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Rollinsons Leeds Airline Connections Review

Rollinsons Leeds airport shuttle service

We’re heading back across the Atlantic to Orlando. We love visiting the states, and the sunshine state, home of Mickey and Minnie Mouse is no difference. On our last trip to America with Cora’s parents, Cora’s dad drove to the airport and back. This time we decided to try Rollinsons Leeds.

However, this time with our vacation lasting two weeks we opted for an airport transfer. We decided to use Rollinsons Airline Connections based on some feedback from friends of the family, here’s how we found it.

Who Are Rollinsons Airline Connections?

Rollinson’s Airline Connections are a Leeds based company who have been operating for over 40 years. They assure that each customer gets the best service to and from the airport on every visit. Each vehicle is cleaned, cared for and serviced to ensure full safety of the passengers at all times.

Rollinsons Leeds Airline Connections Review

Rollinsons Airline Connections don’t just cater for airport transfers. They also offer school runs, corporate hire and disabled minibus hire. If that wasn’t enough Rollinsons Leeds also provide their service to weddings, stag and hen parties, sports days, day trips and more.

Why Get Airport Transfers?

Flight Times

Our main reason for booking a was due to the times we were flying. As we were flying early in the morning going and arriving early back in the morning on our way home, it was then another hour or so in the car home.

Though it isn’t the longest drive it isn’t one you would want to do after a long flight and feeling a little tired. This way we were able to sit back relax and get a little sleep.

Party Size

It can also be a great option for a group of people going together. The price of parking one car can be okay but parking two can get expensive. The best part is you can all get picked up separately or at one house and go straight to the airport.

Holiday Duration

Using any airport transfer company can have a big benefit no matter how long your trip is. We were booked for a 2-week holiday meaning we saved money on airport parking.

No Access To A Car

If you parked your car at the airport you have the worry of being charged extra for any extended hours. If your flight is delayed or cancelled this can add significant time on to your journey home. It can add extra fees on to your parking.

Limited Public Transport

If you were stranded due to bad weather or delays like we were back in March you can be very limited. We were left stranded by our bus company and had to find an alternative way home. This meant we had to pay extra to get the train or hire a car to drive home.

We weren’t given a refund or had any way of contacting the company to check whether there would be another bus. Using a transfer service would give you not only a number to ring but they would have multiple staff and vehicles on hand.

This making it possible to get you from the airport and home safely. They can coordinate with you and your flight details to make sure they are there when you arrive back.

How To Contact Rollinsons Airline Connections

If you need to contact Airline Connections for whatever reason then the easiest method is by phone on 0113 228 22 22.

Alternatively, you can email: [email protected], follow and message the company on Facebook, or send your enquiry by mail (not sure why…)

Air-Line Connections
RSL House
65 Hall Lane
LS12 1PQ

Rollinson’s Airline Connections Service

No matter where you live Rollinsons Leeds will pick you up and get you to the airport. While we were picked up first as we live just off the motorway junction.

Not everyone does and to save time hopping house to house they operate a transfer service to cut down the time. This means they have other vehicles picking up other guests from there homes and bringing them to the meeting point. This then takes them to get on the bigger minibus to the airport.

I initially thought it was a lot of hassle for the people having to get 2 lots of transport. But really it saves time for both the guests getting picked up, the guests already on the minibus and driver. If they didn’t have that service in place it would have added an extra hour onto our journey. Meaning we would have had to be up at 3 am and on the bus for 4 am not 5 am.

Rollinson’s Airline Connections Price

To me the cost is very reasonable, here is a quote I did that fit our needs of 4 people going to Manchester airport with a return transfer including 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage per person. I cut out the address for security reasons but you will need to input your address to complete the quote.

Rollinsons Leeds Price quote

This was the result…

Rollinsons Leeds Price Quote Transfers

So you can see a family of 4 the price works out at roughly £25 per person for a return trip. Which I think is a great price for getting a door to door service.

This is a shared minibus so if you are a family of 4 you will be sharing with other holidaymakers. They also have private transfers available at a higher cost.

Cost Compared To An Uber

I was interested to see how Airline Connections prices would compare to that of Uber. Although keep in mind, Uber means you’d have a completely private transfer from your home to the airport.

As you can see the cost of the Uber one-way is around the same price as Airlines connections return journey.


Rollingsons airlines connections in Leeds is a great choice to travel to the airport from in and around Leeds. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others in the area.

We’d love to know if you’ve used a private transfer service like this one. Maybe you’ve even used this company? Let us know in the comments below…

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