14 Best Family Hotels Near Universal Studios Hollywood

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People go on vacation for many reasons, but if you are travelling with your family, it is likely that you are also trying to stay in a place that has accommodations that work for each person on your trip.

From the types of guests the places attract to the location, it is important to cover all bases when looking for a family-friendly hotel. 

In this article, you will find a list of the best family hotels that are sure to be a good fit for your family if you are travelling together to Universal Studios.

Hotel NameStar RatingPrice PointBook Here
Sheraton Universal Hotel4$$Book Here
Universal Studios Suites3$Book Here
The Garland4$$Book Here
Hotel Amarano Burbank4$$$Book Here
Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles/Hollywood3$$Book Here
Kimpton Everly Hotel4$$$Book Here
Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel4$$Book Here
Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown4$$Book Here
Loews Hollywood Hotel4$$$Book Here
Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel4$Book Here
InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown4$$$Book Here
Hotel Angeleno4$Book Here
Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills4$$$Book Here
Mikado Hotel3$Book Here

Although many types of people visit Hollywood and go for different reasons, these hotels are catered to families in many ways. If you stay at any of these places with your family, you are sure to have a good time. 

Sheraton Universal Hotel

Sheraton Universal Hotel is a great family-friendly option located in the Universal City area. It’s just 0.3 miles from the entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood and means you can walk to the park in under 10 minutes.

If you and your family are planning a trip that is entirely focused on spending time in Universal Studios, this is a fantastic option because you will not have to struggle with transportation that can accommodate all of you at once. It is also in a safe and friendly area.

The hotel itself offers great amenities such as;

  • A large outdoor pool 
  • A fitness center
  • Complimentary breakfast every morning

There are plenty of family-friendly activities nearby such as hiking and trendy restaurants, and the cost is relatively affordable, starting under $200 a night, depending on the size of your room. You can even bring your pet with you if you consider them to be a part of your family!

Book Here: Sheraton Universal Hotel

Universal Studios Suites

If you are planning to stay at or near Universal Studios your entire trip, another fantastic option is the Universal Studios Suites.

These suites are located in the Hollywood Hills neighbourhood, less than a mile away from Universal Studios. While you are staying there, you will be able to see all sorts of famous tourist attractions such as the Hollywood Sign and the Hollywood Bowl Amphitheatre.

The Universal Studios Suites offer WiFi and other general amenities such as parking, but one of the main perks is the location, so this is definitely recommended for a family that plans to spend their vacation being active and seeing new things.

Book Here: Universal Studios Suites

The Garland

If you are looking for a hotel that is Mission-style with an outdoor garden but also has all the amenities you would expect for a normal place to stay, The Garland may be a good fit for you.

It is more relaxed than some of the other nearby options so you may want to consider staying here if you are travelling with your kids or want to be able to take some time away from the park to rest and enjoy yourself casually.

You can also have an exquisite dining experience at the restaurants available at this hotel, including The Front Yard and The Lobby Bar. If you want to order food from your hotel room, then no worries. The Front Yard also has food delivery services that can get the food sent directly to your hotel room. 

The Garland is considered to be upscale so you will also be able to spend luxury time with your family. It is only 2.5 miles away from Warner Bros Studios which is close enough to transport a group of people easily.

The Garland offers a free shuttle to Universal Studios because so many families who stay there visit. You can have a drink outside. The Garland was founded by the actress Beverly Garland.

Book Here: The Garland

Hotel Amarano Burbank

Hotel Amarano Burbank has a convenient location of being 3 miles from Universal Studios Hollywood and the Burbank airport.

If you are going to be travelling between these two places with your family, it is worth looking into staying here. It is also only 6 miles from the Hollywood Sign, a great family tourism location. This is an upscale hotel that offers many amenities.

Aside from that, there is plenty to do in the neighbourhood, so you would not have to worry about travelling far.

You could stroll through downtown Burbank to visit shops and other public attractions or simply go to Universal Studios for a fun time. If you have a large family, you can even select a room with a pull-out sofa to fit more people.

Book Here: Hotel Amarano Burbank

Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles/Hollywood

If you want to stay somewhere consistent and reliable, you can try the Hilton Garden Inn with your family. The Los Angeles/Hollywood branch of the Garden Inn is a classic hotel with the usual amenities, such as a pool, fitness centre, restaurant, and free WiFi.

Although it is not a unique hotel for Hollywood, if you are travelling with your family and want to stay somewhere familiar, this may be a good option for you.

An exciting family-friendly opportunity from here is that you will be barely a 10-minute walk from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is also within walking distance of here.

If you want easy food where you are staying, you and your family would be able to choose between a bar and a restaurant, and there is also a pantry that is always open for a quick and easy snack.

Book Here: Hilton Garden Inn Los Angeles/Hollywood

Kimpton Everly Hotel

The Kimpton Everly Hotel can be a fun choice for the family to stay near Universal Studios. It has a rooftop pool which can be a great activity for kids and adults.

Another fun perk of this hotel is that you are able to see the Hollywood Sign from the windows, something a family of tourists is sure to appreciate. The hotel has a unique feel to it compared to some chains that bring reliability and comfort to the stay.

The lounging options at the Kimpton Everly are trendier, including a bar and restaurant. The rooms all come with yoga mats, and everyone who stays here receives complimentary access to a PUBLIC bike in addition to the fitness centre.

If you and your family appreciate healthy activities, this may be a great fit. The rooms come full of popular books and gourmet and organic food options.

Book Here: Kimpton Everly Hotel

Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is a fancier option that is still family-friendly. Also, despite the elegance of the hotel, there are discount rates that make it nearly as affordable as some of the budget options on this list.

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is located slightly away from the business of the city on seven acres of green land, but it is also near UCLA where there is something for the entire family to do.

This hotel is on the famous Sunset Boulevard, and there are many activities nearby awaiting you and your family. You can golf at the Wilson Golf Course, hike at Temescal Canyon Park, shop at Westfield Century City Mall, and relax at Will Rogers State Beach.

The location is right off the highway too, so even if you want to go somewhere a bit farther away, it should not be too difficult to plan.

Book Here: Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown

If you think staying outside the city will be a bit boring for your family and are looking for more excitement, the Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown is a fantastic option for your next vacation to Universal Studios Hollywood.

The entire downtown area is full of opportunities, such as

  • Fun restaurants of every style 
  • Museums of art
  • Famous tourist buildings to visit
  • LA nightlife

The hotel itself has positive reviews for fantastic bartenders and a wide variety of dining options, including gourmet choices for your dog at the Doggie Bites Happy Hour. So if you have a dog you want to take with you during your trip, then you can treat your dog to a good time too! 

The heated outdoor pool offers sights of downtown, and you can enjoy playing outdoor games such as cornhole and pool. If you want to go out in the city but then find things to do when you return, the Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown is a great option.

Book Here: Hotel Indigo Los Angeles Downtown

Loews Hollywood Hotel

If you are looking to stay at a nice hotel with your family that is committed to making your experience great, the Loews Hollywood Hotel is worth considering.

The hotel puts into consideration the needs of travellers there, and they are focused on making sure families who visit are comfortable and able to do the activities they came to LA for. Even the neighbourhood is meant to be perfect for travellers.

Loews Hollywood Hotel is located directly next to Hollywood & Highland. You can explore the Dolby Theatre, home of the LA Lakers, and go for a walk to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

From cocktails to food, the hotel’s blog and the concierge are happy to provide suggestions of how to explore each day. Loews is also a partner hotel with Universal Studios Hollywood.

Book Here: Loews Hollywood Hotel

Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

The Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel is a great compromise between price and quality. Although it is highly affordable, with costs starting at under $150 a night, it is still a Marriott-owned company that offers highly acceptable rooms with amenities.

This hotel is located within minutes of LAX so if you are nervous about making it to an early flight, it is worth considering.

There is also a beautiful lobby where you can relax with drinks and dinner. The outdoor pool is heated, and you will be able to choose from over 70 restaurants without walking a mile in any direction.

The rooms are notably spacious, which could be especially appreciated by a large family travelling together that also likes to have some personal space.

Book Here: Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

The InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown is located in the financial district of Los Angeles so it is slightly farther away from Universal Studios Hollywood, but it offers enough benefits that it may be worth the extra distance.

It has a great pool and restaurant that you would be able to enjoy with your family, but it is probably better suited for business travellers.

If you are travelling for work but bringing your family along, this may be the perfect option. They will be able to relax, lounge, and explore neighbouring areas, but the business accommodations such as the WiFi and the conference room are also excellent.

Book Here: InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Hotel Angeleno

Hotel Angeleno was recently remodelled, just a couple of years ago, and now it is a fantastic place to stay with exciting architecture and lots of beautiful views out the window. It is located centrally in Los Angeles so you will have many entertainment options to walk to in addition to an easy time driving to others.

There is a lounge and fireplace where you and your family can relax after a long day.

You will have to arrange transport to go to Universal Studios so you should consider how much time you will be spending there if that is something you see yourself doing for multiple days.

However, Hotel Angelena has a partnership with Uber so you can call it through the front desk and have it charged directly to your room which can be much easier than trying to navigate public transportation in an unfamiliar city.

Book Here: Hotel Angeleno

Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

If you are looking for a middle ground where you are willing to travel to Universal Studios but do not want to spend an hour commuting every day, the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills may be a good solution for your family during your vacation.

The Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has won multiple awards for its elegance and customer service so the entire family is likely to be pleased with the experience there 

The property itself offers to babysit so you can bring the whole family, but also enjoy adult experiences without worrying 

This hotel is under 5 miles away but in the exciting Beverly Hills neighbourhood so you will get to see new things while heading to and from Universal Studios every day.

You can choose a room with a mountain, city, or landmark view, and there is a pool for everyone to enjoy together.

Book Here: Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Mikado Hotel

The Mikado Hotel is a simple and affordable option if you are visiting Universal Studios Hollywood with your family. It is just over 3 miles from Universal Studios, and it offers a small pool and basic amenities.

There is a free breakfast every day you stay which can help you avoid the hassle of choosing an option that will work for everybody. There is also a microwave for guests.

The Mikado Hotel is one of the most affordable that we looked at. You can find rooms for under $100 a night, which is especially reasonable when you consider how close it is to Universal Studios.

Although there is no restaurant in the hotel itself, you will have plenty of options. There are almost 50 restaurants within a quarter of a mile. There is also an amusement park nearby that you can enjoy with your children.

Book Here: Mikado Hotel


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