9 Best Boat Trips Around St Ives, Cornwall (2023)

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There are a number of fantastic boat trips to choose from in St Ives if you’re looking for a better way to see the coastline and perhaps even some of the incredible marine life in their natural habitat here such as; grey seals and bottlenose dolphins.

However, finding the best boat trip for your family can be overwhelming which is why I’ve put together this helpful guide breaking down all the essential information from major accredited boat tour operators in the area.

1. St Ives Boats 

⏱️ Duration: 60 minutes
πŸ“ Address: Smeatons Pier, Wharf Rd, Saint Ives, TR26 1LP
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0777 300 8000
πŸ’» Website: stivesboats.co.uk

Let’s start with one of the most popular boat trips providers in the region. St Ives Boat Trips are known by their β€œDolly P”.

The company offers daily boat trips that depart from St Ives harbour, providing amazing tours where you can gaze upon the beautiful Godrevy lighthouse and watch seals and other famous landmarks around the coast of Seal Island.

St Ives Boats also offers various packages and trips, including private charters and trips to Hell’s Mouth.

2. Tiger Lilly

⏱️ Duration: 60 and 120 minutes
πŸ“ Address: Harbour, Opposite Mor Beach Cafe, Saint Ives, TR26 1LF
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0788 821 3131
πŸ’» Website: stivesboatcruises.co.uk

St Ives Boat Cruises offers daily boat trips from 9:30 AM till sunset on its beautiful Tiger Lilly boat.

The tour company offers various boat excursions including a Seal Island trip, Godrevy Lighthouse, and a 2-hour Twilight Adventure that combines the best elements of the previous two!

Tiger Lilly is also a great choice if you want to enjoy mackerel fishing without spending a lot of money.

3. The Little Mermaid

⏱️ Duration: 60 minutes
πŸ“ Address: Lifeboat Gate, Wharf Rd, St Ives TR26 1LF
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0777 004 0303
πŸ’» Website: stivesseatrips.com

The Little Mermaid is another popular choice for families looking for a safe yet exciting journey around St. Ives Bay. 

Enjoy the wonderful cornish coastline through the amazing Sea Safari package, which stops at both Seal Island and Godrevy Lighthouse. You can also book private charter tips as well as ash scattering services.

4. Coast Boat Trips Cornwall

⏱️ Duration: 60, 120, and 150 minutes
πŸ“ Address: The Old Customs House, Hayle TR27 4BL
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0752 260 7126
πŸ’» Website: coastboattrips.com

Coast Boat Trips is an award-winning group that provides a wide range of boat trips all over Cornwall. 

You can choose from a wide range of fantastic non-invasive boat trips to enjoy the beauty of the region and encounter wildlife from a safe distance!

This includes a 1-hour trip from the coast of St Ives to the famous Godrevy Island and Hell’s Mouth or a 2-hour trip around the coastal cornish sites and natural environment.

You can also book a comprehensive 2.5-hour boat trip that provides you with the complete St Ives experience, including local wildlife and beautiful scenery of the North Coast.

5. James Stevens No 10

⏱️ Duration: 60 minutes
πŸ“ Address: Wharf Rd, Saint Ives TR26 1LF
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0797 711 6608
πŸ’» Website: fb.com/lifeboatjamesstevensno10/Β 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable trip, you should definitely consider the James Stevens No 10 trip. Unlike other boats in the region, this one is a restored boat that served as a lifeboat.

This tour takes you around St Ives Bay and the surrounding areas and provides you with an opportunity to tour the boat’s interior which is filled with documents, photos, and records that showcase its unique history.

6. Bluefin Charters

⏱️ Duration: 90 and 240 minutes
πŸ“ Address: Wharf Rd, Saint Ives TR26 1LP
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0782 416 6224
πŸ’» Website: stivesfishingtrips.co.uk

If you’re looking for a deep sea trip where you can enjoy fishing, you should consider Bluefin Charters. The company offers various fishing trips across the Atlantic Ocean where you can catch (and keep) mackerels and other large fish species. 

The best part is that the trip package also covers all the necessary fishing tools, which makes it a great value for money. Private charter fishing trips with Bluefin Charters are also available for those who require them.

7. The Black Pearl St Ives

⏱️ Duration: 75 and 90 minutes
πŸ“ Address: The Wharf, Saint Ives, TR26 1LF
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0786 979 3453
πŸ’» Website: boattripsstives.co.uk

The Black Pearl St Ives offers dog-friendly boat tours to Seal Island where you can enjoy the adorable gray seal. 

Although it costs around the same price, this one lasts slightly longer than most other trips. Additionally, you can book a relatively affordable mackerel fishing boat trip that lasts over 90 minutes.

8. Nemo Glass Bottom

⏱️ Duration: 75, 150, and 240 minutes
πŸ“ Address: Wharf Rd, Saint Ives TR26 1LF
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0737 575 8123
πŸ’» Website: nemostives.co.uk

As the name suggests, Nemo Glass Bottom boats come with 8 transparent panels that allow you to enjoy the beauty of St. Ives marine life from the safety of the boat!

The trip departs from the St. Ives harbour and stops at Godrevy Lighthouse or Seal Island, depending on the weather, so you can enjoy the spectacular route and its stunning scenery!

9. Blue Thunder Ribs Boat Rides

⏱️ Duration: 30, 40, and 60 minutes
πŸ“ Address: Harbour Beach, The Wharf, Saint Ives TR26 1LP
πŸ“ž Telephone: 0791 780 1540
πŸ’» Website: bluethunderribs.co.uk

For thrill-seekers, the Blue Thunder Ribs Boat Rides are the perfect way to enjoy St. Ives at your own pace!

The adrenaline-packed rib rides adventure is perfect for thrill seekers and takes you around the most attractive landmarks of the area, including Seals Island and St. Ives Bay.

In addition to the sea safari, you can also book tours to St Michaels Mount as well as VIP private charters for large groups.


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