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The Best SurfCamp In Fuerteventura – For Beginners & Intermediates

The island of Fuerteventura is a popular choice for those interested in water sports such as surfing and kite-surfing. However, with so many companies to choose from finding the best SurfCamp in Fuerteventura can be challenging.

In this post, we’re going to look at the benefits and drawbacks of each SurfCamp in Fuerteventura to find the one most suitable for you. Be sure to read this entire post, as the list of companies that offer surf camps is not in order, it’s simply finding the camp that’s most suitable for you’re location, budget and surfing abilities. 

Star Surf Camps

Best SurfCamp In Fuerteventura For: Food Included Options

Founded by 3 friends back in 2009, Star Surf Camps has quickly expanded and now offers surf camps around the world including; France, Australia, South Africa and more… The company has one surf school and two surf camps in Fuerteventura.

Both the surf school and the two surf camps are based out of El Cotillo based in the north-west of the Island. Approximately 20 miles from the popular holiday resort of Corralejo.

At Star Surf Camps you can choose from either a surf house or a surf apartment;

Star Surf Camps: Surf House

There are three options when it comes to staying in the surf house. The main difference between the three is;

  • Private or shared rooms
  • Food included or not included

If you’re travelling as a group then either the surf & share or the surf & surf are great choices. Alternatively, if you’re travelling as a solo guest or as a couple then the surf and relax is a great option – bonus, it comes with the food package included!

All packages come with 9 hours of surf lessons included (broken down into 3 sets of 3 hours). During lesson time the rental of a surfboard and a wetsuit is included. Outside of lesson time, you’ll find access to exercise equipment, longboards, snorkel sets & home cinema system.

Star Surf Camps: Surf Apartment

Surf apartments are all private and are available in either a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom format. Much like the surf house, the surf apartments include 3 3-hour surfing lessons.

Both the surf house and surf apartments come with the option to upgrade to a deluxe package of surfing and/or yoga.

If you’re looking for something with a little less commitment. Then be sure to check out the Star Surf Camps surf school.

Planet Surf Camps

Best SurfCamp In Fuerteventura For: Affordable Options

Planet Surf Camps offer surf camps and schools in four continents. With the Fuerteventura Surf Camp located in Corralejo (around a 30-minute drive from the airport)

The cost of surf camps at Planet Surf vary depending on the time of year you choose to visit. Alongside the Surf House, Planet Surf also has a choice of four different apartments.

* All prices are per person.

If you’re planning on visiting Fuerteventura in May or June then Planet Surf Camps is a great choice as they are currently running a promotional offer which includes 7 nights in the camp starting at just €199.

Quicksilver Surf School & SunWave Surf Camp

Best SurfCamp In Fuerteventura For: Getting Your Surfing Hours In!

If you’re familiar with extreme sports then you’re likely to have heard of the brand Quicksilver in the past. Quiksilver Surf School Fuerteventura was created in 1994 (as Natural Surf and then Matador Surf school) by Joachim Hirsch, German Longboard champion 1999 and former member of the German national surf team.

Right now, Quicksilver Surf School offers three fantastic accommodation options;

Surfcamp Corralejo: a modern surf camp in the heart of Fuerteventura´s surf town – Corralejo.

Villa Antonio: a relaxing country villa.

Surf Resort Corralejo: a quality luxury complex with a pool and private terraces overlooking the ocean.

You can book any of the resorts for either one or two weeks. Regardless of the length of your stay, you’ll receive 6 4-hour lessons per week. This is without a doubt the most ‘surf for your money’ we’ve seen! 

With prices for each accommodation option varying depending on the time of year you visit, I suggest checking out the links to the accommodation above and finding out which option best fits your surfcamp requirements.

Kailu Surf School

Best SurfCamp In Fuerteventura For: Family Run Feels!

Kailu Surf School is based out of Corralejo, Fuerteventura and was established by two cousins from Lithuania Mantas and Domas, whose dream is to spend their lives catching waves. 

Much like many of the other surf camps we’ve covered so far Kailu Surf School also offers independent surfing lessons. Of course, they have the surf camp option too with two forms of accommodation.

Kailu Surf School: Ocean Dreams Surf House

Stay in the Ocean Dreams Surf House and you’ll find yourself in a private room with your own private bathroom. You’ll also have access to a swimming pool, kitchen facilities, WIFI and more.

Kailu Surf School: Bhavana Surf House

Alternatively, you can stay in a dorm at the Bhavana Surf House. Here you’ll stay in a dorm with either 4, 6 or 8 beds. You’ll share a bathroom and have access to WIFI, kitchen and an outdoor area with a swimming pool.

Wave Rider Surf School

Best SurfCamp In Fuerteventura For: Modern accommodation. 

Finally, we have the Wave Rider Surf School. Located south of Corralejo by the Las Dunas De Corralejo run by a surf-loving couple; Chloe and Nathan. The Wave Rider School operates out of one highly luxury villa, it includes high-end appliances and has a very cool and modern vibe.

The villa comes with three accommodation options; Double, Twin or Triple Room. All rooms share a bathroom with one other room. A six-night stay here will include four days worth of surfing, this ratio will change depending on the number of nights you’d like to stay which is completely flexible, unlike the previous surf camps we’ve featured.

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