5 Rides To Avoid At Universal Studios Orlando Resort

Going to Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida but unsure as to what rides are going to be right for you? worried about hidden twists and turns that will leave you feeling sick? We have been there, and we can assure you that you’re already a step ahead of where we were prior to our first trip to Universal. Instead, we have to learn the hard way.

These are the rides we personally avoid when visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. We’ve been on all of them but wouldn’t go on them again either because they’ve injured us, made us feel sick or are simply not to our taste.

This isn’t as much about ‘scary’ thrill rides. We live for that, I could ride Rip Ride Rocket all day every day. Be sure to read this before your trip to Universal Studios Orlando, as some of these rides you may also want to avoid.

1. Transformers: The Ride 3D

Transformers the ride is a 3D simulation ride in Universal Studios. The wait time for this ride is usually around the 40-minute mark, however, it’s one we suggest avoiding if you’re prone to motion sickness.

This ride is so bad, that around 30% of the way through I had to shut my eyes to prevent being sick.

The weird thing is I’ve never really suffered from motion sickness before, this was one of my first experiences of it (despite being 22 before my first visit to the park) and judging by other peoples comments online, this isn’t an unusual experience on this ride specifically.

Transformers: The Ride 3D lasts 4 minutes 30 seconds in total. So if you really want to ride it, just be sure you can hold yourself together for that long.

2. Fast & Furious Supercharged

This ride doesn’t make you feel sick, but does make you feel as though you’ve wasted up to an hour of your life (depending on how long your queuing).

The Fast & Furious Supercharged ride is located in Universal Studios Orlando next to the entrance to Diagon Alley and The Hogwarts Express. The ride opened in the summer of 2018 and quickly received a lot of criticism for its lack of creativity and thrill.

It’s a very similar concept to King Kong’s Skull Island in which you board a tram that goes into a tunnel with surrounding screens.

From there wind, rain and other weather conditions are simulated, and the tram is moved based on the way it’s situated on the platform. You don’t actually go anywhere.

3. The Simpsons Ride

In my opinion, this is the worst ride at Universal Studios, Orlando. This is hard for me to say since I’m a huge fan of The Simpsons. It’s another motion simulated ride, usually with wait times of around an hour (although you can use an Express Pass to reduce the wait time).

This is the worst motion simulated ride I’ve ever been on (twice as bad as Transformers in my opinion) and again, it’s not just us who think so. People online regularly report being left feeling incredibly ill after going on this ride.

4. Storm Force Accelatron

Storm Force Accelatron is a physical ride at Island’s of Adventure rather than a simulated ride that we’ve discussed earlier. However, it’s still a ride to avoid simply because of the ride’s design itself.

The ride is based on the classic egg-beater carnival ride and is designed to spin you around at speed with other people who also sit in your ‘cart’.

What I love about a rollercoaster is the forward motion of feeling the wind in your hair, you very rarely do any major spins consistently back to back.

However, that’s what this ride bases itself on. Simply spinning you around and around in multiple sections for 3 minutes straight. The ride concept and design are old and outdated, it’s one I personally hope they replace with something new and more exciting soon.

5. Hulk Coaster

I debated for a long time as to whether or not to put the Hulk Coaster on this list. It’s a popular ride, and one we’ve ridden many times during our visit to Island’s of Adventure, however, it’s not without its downfalls.

The specific downfall that I wanted to highlight is the way this ride can bang your head from side to side against the overhead secure bars. This actually caused one of my stud earrings to come out and fly off and can leave you with a pretty bad headache.

You can avoid this banging by pushing your head to the back of the seat rather than leaning forward. However, this can be somewhat hard to do when you’re being pushed forwards and backwards as a result of the sheer force of this ride.

Again, it isn’t just us who have experienced this issue with this ride specifically. There’s plenty of forums that mention this problem, and while it wouldn’t stop me from riding it (unlike The Simpsons) it’s certainly something to keep in mind.

Pro Tip: How To Avoid Motion Sickness On Rides

There are a number of motion simulated rides at Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure.

However, despite the fear that they may cause you to feel sick (or be sick) you might want to still attempt to experience the ride for yourself at least once.

In which case, I’ve found a couple of handy tips and tricks that should help you to minimise the impact of motion sickness on rides.

Prescription cures include a skin patch (Scopoderm TTS). Its active ingredient (hyoscine hydrobromide) is, however, also available in tablet or chew form that can be bought over the counter.

Some doctors prescribe Phenergan (promethazine), available as liquid, tablets or by injection. It does the trick – but can cause overwhelming drowsiness and a dry mouth (both not ideal for your day at Universal Studios).

Over the counter, motion sickness remedies are mainly antihistamines with brand names like Dramamine, Kwells, or Stugeron (names may vary from country to country). Any of these may cause drowsiness but are usually less so than Phenergan. There are special brands for motion sickness in children like Traveleeze.

The acupressure bands press on a point in the wrist that is related in Chinese medicine to nausea. Whether they work or simply have a placebo effect, they’re harmless and worth trying as there are no side effects. They are normally marketed as Sea-Bands.

There’s a magnetic version which costs slightly more and an electronic watch called Relief Band, at over $100. All three perform the same function, stimulating the acupressure point related to nausea.

There are various aromatherapy mixes, too, for motion sickness, and it’s true to say that peppermint oil can be a great stomach settler. Just sniffing the essential oil of peppermint on a tissue before the ride can help.

Another substance that’s kind to the stomach is ginger, so it’s worth taking some ginger biscuits along to nibble on, or buying ginger oil from a health food shop and inhaling that.

If things become absolutely desperate, another ‘cure’ is a swig of Fernet Branca, a fearsome potion of bitters containing 27 herbs and used for decades as a hangover cure and stomach settler.

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