Review: Sala VIP Miro Barcelona Airport Lounge

Are you looking at visiting the Sala VIP Miro Barcelona airport lounge? – We recently had a long layover in Barcelona and chose this lounge as our lounge of choice to hang out in between our two flights.

After spending almost four hours here, we’ve been able to create this in-depth review to help you decide if the Sala VIP Lounge is right for you.


Sala Joan Miro VIP Miro Airport Lounge is located inside T1 of Barcelona, El Prat airport. The airport itself is segregated into multiple sections and once you’ve passed security and immigration you are unable to move between the sections of the airport within the terminal.

Our flight was a British Airways evening flight back from Barcelona to London Gatwick. The particular section in which this flight departs is within section D.

If you find yourself not flying from inside section D within T1 at the airport then be sure to visit the Barcelona El Prat Airport website for further information as to the airport lounge(s) you have access to.

Once you’ve passed security and immigration you’re going to want to turn left. Head through the duty-free and towards Burger King.

Just before you reach Burger King you’ll notice two lifts and a set of stairs that will take you down one floor to the Sala Joan Miro airport lounge.


We had no problem using our Priority Pass to gain access to the Sala VIP Lounge despite the lounge being incredibly popular with visitors.

We did, however, have trouble trying to enter the lounge with more than three hours until the departure of our flight.

These are standard rules for the majority of airport lounges, which tend to be flexible depending on the current occupancy and predicted future occupancy of the lounge.


This lounge has one of the greatest lounge arrangements we’ve ever seen. Set out as a circle, with the ‘quiet sleeping area’ in includes everything including showers, food, toilets, computers and more all without feeling cramped in any way.

Should the lounge become busy, we also noticed an additional seating area if you take a 180 at check-in.

I know many people including myself would rather have access to the facilities instead of being turned away if it’s busy so this is a great compromise.

The view from the airport lounge looks down onto one of the other ‘sections’ of the airport. The choice of windows here instead of the walls help to make the lounge seem much more spacious. There’s also a view out onto one of the taxi-ways.

Food & Drink

Upon our arrival (17:00) at the airport lounge, there were just ‘snacks’ available to eat. However, upon noticing an empty heated food area I enquired whether other food would be being brought out. The staff member informed me this would happen at 18:00.

I wouldn’t be overly disappointed with access to only the snacks in this particular airport lounge as there was a huge variety including pastries, fruit, cheese, crackers, hams, cheeses and salad items.

Luckily we were still in the lounge when the hot food was put out.

The drinks inside the Sala VIP Joan Miro lounge were completely self-service including all alcoholic drinks. There was a great variety of both soft drinks, fruit drinks, spirits, beers and wines.


Always a winner on any visit to an airport lounge (at least in my book) is a shower, and Sala VIP Lounge at Barcelona’s El Prat catered to my desire.

Upon arriving at the lounge I requested a shower, and was quickly provided with a complimentary ‘shower pack’. A member of staff took me around to the shower, which was clean and more than ample in size.

Helen decided to visit the showers a couple of hours into our visit and had to wait around 30 minutes while the staff cleaned them from a previous visit.

So if you’re looking to get a shower while visiting this lounge, be sure to request them early on into your visit to avoid disappointment.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen sleeping or resting area inside an airport lounge. It’s something that I hope to see from more airport lounges in the future as it’s ideal for those on a layover.

The entire area was full during our three-hour stay inside the lounge (which in my opinion says something to how ‘in demand’ this feature might be) it held around twelve resting beds, in an open dark area.

As you’ll come to expect from airport lounges around the world there were local magazines and newspapers. Unfortunately, in this case, they were all Spanish.

The Joan Miro airport lounge didn’t have an exclusive network different from the rest of the airport.

However, the speeds of the WIFI were more than adequate for us to browse the internet, write some articles and reply to some emails. Should you need access to a computer there were four available for complimentary use.

The staff inside the lounge were fantastic. We were a couple of minutes early to check into the lounge, however, the staff member kindly accommodated us regardless.

The great service continued throughout our visit including our trip to the showers, and our access to the hot food.


In conclusion, this is one of the greatest lounges I’ve visited. I’m disappointed I couldn’t gain access to the rest area for a light nap, or access the lounge earlier into our stay in the airport.

However, those two minor details aside we had a wonderful time and wouldn’t hesitate to visit this lounge again in the future.

Of course, we’d love to know what you think of the VIP lounge here at El Prat Airport. Let us know in the comments below…

Sala VIP Miro Barcelona Airport Lounge

Food & Drink


A solid airport lounge, with plenty of space for a large volume of passengers. The staff are friendly and attentive and the food and drink is great quality and of great variety.


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