Review: White Rose Lounge Leeds Bradford Airport

The view out of the White Rose lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport onto the runway.

Today we’re visiting the newly opened White Rose Lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport.

This lounge is one of three new airport lounges that have recently opened as part of the airport’s well-needed expansion programme.

While Leeds Bradford Airport may be the most local airport to our home, it’s not often we travel from there due to inflated prices and limited routes when compared to nearby Manchester.


All three of the Leeds Bradford Airport Lounges can be accessed from a central check-in/reception area.

This is situated just past the Beer House, after security and duty-free and is clearly sign posted.

Once you have arrived and checked-in you’ll be directed to the lounge you’re looking to visit.

In our case, it was the White Rose lounge which is accessed via a narrow passageway way to the left of the reception just after the 1432 Runway lounge.

If you’re planning on paying for your visit to the lounge by cash then you can book the lounge in advance online.

This will reserve you a space in the lounge in advance. Alternatively, if the lounge isn’t already fully booked you can pay on arrival at the lounge reception. 


You can gain access to either the White Rose Lounge or the Yorkshire Lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport with a Priority Pass.

Alternatively, you can also upgrade your visit to stay in the 1432 Runway club lounge.

Unfortunately, during our visit, this lounge was closed so we were instead redirected to the White Rose Lounge.


The lounge is small, open and spacious. As you come in you’ll find the food and bar area to your left and the seating to your right.

Clearly, the most popular seating area is located next to the window where you have a lovely view out onto the runway/taxi area.

Unfortunately, there are no plugs by this window area so we sat in the corner and extended our laptop cables to one of the plug sockets on the far wall.

A 1/4 wall did a great job of separating the seating areas without making the space feel any smaller than it already is.

The White Rose Lounge offers up a great view of the runway and surrounding areas.

The 5 tables by the large windows are certainly the most popular in the lounge and are likely to be taken during busy periods.

As this airport is generally rather quiet, during an hour stay at the lounge you’re only likely to see one or two planes take off or land.

There are three different types of seating in the White Rose Airport Lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport.

The majority of the seating are these low single seats perfect for solo or couple travellers.

Unfortunately, due to the height and seat positioning these seats were not suitable for us to work from.

The only seats with plugs were along the far side wall inside the lounge. These seats were again too low from us to eat or work from.

However, for around 50% of our visit, these seats were the only choice we had if we wanted to be near to plug sockets.

Around one hour after our arrival into the lounge, the corner seats next to the window became available.

These were close enough to a plug socket that we were able to run our laptop cable from the plug to the table without causing any obstruction.

At this point, Helen and I were the only people inside the entire lounge (except for staff) and were very lucky to be able to do this.

These bar style seats made from leather with a supporting height table are perfect for small groups who are looking to sit or stand.

Alternativly, in our case, they are also suitable for work from comfortably.

Food & Drink

We arrived at the lounge at around 11.15am just as the staff was clearing away breakfast. It took around 30 minutes for lunch to become available.

Lunch at the White Rose Lounge Leeds Bradford Airport consisted of Jacket potatoes and an arrangement of fillings and salad options.

Had there been more customers in the lounge (throughout our 2 hours in this lounge around only 20 people visited including ourselves) then maybe the variety might have been increased. However, on this occasion, we were more than happy with the selection on offer.

If you fancied a snack or simply a sweet treat, the White Rose Lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport had you covered with a selection of biscuits, cakes, and scones.

There’s a self-serve hot drinks area to the side of the food area which also serves orange juice and still water.

However, we opted for the bar area where staff were able to assist us with a Pepsi each (instead of Coke… ew!) on tap (bottle would have been better IMO)

As well as a range of beers being available from the bar, there was also the ability to upgrade your visit to include champagne and prosecco.


There was no dedicated internet for the Leeds Bradford Airport Lounges. Instead, you’ll need to connect the general airport WIFI.

To access the WIFI you’ll need to provide some basic details; name, age bracket and email address.

I didn’t mind sharing the WIFI with the remainder of the airport given the amazing speeds. These are some of the best speeds we’ve seen from any airport worldwide.

Just outside of the White Rose Airport Lounge you’ll find the male and female toilets. I can only speak about the female toilets that contained two cubicles.

From what we can see, these toilets are shared between the White Rose Lounge and the 1432 Runway lounge.

Again, given how quiet the lounges were sharing toilets between the two lounges wasn’t an issue.

The staff in the White Rose lounge were friendly, attentive and welcoming.

Given the fact we were the only customers in the lounge at a point during our visit, it didn’t feel uncomfortable and weird like it sometimes can – does anyone else get this or is it just me?


In conclusion, we’d love to visit the other airport lounges at Leeds Bradford Airport next time we visit. However, that’s only because we love to try them all.

If you’re not some Airport Lounge freak like us and simply fancy a bite to eat and a place to relax before a flight then the White Rose Lounge Leeds Bradford Airport is well worth a visit.

White Rose Lounge Leeds Bradford Airport

Food & Drink


The food was fresh and well prepared and laid out which was nice.
The layout was well done as to not overwhelm specific spaces and giving people plenty of room to relax.
The staff were very helpful and punctual and were more than happy to help where they could.


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