5 Best Restaurants In Killarney, Ireland

Must Visit Places in Killarney, Ireland - Ross Castle

Looking for the best restaurants in Killarney?

We spent almost two weeks at this stop on the Ring of Kerry during a travel blogger conference in 2017 and fell in love with its beautiful scenery and traditional Irish charm.

It’s safe to say during that time we ate out, a lot. As a result, we’ve managed to put together this list of the 5 best restaurants in Killarney suitable for both locals and tourists alike!

Scotts Bar & Courtyard

The first place we ate at during our trip to Killarney was Scott’s bar. We came to this place after a long walk to Ross Castle and back. The bar had a lovely atmosphere for a quiet lunch, we had a large lunch as we were very hungry after our walk.

I chose the Chilli Chicken Burger and Helen had the Shephards pie, both came with chips and salad. The food is wonderfully made and well presented. The bar itself was lovely and you got good quality food for the price.

Denjoe’s Family Restaurant

On our first night in Killarney, we opted to have something quite quick and simple. We stumbled upon Denjoe’s which was a short walk from our hostel. Though some wouldn’t class this as a restaurant it is still a great place to visit.

Denjoes take away/fast food restaurant - best places to eat in Killarney

We chose a small Hawaiian pizza and 1 can of 7UP which came to €9.50. The food is super nice, I would eat here again for a quick meal instead of visiting Burger King.

Sadly we didn’t get a picture as we ate it so fast. The food was warm, welcoming and just what we needed after a long day. The staff were even better as they were so polite and made sure you didn’t leave without everything.

There was the option to sit inside as they had plenty of seating upstairs and down. This was a popular spot for not just the locals but the tourists too. The place was kept clean and well looked after, they also had different meal deals and bargain deals to keep everyone happy.

If you’re looking for budget restaurants in Killarney Ireland, then honestly this place is it. The food is great, the portion sizes are plentiful and the prices are great!


Underground is a cute coffee place on the corner on the main strip in Killarney town. I stopped in for a hot chocolate after a long walk in the National Park. The hot chocolate was usually €3.50 but I got mine plain and so only came to €3.00.

Underground coffee - 5 best Places To eat in Killarney

The coffee shop is so cute, slightly down from the pavement level and was a lovely spot to watch the world go by. Though I didn’t get a full meal here the food they brought out looked delicious.

The staff were lovely, polite and welcoming. They were very accommodating to every customer and made sure everyone had what they needed.

The decoration is perfect and the cakes look beautiful. Sadly I had just had lunch so didn’t get to sample them. WIFI is available and is good enough to work on, I managed to sit for some time getting some work done.

Obrien’s Sandwich Bar

One day we were determined to get some work done but our stomachs had other ideas. We headed out and found Obriens opposite the Killarney Shopping Arcade. (There’s two in Killarney, the other is inside the main shopping plaza where the bus station is)

A hidden spot from the main street but definitely worth finding. I chose a pesto and mozzarella Shoma. Helen chose a pulled ham ciabatta. The food was delicious, full of flavour and they definitely didn’t skimp on the filling.

We got crisps on the side and a drink each. The service was quick and friendly, though minimal seating we found a good spot by the window.

Both sandwiches cost €6.95 which were definitely worth it for the amount of food you got, along with your sandwich you got a small portion of crisps in a bowl.

They serve everything from cakes and doughnuts to hot drinks. The sandwich bar also had wifi available, just ask for the password when you order. I would definitely say this is one of the best restaurants in Killarney to visit. Not just serving sandwiches but hot meals and hot drinks.

J. M Reidy’s Bar

We went to the bar for a couple of drinks one night. The outside is an old sweet shop and is now a cafe/ restaurant by day and a bar by night. The bar itself is lots of smaller spaces connected by doorways and a courtyard at the back.

There are a few bars to go to that cut down the queue. The bar had a great atmosphere and great live music. Go in through the daytime to make the most of one of the quaintest restaurants in Killarney. With the cute decoration and charming feel, there is no doubt why it is a popular spot for lunch.

We paid €4.80 for a pint of Budweiser. The drinks in Ireland are a little expensive but overall it was a great night. The bar is on the main street of Killarney, with a good central location and definitely worth a visit.

Even if it’s simply for a look around, you have to walk into this maze of a building. It’s quirky, it’s fun and it’s a tourist paradise. Seriously! In the daytime, if you’re looking for places to eat in Killarney, Ireland then this place also serves food – although we’ve to try it personally the reviews seem to say it’s great!

That’s our summary of the restaurants in Killarney, Ireland. As always we’d love to know what you think, have we missed somewhere? Let us know in the comments below.

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