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Review: Yellow Hostel / Yellow Square Rome

Having never previously been to Italy before we were excited to be spending two of our three nights stay in a modern luxury hostel, Yellow Hostel. With more and more of these high-grade budget places to stay becoming available across Europe, we’re finding ourselves with opportunities to visit more places than ever before, and I have to tell you, it’s pretty great!

While I chose to book our stay at Yellow Hostel via, there are some pretty awesome perks to booking your stay directly on The Yellow Hostel website instead.


The real selling point of staying at Yellow Hostel Rome was the location. Being within walking distance of Termini meant that we could be anywhere in the city in a matter of minutes. Just what you want as a first time tourist in a city with so much to see and so much to do.

It’s really easy (and affordable) to get from Ciampino airport to the Yellow Hostel in Rome following our guide.


We arrived at the hotel late in the evening having been dropped off at Termini from our coach transfer from the airport to the city. The whole place was so simple and easy to find, and the reception was so light and airy with the added feature of exposed brickwork.

The staff member who checked us in was thorough in all the goings on of the hotel (and that’s a good thing, I had no idea at the time of booking that there was FREE pasta on an evening!). Before showing us to our room which was across the street, three floors up above the bar.


There’s a great number of rooms available at The Yellow, so whether you’re a shy solo traveller, a couple looking for some privacy but also conversation, or a group looking for a shared place to stay, you’ll find something that suits.

Personally, we opted for the 4 bed mixed room, it came with an en-suite bathroom and was shared between myself, Helen an Australian and a Canadian. The room was in the format of two bunk beds but honestly, it was so spacious you could have fit another one (or two) in there.

Each bed had a mains plug, reading light and a USB, perfect for charging our devices for a photo-filled sight-seeing day that was set to follow.

Amenities / Services

Free Pasta

If there’s ever an extra reason you need to book to stay somewhere, then free food should be it. Lucky for you, Yellow Hostel has you covered with free pasta available for all every night during your stay.

Sure it’s not going to win any Michelin stars, but as past shoestring budget backpackers, we know that some good food in the middle of a bar with a bunch of total strangers who have one thing in common with you – the love for travel, is surely going to end with a great set of conversations (and a full stomach of course).


The bar at Yellow Hostel is opposite the reception area and offers a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bar has average priced drinks (considering, you’re in Rome) it’s a little dark and small, but clean and always has a fantastic atmosphere.

Common Area / Lounge

There’s a couple of different common areas within the Yellow Square hostel. We chose to spend the majority of our time on the ground floor below reception next to the kitchen area. Here you’ll find a number of different seating arrangements, including my favourite… beanbags!


The kitchen is down on the ground floor below reception. It’s bright, spacious and clean, and not somewhere we spent much time sadly. However, it’s a great addition of services that the hostel offers, especially if you’re travelling on a budget.

Hair Salon

While we didn’t have the chance to test out the hair salon during our trip to Rome, our friend Minka from Minka Guides did just a month prior to our visit. You can read all about her experience here.

Bike Rental

On-site at Yellow Hostel you’ll find bike and scooter rentals. So if you fancy exploring Rome by bike then you have a chance to do so right on your doorstep. Again there are discounts for those staying at Yellow Hostel on any kind of rental.

Escape Room

Inside Yellow Hostel there’s an Escape Room. This place is perfect for a night in with friends or a rainy day. Better still, guests of the Yellow Hostel get a discount on the entire experience. You can book online in advance or during your stay.


If you’re looking for somewhere to stay as a solo traveller, couple or group then Yellow Hostel in Rome totally has you covered. It’s in a fantastic location, it’s super trendy and it’s totally affordable, I’m not sure what’s not to love!

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