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After a long flight from Manchester to Manila we were exhausted and were in need of a good night’s sleep and a shower. Our first stop in Manila was Makati so we booked in to stay at Lub D Philippines.

We were looking at finding a good place for a base for our first few nights in Manila before moving on to explore more of the Philippines and Lub D Philippines was an outstanding choice.


Lub D Philippines is located in the area of Makati which is known as the financial hub of Manila.

Just a 30-minute drive from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in a taxi, we were pleasantly surprised by the location.

The surrounding area is home to a number of bars, restaurants and quick eats. We also found it a great place for exploring the shopping malls and attractions.


We opted for a private room within the hostel and as the price for a twin/double private room and 2 beds in a dorm wasn’t much different.

If you are traveling solo or even as a group staying in hostels is a great way of meeting new people and saving some money at the same time.

We were checked in and took the lift to our room which was located on the 10th floor. You do need to use your key card to operate the lift passed the lobby floor.

Upon walking into the room it was extremely cosy, comfortable and light. The space itself was compact but I enjoyed the layout. The beds were separated as we got a twin room (we don’t mind as having very little sleep, anything resembling a bed is a win).

The far side of the room was raised up and so the beds were higher than the bathroom, giving you separation from the rest of the room but also a great place to lounge and look at the view.

What I was really impressed with in the room was the plug sockets located at each bedside were universal. We had only got one worldwide adapter so having a plug in which we could charge our phone, batteries or laptops was a massive bonus.

I can’t speak to the plugs in the dorms as we didn’t stay in any of the rooms.

The room came with a small TV with a number of channels which we appreciate on our first night but didn’t feel the need for it afterward. One night we were staying in and watched a film ‘Saving Mr Banks’.

There was a phone to call reception if you needed it, free coffee daily in your room and kettle and 2 free bottles of water daily.

There was also a small fridge in the room which made a big difference as we often bought a couple of drinks at a time and could keep them chilled in the room. Along with a safe to keep valuables in. It was only small, suitable for phones and passports.

The room also came with a complimentary hairdryer located on a shelf near the safe.


The bathroom was very clean and compact. The sink of the bathroom was located in the room separate from the bathroom. There was a sliding door to close off the room to the bathroom.

The sink came with a soap dispenser providing soap which was great.

Within the shower, there were 2 soap dispensers, one for hair and one for the body. This is always a big plus for us as we like to travel light.

My only negative was the towels, they were, unfortunately, quite old and well used. I feel if they were replaced then it would complete the room and make it much better.

Our room also had a small window to the far side of the room. It had a lovely view of the city. It was lovely to look out on an evening at all the lights on the buildings.


One of the most useful facilities within Lub D Philippines is the 24-hour front desk. When we arrived it was roughly 11.30 pm and so we managed to check in with no issues. Our second night we needed a fork at 2 am which the staff were more than happy to get for us.

There is a co-working space on the 2nd floor which is the main reception and lobby area. Here there are plenty of plugs in and around the tables which is really handy. As we work while we travel having a space like this is really useful. 

There are communal computers for guests to use in the lobby area. These are free to use for anything from checking emails to booking flights etc.

There is a small sign that asks guests to not spend more than 30 minutes a time on the computers so other guests can use them.

The main lobby floor is full of seating both relaxed sofas and chairs to more formal dining style tables and chairs. The spaces are broken up with bookshelves home to some books and some ornate objects which really gave the place a relaxed and homely style.

There is also a tour and activities area in which you can book different activities. I was led to believe it was operated by the staff as I never saw a specific person at the booth area.

There is parking available at the hostel but is a first come first serve. They also say it is a self-parking situation but that wasn’t something we needed to think about.

The lobby area is also home to a games area with plenty to keep you entertained. There is a pool table, 2 old style games consoles and a foosball table. There are also a number of board games for guests to play.

The pool and foosball are free to play but the games consoles require 5 pesos a go.


There are a couple of places within Lub D Philippines you can find food, both of which are good.

The first and probably most used is the room top restaurant/bar ” Essential Goodness For Pilgrims”. This is where you can find the breakfast buffet – which you can add on to your booking or pay for if you wish to have it that morning.

Prices for buffet breakfast are 295 pesos per person. We were kindly shown the buffet and could explore the options before choosing which option we would like.

The roof top restaurants also supply breakfast from a menu where you can get anything from a traditional breakfast with bacon, toast, sausage egg and potato confit or dishes like pancakes or granola.

Prices for breakfast meals start from 295 pesos. You can also eat here for lunch and evening meal if you prefer. We choose to have lunch one of our days and both got a burger. The food is well prepared and delicious.

And if you aren’t bothered for eating then you need to visit for the view.

There is also a small cafe ” The Pumphouse” located in the main area and reception on the 2nd floor. Here you can find sandwiches, toasties, muffins and cakes as well as hot and cold drinks.

They also serve alcoholic beverages and are open quite late. The prices again are slightly inflated due to them having a captive audience but otherwise, it was a useful spot for us to sit and work.

We used the cafe while we were working in the lobby area and when we arrived late from the airport on our first night. We got 2 sandwiches, 1 cookie and 3 cans of diet coke for 800 pesos.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to eat in there are a number of bars, cafes and restaurants in the area. There was also a market just 2 blocks up that is open until 2 am. There are also a number of 7/11 shops in the area for fresh drinks, toiletries and quick bites.


Overall we really enjoyed staying at Lub D Philippines and would definitely go back. The staff were extremely welcoming and helpful no matter the time of day.

We feel the hostel could improve vastly by updating the towels. As they were very worn and old, replacing them would improve the quality of the hostel as a whole significantly.

Otherwise, we really couldn’t fault the staff, location and surrounding amenities. We would definitely stay again and would recommend the Lub D Philippines to others visiting Manila.

Lub D Philippines Makati, Manila

Helen Harrison



Our entire stay here was a pleasure, we were well looked after and cared for with the staff. The room was cosy, comfortable and modern. We really enjoyed our stay here and the facilities were great. I would definitely recommend this hostel.


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