Review: Skyview Lounge Manila Airport Terminal 3

On our return flight from Manila, the Philippines to Manchester, England we had the pleasure of visiting the Skyview Lounge in Manila Airport Terminal 3.

We spent around three hours here prior to our flight working and enjoying the complimentary drinks and snacks prior to our flight.

This is one of two airport lounges inside the International Terminal at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport that accepts Priority Pass and was the easiest of the two for us to find during our visit to the airport.


You’ll find the Skyview Lounge inside Terminal 3 (Internationals) at Manila Ninoy Aquino International airport.

Once through the security, you will see a large sign with “Airline Lounges” which you can follow directly to the airport lounge area.

The airport lounge area inside Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport is made up of a select number of independent airport lounges accessible with the Priority Pass, Dragon Pass etc.

Alongside them, you’ll find a number of dedicated airline lounges for club members and those travelling in Business and First Class.

The Skyview Lounge is located on the fourth floor which requires you to go up one level. You can do this either by taking the stairs or going in the lift, both of which are located opposite Gate 114.


We visited the Skyview Lounge for free with our Priority Pass.

We didn’t struggle to enter doing so, as the lounge only had around 5 passengers or so upon our arrival.

During our three-hour mid-week stay at the lounge, the maximum number of people inside the lounge was around twelve.

If you don’t have a Priority Pass or the equivalent, then you can pay for access to the lounge upon arrival, two hours currently retails for £18 / $23 per person.


The lounge itself is fairly small and compact, split into two areas; one for Business Class travellers and one for standard travellers visiting the lounge.

As we weren’t flying Business Class with Emirates (the airline that operates inside this lounge) we were in the general seating area.

While this lounge area is small, it’s well designed to create areas for different types of travellers.

Nearest to the food and the entrance and exit of the lounge is dining style seating, made up of two dining chairs and a small table.

Towards the middle of the lounge, near the TV is another seating made up of relaxing sofa style armchairs in groups of two and four.

These were still suitable for eating at due to the small side table in-between each of the seats.

Finally, at the far hand side of the lounge were bar stools, this area seats eight people along and provides an incredible view out over the taxiing and runway area.

These are designed for guests such as myself and Helen who are travelling on business and looking to work while admiring the view out over the runway.

While there are multiple power outlets for guests to charge their phones and other electronic devices across the lounge, the bar stool seating area was the only area that had one power outlet per seat.

Food & Drink

There is a slim tall fridge located next to the hot food counter area that holds soft drinks.

Here you’ll find fresh juice, and fizzy pop brands such as Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta (Royal as it is known in the Philippines).

You’ll find the alcoholic drinks, under the food counter and the spirits across the top of the food counter.

There’s no dedicated bar area in this lounge, however, we found the staff to be incredibly helpful when trying to manage multiple plates of food and/or drinks.

There is a small coffee machine with cream, sugar and cups located underneath. The staff may approach you to help make a drink for you.

You can also find a water fountain located next to the fridge which you can use to refill your water bottle before your flight.

There is a small variety of foods to choose from, you can have a choice of nuts, crackers and biscuits located near the alcohol area.

There is a choice of 2 hot dishes along with accompaniment such as rice. The dishes at the time were boh curry-based dishes, one vegetable and one meat. There is also a soup dish with salt and pepper on the side.

You can find fresh carrot and cucumber sticks and a seafood sauce for dipping.

There is a small selection of sandwiches with fillings of egg, cheese and ham and chicken. They were presented on a number of breads such as ciabatta.

You can also find cornflakes and bread rolls and butter, 4 varieties of jam and soft spreadable cheese.


Complimentary WIFI is available within the lounge. The access details will be provided to you upon check-in.

We managed to get a little work done and upload some images. I couldn’t fault the internet so it is well worth visiting the Skyview lounge Manila if you are passing through.

Bathrooms are located in the lounge itself, they, unfortunately, have steps up to access them. This is something to consider if you are disabled or struggle with steps.

There is also a prayer room located in the lounge.

The staff are very hands-on and will help you get a plate for your food, help you take off lids and open containers.

They are also very keen on tidying up, cleaning used plates, cleaning the floor and cleaning the furniture.

There is music playing within the background which is very nice and calming. A TV is mounted on a wall within the lounge and at the time had CNN Philippines on and the sound was also on.

Upon the entrance to the lounge, there is a small wooden rack with magazines and newspapers for guests to read.


Overall our visit to the lounge was good, unfortunately, we didn’t eat much of the food and it wasn’t quite our taste. The drinks were chilled and self-service which was extremely handy.

The staff were extremely helpful and hands-on. The lounge itself was well kept and clean. I would return to the Skyview lounge Manila on my next route through Ninoy Aquino International airport.

Skyview Lounge Manila Airport Terminal 3

Food & Drink


While I wouldn’t dream about visiting this airport lounge on my next visit to Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, it does have all the basics you could possibly need for a couple of hours away from the crowds prior to your flight.


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