How To Get From LAX To Anaheim

LAX is the second busiest airport in the United States. So it’s no wonder so many of us fly there when looking to visit Disneyland California which is situated in Anaheim.

However, with a 35-mile distance between the two, myself and Helen like many others found ourselves asking… What’s the best shuttle from LAX to Anaheim.

Whether you’re looking for a budget trip from LAX to Disneyland California or whether you plan to arrive in style this post will break down every option for you. Allowing you to find the solution that’s right for you.

Is A Shuttle From LAX To Anaheim Right For You?

Before we get into the different options available, I wanted to mention why we’d chosen to travel by shuttle from LAX to Anaheim, as I don’t think the shuttle service is for everyone.

Party Size

Firstly, there is only two of us. With most shuttles, you pay per person, so if you’re travelling as a large family or group then you might find it cheaper (not to mention less hassle) travelling in a private service such as Execucar.


Helen and I are both rather young and in good health. This means we don’t mind waiting around for 30 minutes for our shuttle to arrive, or dropping a couple of people off at their hotels along the way if it means we save $20 compared to a private service. If you’re travelling with younger children or elderly parents this might not be the right option for you.


The timing of a shuttle between LAX and Anaheim is broken down into a couple of pointers. Firstly, if you’ve travelled internationally then you might have just spent upwards of 10 hours on a plane, do you really want to add any extra time to your journey?

Second, are you visiting Anaheim for a good amount of time? If you’re only here for a weekend then it’s unlikely you’ll want to waste any more time than you have to sitting in a car (or a bus) on the I5.

Finally, your arrival or departure time. If you’re arriving or departing in the early hours of the morning then shuttles might not be available. Be sure to check the different LAX to Anaheim (or Anaheim back to LAX) shuttles below to see if any fit your departure/arrival time.

Cheapest Shuttle From LAX To Anaheim

The cheapest shuttle from LAX to Anaheim depends on your party dynamic. As both the Disneyland Express Resort Shuttle and SuperShuttle change their pricing depending on single and return journeys, and adults, children or passengers under the age of 2.

Disneyland Express Resort Shuttle

The Disneyland Express Resort shuttle is available from LAX to various partner hotels of the Disneyland resort within Anaheim. For adults whether travelling one-way from LAX to Anaheim or return, the Disneyland Express Resort shuttle is not the cheapest.

However, if you’re travelling with children in your party then it might be. You’ll need to calculate the total cost of your party on the website, and then compare that price with that of SuperShuttle.

Photo courtesy of Visit Anaheim.


Regardless of age, SuperShuttle charge the same price of $18 for a one-way trip per person?between Anaheim and LAX – at the time of writing. You’ll also find no discount for roundtrips like you’ll find provided by the Disneyland Resort Express.

A round trip with SuperShuttle for two people is $68. This works out as an average cost of $34 per person. The same trip with the Disneyland Express Resort shuttle would be more than $30 extra – based on two adults.

Alternatives To A Shuttle From LAX To Anaheim

In the introduction, we discussed that a shuttle from LAX to Anaheim might not be for everyone. Based on your family dynamic, schedule and the time in which you’re travelling. So, aside from a shuttle from LAX to Anaheim, what other transport methods can you take?

Lyft or Uber From LAX To Disneyland California

Since January 2016, Uber and subsequently Lyft have been able to collect and drop off passengers at LAX. At the time of writing, there are 5 ?Ride Service? pickup signs located curbside. Upon pick-up, you’ll be prompted to select the one you\d like to be collected based on your current location (as shown on your phones GPS)

Uber and Lyft both provide prices based on current factors (such as how close a driver is to your current location, current traffic etc) therefore please only use the above prices as a guide. As you can see a Lyft is cheaper than an Uber in this case and available for just $52.02, one way.

Accommodating up to four passengers, if you’re travelling as a party of four then you’ll pay just $13 per passenger (each way) a significant discount on that of a shuttle (with added convenience)

If you’re looking for something a little bigger you can travel as a part of 6 in either a Lyft Plus or Uber XL. Going again on the cheapest option, a Lyft Plus you’ll pay just $78.77, which is again just a little over $13 per person.

Use our codes upon signing up to either of the services and we’ll get $5 credit at no extra cost to you.

Uber – CWHFJ
Lyft – CORA86601


We had the pleasure of using SuperShuttles private service, Execucar on a recent trip to Orlando, Florida. Think of it similar to an Uber or a Lyft, with an added bit of luxury.

VIP car for ExecuCar service review

Hire A Car To Drive From LAX To Disneyland California

If you’re planning on doing a lot of driving around while in Los Angeles then you might want to consider hiring a car while you’re here. You can pick up a hire car at the airport and drop it off either in Anaheim, central LA or even back at the airport before your flight home.

To give you an idea of prices I took a quick look on the comparison website HotWire and found that you could hire a car for one-week that seats 5 for $20 a day (total of $208 for 7 days including tax)

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little bigger you can hire a minivan for $50 a day ($443 including taxes for 7 days) which seats up to 7.

There’s certainly flexibility and convenience that comes within hiring a car. Just remember to calculate added costs such as gas, tolls and parking, and remember prices are likely to change depending on the time of year and demand for the service.

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