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Taking The Tree Top Adventure Challenge With Buy A Gift

Doing the high rope activities and having a chance to go on a zip line has been on Cora’s must-do list for this year, if not for the last few years!

Back in May, I got the chance to have a go at a high ropes activity at Centre Parcs, unlucky for Cora she wasn’t there to have a chance. Lucky for us Buy A Gift got in touch with Go Ape Treetop Adventure they wanted us to check out.

With 33 locations across England and the rest of the UK there is never an adventure too far away. We chose the closest to us (at the time, there’s now one just down the road – exciting!) which was Go Ape Dalby Forest.


For anyone that hasn’t used the Buy A Gift service before, it is really easy to do. You will receive a voucher and card which a booking reference which will enable you to book. It is as simple as that.

Advantages to booking with Buy A Gift

There are so many advantages to booking the Go Ape Treetop Adventure with Buy A Gift. The first one is that you can save money on the packages and get more for your money.

The second is these are great gift ideas for people who like something different or for more than one person to do. A great advantage of booking with Buy A Gift is that it is simple and straight forward.

Finding The Nearest Location

When looking for your nearest location check out Go Ape’s website and find the ‘our locations’ button. From there you can browse different counties around the UK and then look at closer sites within that category.

There are plenty of sights across the UK so no matter where you are, you can find one.

Getting To Dalby Forest For Your Go Ape Treetop Adventure

Our nearest Go Ape Treetop Adventure was hidden away in Dalby Forest. With a ticket to Go Ape Treetop adventure, you can choose any location most suitable for you.

Dalby Forest Parking For Go Ape Treetop Adventure

There is dedicated parking within Dalby Forest for Go Ape Treetop adventure customers. This small carpark is around 10 metres from the entrance, however, you’re more than welcome to park anywhere within Dalby Forest that suits you.

The price for parking at Dalby Forest is standard £9. That’s for all day (there’s no pay per hour etc) and you pay using a ticket prior to exciting their park. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for Go Ape customers that I am aware of.

Food/ Facilities at Dalby Forest

There is a visitor centre on the opposite side of the Go Ape Treetop Adventure section. The visitor centre has everything from information about the forest, the activities, toilets and a cafe.

The toilets were well looked after and clean as well as quite modern. The cafe was well stocked with freshly made coffee, tea and hot chocolate along with a variety of cold drinks.

There were homemade cakes and treats. We opted to have lunch there and we picked a sandwich, sausage roll and a cold drink each.

While the prices were higher than we would usually pay, the food was good and there was nowhere else to get anything to eat within the area. There was plenty of seating outside with a large canopy to provide shade in the hot weather.

There was also some seating inside. Outside were 3 large bins, each separate for recycling, food without packaging and then non-recycling.

Nearby was a 2 separate parks for children to play in as well as an ice cream hut for the warmer month.

Unfortunately, it was closed the day we visited. There is plenty of open space for families to come and spend the day walking, sunbathing or just enjoying the forest.

What To Wear To Go Ape Treetop Adventure

While I wouldn’t usually be someone to talk about what to wear (we aren’t big on style) I feel this is vital information.

I researched on the Go Ape website what they suggest to wear to check I wasn’t going to regret it later on when I am zip lining across the park. I choose my long length sports leggings with a loose vest top and trainers, Cora wore long jersey shorts, baggy t-shirt and trainers.

I would suggest easy to wear, comfortable clothing. Nothing too heavy or that needs a lot of adjusting.

Also while zip lining you may find yourself falling bum first into the bark chippings so you don’t want your nice jeans getting ruined. I would stick to long length shorts, sports wear, trainers and comfy loose t-shirts.

Our Experience

We were so excited to get started but first, we headed to the desk and were handed some forms to read. The form is vital as it states clear instructions on what to do and not what to do while you are on the course.

It also is a legal document to say that you are of age(if you are of age) and that you are accepting the terms of risk.

Once we got past the paperwork we headed over to an area with our guide to getting started. We were in a group of 6 people, once you start the course you can split off and be in your own group. We were taken through the rules and got a chance to read and practice how the harness works.

We were guided to the first section of the course that was low to the ground and was the practice round. There are 6 sites in total with each one having a zip wire leading to the next one which in my opinion is the best part.

I volunteered myself to do the demonstration first and worked my way up and across and finally onto the zip wire back to the bottom.

After finishing the first section with the guide and they are happy with you working with the harness you can move onto the second section.

There was our guide standing by outside the perimeter to talk us through some of the steps, which I was thankful for when I couldn’t find the tarzan rope.

We were also able to leave things like cameras, phones and keys with the staff at the hut, in exchange they gave you a band to collect your belongings afterwards.

If like us you want to take your phone to take pictures you can borrow a phone lanyard. Some of our images are a little cloudy due to the plastic protective sleeve it was in.

Once we mastered the second course we moved on to the third, each one after that had more than one route to get to the next platform. One way was called the hard way and the other was the extreme way, that was for the more experienced people. There was no way I was going to go the extreme route, I got quite nervous at times on the normal level.

We really enjoyed the different levels, my favourite was the 4th course as it led to the zip line that took us through the middle of the forest and even got to feel the trees tickle my feet.

After the second and third course, the level of intensity for the actual course pretty much stayed the same. So once you felt comfortable in the third course you could carry on comfortably. The only difference for me was that the course got higher and the zip lines got better.

We’d like to thank Buy A Gift for this fantastic experience. If you’d like to book your own Go Ape experience then check out the Buy A Gift website. In the meantime, go check out the other Buy A Gift experiences we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing;

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