6 Awesome Restaurants In Billund, Denmark

Where to Eat in Billund - Panorama Restaurant in Billund Denmark

We have had the pleasure of visiting Billund, Denmark twice in the past three years ago. Billund is the home of Lego, and Lego happens to be a business we’ve been in for almost the past five years ago now.

It’s unlikely you’ve heard of this small Danish city if you’re not a fan of Lego, as pretty much all that’s here is Lego related. However, if you’re planning a trip to Billund; Lego related – or not… then here are the best restaurants we’ve found during our trips here.

A word of warning… Billund is very small, and kind of in the middle of nowhere. There are only around 12 restaurants to choose from. It’s also very expensive – just like the rest of Denmark (and surrounding areas), I believe this is enhanced further due to its secluded location. So if you’re looking to save money during your trip here, eating out might not be suitable for you.?

#1 Restaurant Billund

Visited this restaurant three times; twice in 2015, and again in 2016.

When it comes to eating out in Billund the choices are very, very limited. In fact, there’s only a handful of restaurants in Billund to eat at.

While we were in Billund to visit the Lego headquarters and go on a tour around the factory we were a large bunch of around 25-30 people. While there we organised to have a group meal, as some of us had not met in person before it was a great time to get to know each other. There are only a couple of places that can handle that amount of people eating all at once. This was the place to go, while the drinks lacked a little fizz, the food was good.

There was plenty to choose from on the menu, if you have small children there are plenty of pizzas you can have and some more mainstream meals. I will admit some of the more local dishes lacked a little imagination and appeal but otherwise, you can’t complain.

#2 Billund Bageri

Everything in Denmark is costly, but this place seemed to really hit my wallet hard!

Each time we bought a drink and a sweet pastry. On our last visit, we found it more cost effective to buy a cake than multiple pastries which lasted us the entire time we were there. Though if you are to be in Billund only a short time make sure you get to try the pastries.

Billund Bageri - 5 best restaurants in Billund

Don’t get me wrong, on all occasions we’ve visited (multiple times in 2015 + 2016) the food and cakes have been delicious, just don’t come thinking this is going to be a ?2 kind of job – because it’s not.

There are plenty to choose from and it an obvious choice for locals to get fresh bread, lunches and a sweet treat. The food cannot be faulted for everything is fresh and beautifully made. There is a handful of tables to sit in and enjoy your cake with a drink and don’t forget to use the free wifi. This has to be on of my top restaurants in Billund.

#3 Billund Pizza Steakhouse

Though overall Denmark is expensive no matter what you are doing we found this place much more reasonable compared to its competitors. Not only was the food better value for money but the food was also delicious.

As we went as a group to visit the famous Lego headquarters and go on the tour there were quite a few of us and not many places can fit in such a large group of people. Around 12 of us headed off for lunch one of the days and we came here. It is located directly opposite the?Billund Bageri?and is located in the main square of the town.

We received both wonderful food and great service while here and the best part is you can eat outside and you get a blanket to keep you warm if you do. I believe this to be one of the best restaurants in Billund, due to its friendly service and wonderful menu.

#4 Hotel Propellen Restaurant

While on our Lego tour we had some friends that were staying at the hotel and gave it rave reviews. The restaurant was very nice, clean and accommodating. The restaurant stayed open until 9.45 pm and served breakfast.

While we weren’t staying at the hotel we had no issue with going in eating there. They often have a buffet option which is great for families as you can pick and choose a variety of things to try. The food was well cooked, beautifully served and tasted lovely. Not anything like the usual hotel food you expect to get.

The hotel itself is a little out of the town but not much of a long walk and most of the town is an easy stroll or bike ride away.

#5 Panorama Restaurant – Legoland Hotel

Though we weren’t guests of the hotel itself, as prices were very high for us. We were still welcomed in for lunch into the restaurant. For lunch, we were offered the buffet in which we could choose from anything around.

This is a great treat if you are with children as there were lego brick shaped chips and fruits. There were lovely options laid out to try and even some meals being prepped fresh in front of you. We really enjoyed being able to pick and choose and try different things from the menu.

It would definitely be on my list of restaurants in Billund to visit. For more information on the Legoland Hotel and details click here.

Legoland Billund - 5 best restaurants in Billund

#6 Ristorante Il Bambino

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