by the Youtuber’s Kara & Nate. Unlike some of their other products, it’s suitable for anyone in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. This means, being based in the UK I can use the service as well as someone can from the US for example.

I’m always hungry for a bargain, especially when it comes to flights. They are often one of the three largest expenses of any trip we take (followed up by hotels and attractions/activities). Over the years I’ve used a number of tools and services to find cheap flights, and it’s become somewhat of a hobby.

If you’re passionate about finding cheap flights but don’t have the time to do so or simply don’t know where to start then FareDrop is for you. The deals are inboxed to your email or phone via text-based on predetermined factors that you enter during the set-up process (these can be changed afterward). However, the cost of the Faredrop service is $47.88 per year.

This expense is one that you’ll hopefully be able to offset against the savings on a flight (or flights) that you’ve purchased through the service.

However, with many similar competing services, I was intrigued to find out what sets FareDrop out from the rest and whether it’s really a service worth signing up for.

I’ve gained nothing financially from this write-up.

I don’t know Kara or Nate personally. I’m not an affiliate of the service so if you sign up I won’t receive anything.

I paid for the service with my own hard $$$.

I just figured, people similar to me might want to know a bit more about the service and I hoped to answer that in this post.

How To Sign Up For FareDrop

Signing up to FareDrop is simple and straightforward. To get started you’ll need to enter some basic details such as your name, email address, and phone number.

These details are then used to allow the team to contact you via email or text when a deal has been found within your pre-set requirements.

Once you’ve entered your details you’ll be asked to select some personalisation details. These filters are then used to allow the team to only send you details about deals that are from the airports you’ve selected, or within your budget for example.

The filters are;

  • Departure airport
  • Travel month
  • Where you want to go (destination)
  • Budget (maximum you’ll pay for a flight)

How Much Does FareDrop Cost

Once you’ve entered your basic and personalised details you’ll be required to enter your bank details. FareDrop is free for the first 30 days, after that, you’ll be charged $47.88.

This $47.88 is an annual subscription so if you don’t cancel within the first 12 months the subscription will be re-charged and you’ll be sent details for another year.

$47.88 works out to be $3.99 per month, which is around the same price point as other competing services such as JacksFlightClub for example.

You can’t start the 30-day trial without entering your bank details, but you could enter your details and then try the service for the 30-days to see if it’s for you. If you cancel before the 30 days are up (such as day 26 for example) then you won’t be charged.

Additional Business Class Deals

For an additional $3.00 a month you can also get the business class deals that the team finds. This is where I think FareDrop gets greedy.

If you want both business class and economy deals you’ll be looking at $83.88 annually. An while you’ll likely save more when finding a good business class deal, these are often relatively few and far between.

In my opinion, all deals should be included for the $47.88, business class, economy or otherwise (I’d love to know if you think the same below).

How The Service Works

As I mentioned earlier in the post, when signing up you’ll be asked to add your phone number and email address (one or the other will do, but I opted for both to ensure I never miss a deal).

You’ll then be contacted via your chosen method when a deal that matches your specifications (set out during the setup process) appears. The text will alert you to the deal, as will the email which will also provide you with a link to book.

I love the additional details provided that really make the entire process (and how much you’ll save compared to the average cost of this flight route) clear and easy to follow.

At the same time, there’s no additional ‘bumf’ in the email, these guys get straight to the good stuff and don’t waste your time which I really appreciate.

Included in all of the deal alert emails you’ll also be provided with a link to the video showing you exactly how to book the flight. Again, just the right amount of information in the email without wasting your time, with additional information there if you need the support – IMO, this is perfect!

30 Days Of The FareDrop Service

I, like many people, opted to try FareDrop for 30 days. During that time I set my availability to travel to anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the UK during any month of the year with absolutely no limit on the amount I’d be willing to spend on a flight.

I pretty much made myself as available as possible to get alerted to any potential deals.

Over the 30 days, I was alerted to 48 deals, which equals out at 1.6 deals per day on average.

Of course, this number is going to fluctuate heavily depending on the restrictions you have and the number of deals available at the time – Kara and Nate don’t create the deals, they just find and share them so if there are no deals to be had, there’s going to be no deals for them to share.

Of the 48 deals I was alerted to during the 30 days, 23% of them cost less than £100 per person based on a return flight. So there are certainly affordable short-haul flight deals shared alongside heavily discounted long-haul flights.

Sadly, however, I didn’t book any of the flight deals I was alerted to by the FareDrop team. However, I did come very close on more than one occasion.

Is FareDrop Worth It?

When I first wrote this post back in 2019 when FareDrop was first announced by Kara & Nate I said that the service was worthwhile, especially for those who don’t know many deal sites or don’t enjoy spending hours playing with the ITA Matrix in the hope of finding an error fare.

That said, the recent changes and limitations between the deals and packages have changed my opinion.

Personally, I believe all deals, economy, business, or otherwise should be included in the package for $47.88. That’s a reasonable price, and overall good value for money for someone who is looking to bag a couple of bargain flights over the course of a year.

However, once you realise that $47.88 actually only limits you to economy flight deals and that the ability to gain access to business deals is going to cost an additional $36 it leaves a somewhat sour taste in your mouth.

I believe that remaining competitive in the flight deals space is especially important, the FareDrop team along with Kara and Nate have a ridiculous amount of competition which continues to grow by the day. I believe they’re onto a good thing, so I’m really hoping they change their minds and opt to offer a full service for $47.88 again in the near future.

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