Reykjavik Roasters, The Best Coffee In Iceland

Seating view at Reykjavik Roasters

While we are travelling around a new country there is nothing better than finding a place you can sit, relax and have a coffee.

Reykjavik Roasters was our place for the next few days, we stumbled upon this quaint coffee shop on the way to our hotel, after getting off the transport between the airport and Reykjavik centre.


There was no definite atmosphere to?Reykjavik Roasters but it was very cool. Though the decor was quite neutral the small details of cool lights and the dark tiles on the back wall gave it character.

The ultimate awesome part of the decor was the large mural on the wall of different tastes of coffee. It was open plan with comfortable seating mixed with more upright seating at tables.

Dining options at Reykjavik Roasters, The Best Coffee In Iceland

There were large windows down one side letting in lots of light and gave people something to watch. The atmosphere was very calm, cool and relaxing. There were some people catching up on work and others meeting friends for coffee.

The counter at Reykjavik Roasters, The Best Coffee In Iceland

One of the best parts was as we walked in they were currently playing Beyonce. The music was loud enough to here and hum along to without being too intrusive into a conversation or distract you from working.

You could sit anywhere and order when you were ready, they also did to take away too.


There were plenty of different seating options within the coffee shop. There was a dining table area with 4-5 chairs for a larger group of people.

There was also a low seat sofa with a coffee table, high tables with stools and plenty of dining tables and chairs.


The was complimentary WIFI with the password on a chalkboard by the counter and some plugs for charging. The plugs were mainly on the left-hand side of the coffee shop and in the front corner. There was also restrooms available.

The products to take home at Reykjavik Roasters, The Best Coffee In Iceland


While they mainly focussed on coffee, Reykjavik Roasters offered up a small selection of snacks too. They had 2 menus available, once in Icelandic and the other in English.

We chose an iced latte and a hot chocolate. There were options to have juice and water options for those who didn’t want a hot drink, though with the weather being as cold as it was, you would need a little something to warm you up.

The english menu at Reykjavik Roasters, The Best Coffee In Iceland

The menu had a few options of food such as fresh pastries, hummus, sourdough bread with your choice of accompaniments and yoghurts.

Though reading the sourdough bread options did sound amazing we didn’t order any food. If it was anything to go by it was one of the nicest hot chocolates I have ever had.

The english menu for hot drinks at Reykjavik Roasters, The Best Coffee In Iceland

Though we had been told that prices were much higher in Iceland compared to the UK, we were pleasantly surprised that a cold latte for 620 ISK roughly equals to ?4.50. The prices at Reykjavik Roasters were fairly reasonable and we both felt that the quality was good.

Cold latte at Reykjavik Roasters, The Best Coffee In Iceland

If you have been to Iceland and had the chance to visit Reykjavik Roasters let me know what you thought. Also if you have been to Iceland and found places to eat or drink more coffee, let us know in the comments.

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