Review: Bellagio Queen Suite Bellagio Resort, Las Vegas

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During our most recent visit to Las Vegas, we stayed at a number of hotels. This included two separate one night stays at the Bellagio. The more time I spent at the Bellagio the more I realised I couldn’t possibly review this 500,000 square foot resort in one post.

Instead, I’ve decided to focus on the rooms specifically. On our first visit to the Bellagio, we spent one night in a two queen bed hotel room in the main Bellagio tower – review below. However, if you want to read about our $100 a night upgrade to the Bellagio Suite then be sure to read this post.

We arrived at the Bellagio prior to the 3pm check-in time, due to us checking out from another hotel in the area and meeting my parents who already had a room here at the Bellagio.

We got into the check-in queue, to try and get an earlier check-in. One benefit to arriving prior to the 3pm check-in time is the queues are significantly lower. Between 1pm – 5pm you’ll likely be waiting around 20 minutes (based on our experience).

However, prior to 1pm we found ourselves waiting less than 10 minutes for a staff member to assist us.

Sadly, we were unable to check-in upon our arrival. Instead was able to get pre-authorisation to our room. This didn’t provide us with a room number, but instead a room key that could be used to access the resort’s amenities while we waited for our room to become available.

Around 11.30am I received a text message from the resort team informing us that our room was now ready. 4 and a half hours ahead of the standard check-in time, I was as you can imagine very impressed.


The location of the Bellagio is probably one of the most iconic and well-known locations within Las Vegas. Located on the main strip of Vegas opposite The Flamingo and The Paris.

The hotel is set back from the strip and requires a walk up to the main building around the fountains and lake to get in. There is also a separate building to the left as you are looking at the building.


Thanks to the MyVegas application, our room was complimentary for one night (minus resort fees). However, had you booked this night on the MGM Resorts website you’d be looking at $300 including resort fees (Bellagio resort fees are currently $45 per night).

We didn’t mention anything in regards to an upgrade unlike our second visit and instead opted for whatever they gave us.

I believe that having a comp room from the likes of the MyVegas application will put you below standard paying guests in the terms of room preferences and complimentary upgrades – however, that’s only an assumption.

Things could possibly be different if you have an MGM Status with an MLife card however, this was our first time staying at an MGM property. So we were the introductory Sapphire status.

Our Bellagio queen suite was situated in the main Bellagio tower, on the 28th floor on the west wing. We opted for a non-smoking room, however, smoking rooms are available.

Our first impressions of the room were that it was very dark. We found ourselves searching to turn on lights that simply didn’t exist. In fact, all of these photos have had to be significantly lightened so you can see any features of the room.

The two queen beds were central in the room, with a large panoramic window parallel to the entrance door.

Over by the window, you’ll find two seating areas. The first of which is a desk area, that’s in keeping with the rest of the room and conveniently has plug sockets embedded into it.

The second is a more casual seating area where you can sit, relax and watch the world go by.

Our view was out onto the back of Ceasers Palace. This is by no means one of the best views that the Bellagio offers, in fact, it’s incredibly subpar.

During our visit to the Bellagio, it was announced that MGM Resorts would be selling it to Blackstone and leasing it back from them to free up some capital.

The majority of the news reports I read suggested that the investments in the freed capital would be made into early-stage investments in the likes of Japan.

However, it will be interesting to see if any of this money is invested in the Bellagio itself. As we found it was something that’s needed based on the in-room entertainment features.

Take for example this iPod dock that features prominently on the bedside table. The evening before we stayed at the Signature by MGM (which sadly, due to jetlag we never managed to photograph and review). A lower-tier MGM property, which came with a much more up to date docking feature.

The dock above isn’t designed to be used for an iPhone and has the old Apple 30 pin adaptor which began being phased out in 2014.

Another sign of age is the operating buttons for the windows and blinds. While the electronic features are a sign of more recent technology, the buttons and panel have clearly not been upgraded since the hotel was first opened in 1998.

Of course, take away these aging features, the bad lighting and the subpar view and this is still a room at the Bellagio.

The beds are incredible, the interior decor is delightful and the resort amenities and staff service which sadly, I couldn’t possibly cover in detail in this article are world-class.

Side note: I can’t help but wonder if I’m letting too many things slide due to the ability to simply say to friends and family “ah yes, I’ve stayed at the Bellagio”.


Onto the bathroom at the Bellagio, where you’ll find a spacious bath to your left which is embedded in marble stone. None of us experienced the bath during this visit, however, I can’t help but feel that the size could have been bigger considering the surrounding structure.

The large vaniety area in the bathroom is in keeping with the rest of the room, with a large mirror, a small array of bathroom amenities, and ‘close up mirror’ and a toilet to your left.

Upon entering the bathroom you’ll find a large shower area to the left of the door. Again, the bathroom is more than spacious enough to comfortably fit all these amenities without feeling cramped.

The shower was simple and easy to use, very powerful and spacious. Exactly what I was looking for after travelling for hours upon end to get to Vegas from the UK.


While there are endless facilities to use while staying at the Bellagio there were a couple I wanted to point out that are room specific.

Wifi works within all the rooms, when you go to login on the pop-up page it will ask for the name on the reservation/room and room number. The wifi is good and easily worked well for us to work.


There are a number of dining options within the Bellagio. Everything you could think of eating and drinking you could find it there at your finger tips.

I wanted to note the specifics to the Bellagio Queen Suite. There room service and a menu located in the living room area of the suite. You can order to your room hassle free and they can add it to your tab or pay there and then.

There was a mini-fridge located in the room stocked with snacks, water, and alcoholic beverages. These are on a timer so you have 30 seconds or so to replace the item otherwise you get billed whether you are it or not.


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