6 Rides To Avoid At Universal Studios Orlando Resort

Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida has more than 40 rides for guests to choose from. However, not all rides are created equal.

Having visited the resort multiple times over the past decade there are a handful of rides I choose to avoid when visiting.

My reason for skipping out on these rides often comes down to one of two reasons;

The ride is super dull, old, outdated and not worth the time waiting in line when compared to some of the other rides inside the park.

The ride triggers extreme motion sickness from motion simulation.

Now I’m not someone who gets motion sickness easily, however, there are a small number of rides at Universal Studios that can leave me feeling queasy for the rest of the day.

Depending on how many days you’re spending at Universal Studios and your tolerance to motion simulation these are rides you may want to research further and consider skipping out on too during your trip.

1. Transformers: The Ride 3D

Transformers: The Ride 3D is a 3D motion simulation ride that sees you spend four and a half minutes riding a N*E*S*T vehicle and working alongside Optimus Prime and Bumblebee to keep the AllSpark out of Megatron’s hands.

Guests need to be at least 1.02m tall to go on this ride, and the average standby wait time for this ride is usually around 40 minutes with the Express Pass queue being available for Express Pass holders.

I’ve been on this ride three times now and each time I’ve found I get extremely motion sick and have to close my eyes and remove the 3D glasses to minimise the sickness feeling.

2. Fast & Furious Supercharged

The Fast & Furious Supercharged ride is based on the Fast & Furious movie franchise and is situated in the Universal Studios Florida park next to Kings Cross Station where you’ll find The Hogwarts Express.

This ride opened back in 2018 and was quickly criticised for its lack of creativity and thrill.

The ride concept is very similar to that of King Kong’s Skull Islands that you’ll find over in Universal’s Islands of Adventure which sees you board a tram that goes into a tunnel with surrounding screens.

From there wind, rain and other weather conditions are simulated, and the tram is moved based on the way it’s situated on the platform. You don’t actually go anywhere.

The standby wait time for this ride is usually around 40 minutes, which unless you’re a huge fan of the Fast & Furious may not be time well spent inside the parks.

3. The Simpsons Ride

As a huge Simpsons fan, it pains me to put The Simpsons Ride on this list as a result of the heavy motion simulation.

This ride opened back in 2007 as a replacement for Back to the Future: The Ride and sees you crash through the park with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in an over-the-top non-stop exhilarating adventure.

However, given that the motion simulation technology used on this ride is now more than 15 years old, I’m sad to say that it’s not on par with other similar rides inside the park and can leave you feeling rather sick afterwards.

That being said I love the concept of this ride, so I’d be the first back in line should the ride undergo a refresh in the near future.

4. Doctor Doom’s Fearfall

Having opened back in 1999 it’s no surprise that I’d say Doctor Doom’s Fearfall is outdated and well in need of a refresh.

This space shot ride is located in Comic Book City at Islands of Adventure and often has a wait time of around 20 minutes.

Despite the relatively short wait time, the only people I’d encourage going on this ride are children who meet the height requirement that may be looking to build up a tolerance to some of the larger rollercoasters inside the Universal Studios Orlando parks.

5. Hulk Coaster

Also located in Comic Book City at Universal’s Islands of Adventure is the popular Hulk Coaster.

While I’ve been on this thrill ride many times during our trips to Universal Studios it’s not without its downfalls.

The most notable of which is the way in which you’re head bangs side to side on the overhead bars leaving you with a pretty bad headache afterwards.

You can minimise the impact of the ride by pushing your head to the back of the seat rather than leaning forward.

However, this can be somewhat hard to do when you’re being pushed forwards and backwards as a result of the sheer force of this ride.

6. Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

Situated in Universal Studios Florida, this ride benefits from a virtual queue that allows you to browse The Tonight Show’s memorabilia while waiting for the ride.

However, even that may not be enough to make going on this ride worthwhile.

This is another of Universal’s motion simulation rides, however, given that the ride opened in 2017 the technology used here is good and doesn’t leave you feeling too sick.

Instead, the only sickness you may experience is from boredom.

Since this lacklustre ride, sees you race the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon through New York to the NBC Studios from which he presents.

If you’re a fan of The Tonight Show and / or Jimmy Fallon then this experience may be worthwhile. Otherwise, I’d recommend skipping this ride for something a little more thrilling!

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