10 Romantic Things To Do At Disneyland For Couples

Are you looking for some romantic things to do at Disneyland for couples?

There is no hiding that both myself and Cora are Disney nerds, there is just no denying it.

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We love anything and everything Disney so it was amazing to be able to visit Disneyland California for the first time this year.

We got engaged at Disney World and it has been a little reminder of that for me every time I am at a Disney park.

While I don’t expect everyone to get engaged or married there, there is still plenty of romantic gestures and things to do together.

This got me wondering, what are other romantic things to do at Disneyland?

Take a Picture In Front Of The Castle

This to me is the iconic photo you want to be able to go home with. You don’t have to propose for it to be romantic.

You can do something special in your own way like to hold up a picture of your first trip to Disney.

If you are a frequent Disneyland visitor you can collect these pictures every year and even document the year with a ‘2018 t-shirt’. Along with the growth of your relationship and family.

To me, this is one of the most romantic things to do at Disneyland, as you get to treasure the trip every time you look at the photograph.

This is also a great way to start a Disneyland date ideas journal, keep the photos together and document your Disney journey.

Compete Against Each Other on Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters

This is our favourite ride to go on, not because it goes super fast or it goes really high.

We love it because it is genuinely fun. We compete against each other every time we go on this ride and it is always fun.

Unfortunately, some of the romance can be taken out of your day if you have to wait 60 minutes for a ride, to counteract that you can look into getting the Maxpass to maximise your time.

This is such a cute and fun thing to think about for Disneyland date ideas, as the looser can buy the snacks.

We love this ride and always try to get on it no matter what Disney location we are at.

Take a Gentle Ride Through The Haunted Mansion

Looking to make a move and get a little closer, take your other half on the Haunted Mansion. Though not scary the dark and mysterious ride might make them move a little closer.

Outside exterior of the Haunted Mansion - Romantic Things To Do At Disneyland

Even though I know what will happen on the ride I always hold Cora’s hand. I snuggle up and hold her hand to feel safe.

I love the idea of heading on the ride for one of the Disneyland date ideas especially around Halloween to make things super spooky and fun!

Watch ‘Together Forever’ a Pixar Nightime Show

Though this is to entertain and Wow people, which it does, I always find the firework shows quite sweet and emotional. The music is always fantastic and the show itself is amazing.

Cuddle up together in the evening chill watching the show. Take a seat on the grassy areas or just stand on the street side, it is a very romantic experience.

This is probably the best way to end date at Disneyland so make sure it’s on your Disneyland date ideas list!

Get Matching Character Ears

There is nothing more than myself and Cora love to do or just happen to do, is matching. We often get the Minnie/Mickey matching merchandise and wear it around the park.

If you both love a film and relate to certain characters, get the merchandise and have a fun day.

You can make it really cute and buy the stuff before hitting the parks and surprise your partner with it when you arrive.

Head On a Dinner Date At One Of The Many Restaurants

Though we haven’t yet got ourselves booked in for any character dinners or booked a table at one of the restaurants we have had friends do it.

This for sure is one of the romantic things to do at Disneyland, especially as there are so many choices.

If you aren’t up for a table serviced meal why not head into the french quarter and go to the French market restaurant. If you really want to splash out check out the afternoon tea at the Disneyland Hotel.

With so many options for places to dine at Disneyland, you don’t have to worry about budget or getting a table.

Share a Pineapple Churro

This is the latest craze to hit the park and what is more romantic than sharing food? Picture it this way, imagine yourselves as Lady and The Tramp but with a churro, not spaghetti.

If pineapple isn’t your flavour try out one of the other many flavours they have.

If Churro’s arent your thing (I am shocked if they aren’t) then find one of the many exciting and fun Disney snacks to share.

Get A Caricature Together

There has been plenty of times I have seen couples getting a caricature done and how much it makes them laugh afterwards.

There is a caricaturist sat in the French streets at Disneyland, it is extra to have it done but it looks so fun!

You can have ears added on or better yet wear your own!

caricature at Disneyland California

This would make such a good Disneyland date idea as at the end you have something to take home with you. Frame up and put it up together as a memory of your days at the parks.

Get Photo’s at Every PhotoPass Opportunity

There are some awesome photo opportunities and if you can get the Maxpass to get the unlimited PhotoPass.

Take advantage of this and get every picture you can, create different looks on each on or try and create a sequence.

This can be really fun as you can then print those images into a little comic strip or photo album.

We always enjoy getting pictures with characters because each character and place is different to the last. They all have their own take on the character and styling which I love.

Book A VIP Tour

This is mostly for the die-hard Disney fans, which should be all of you! I would love to be whisked away on a VIP tour for the day. It might even be something I plan for our next trip!

If you know your other half has wanted to go on one, you can book it and even add in some small romantic gestures along the way. Maybe even see if you can get the staff in on it.

2 young women smiling while holding a dolphin in water - romantic things to do at Disneyland

We were lucky enough to get gifted the Dolphins in Depth at Walt Disney World as a wedding present and it was incredible.

If you are looking for a special anniversary/birthday present but want to gift an experience over an item this is a perfect way to do that.

You can make it a Disneyland romantic day by adding a little touch of mystery or a small themed gift to go with it.

Also, you on pre-booking you can often put a note which alerts the staff to the surprise. And as we all know Disney Cast Members are great at making our moments extra special.

Take A Romantic Sail on The Mark Twain River Boat

Though unfortunately, we have never had the chance to go on this boat, we would love to. I see lots of couples young and older couples going on this boat.

I like that the lake/ river it sails on is surrounded by plenty to see. Hop on the top deck with your souvenir cups and take in the scenery at Disneyland. This has to be one of the most romantic things to do at Disneyland.

Outside view of the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland - Romantic Things To Do At Disneyland

These are just some of our suggestions on romantic things to do at Disneyland.

If you are an avid Disneyland visitor or just a Disney fan let me know in the comments what you love to do there and your most romantic moments.

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