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The Best Bag For Disney

We have been to Walt Disney World enough times to know what things you need and don’t along with what bags are good and aren’t. We generally use the same style bag on our visits and now I have a favourite that I use on most visits. Here is the best bag for Disney…

I wanted to address a few little things first, these are some questions first time visitors might be asking or just people who are a little unsure. Below are frequently asked questions answered so you can get back to finding the best bag for Disney.

Can You Bring Bags Into Disney?

Yes, you can. Bags no larger than 24 inches are fine. Anything larger won’t be, also suitcases are a definitely a no.

Can You Take Bags Onto Rides?

Yes you can, all rides are bag friendly. Water Rides such as the rapids in Animal Kingdom do provide lockers for holding bags and belongings if you choose to use them.

Qualities To Find In The Best Bag For Disney

There are a couple of things you will want to think about before choosing what bag you use for Disney. Below is a couple of qualities you want to look out for in a bag for Disney.


Comfort is key. I build my whole wardrobe around comfort as you can be spending long days at Disney and want to make the most of your time there. Try find a bag with a thicker strap, in backpacks you can get padded straps to help keep your shoulders protected.

Water/Shower Proof

I never thought about this until I worried about my camera getting soaked in heavy rain one year. If you plan to go on any water rides this is helpful, also if you happen to get caught in the rain you don’t want your bag to get soaked through.

If you have a bag that isn’t shower proof you can buy a protective cover that you can quickly get out and cover your bag to keep dry.

Internal Pockets

If you plan to take things such as a first aid kit, wallet and other items you might need to get to quickly think about where you can put them. Having a bag with internal pockets that holds these items are great. You can head straight to that pocket without having to pull out the entire contents of your bag or spend forever looking to find them.

External Pockets

These are handy for things such as water bottles and snacks. I always like to have a bottle holder on the side as it is easy to get to. It also means if your bottle leaks a little it doesn’t directly hit anything in your bag such as your camera or phone.


Personally I want a bag that is going to last and be able to be used again and again for a Disney trip.. or any trip for that matter. Find a bag that is well made and strong, that will last.

Size/ Capacity

If you are planning on taking supplies for a family or a couple of people you will want a bag with a decent capacity. Don’t forget you have to carry it around all day so you want to be smart about what size you take and what you put in it.

I wouldn’t get anything bigger than a 30L size bag, we managed to travel Europe for a couple of months with a 30l bag so you can make it around Disney for a day with that. Also, make sure your measurements don’t go over the measurements above if it does it won’t be allowed in.

Best Bag For Disney

I decided that there are too many types of bag to even pick the best of them all. So I thought what a better way to show you the best bag for Disney would be to break it up into styles instead. We have used a number of different bags before and none of ever really failed us. Here are our best bag for Disney…

Yes, That is Chip from Beauty and The Beast in backpack form.

Bum Bags

Bags that sit and clip around the waist can be great if you plan to pack light for a day at the park. This style of bag is one of the best bag for Disney as it is light, easy to use and saves you from taking stuff you don’t need.

These are especially great if you are in a group and taking one larger bag between you. We did this on our latest trip and found it worked really well. Both of my sisters, my mum, and Cora’s mum took them on our trip so each had the essential while the bulk of stuff was in the backpack.

If there is just 2 of you this can be a great style bag to take if you plan to travel light. Also really handy if you are heading to the park for the evening for a meal and fireworks, it saves you having to carry too much around for a short space of time.

Pros: Easy to wear, easy to use, hands free bag, compact and lightweight

Cons: can’t fit much in, not practical if you need to carry much other than money, phone and tickets.

Best BumBags/Fannypack On The Market

If you are looking to be super jazzy and fun you can find plenty of themed bumbags. Many are by Loungefly, you can also find them in places like Primark in the UK or Target and Walmart in the U.S.A. Don’t forget people also like to wear the bag across their chest too!

RYACO Bum Bag, Fanny Pack for Men and Women

This is a simple bumbag/ fannypack but really colourful which I loved. The bumbag is standard size, easy to wear and use. There are zipped pockets to keep your valuables protected and it is a water resistant material.

You can find many of the same brand which is a good quality brand in different prints if you want something a little more discrete or plain.

Eastpak Talky Bum bag 2L Black

This is a little more of a practical bumbag, it is a well known brand and known for quality. We have used products of theirs before. It does come in a couple of discreet colours perfect for unisex uses. The bag has great reviews from customers saying how useful it was and how handy it was to use.

The material is not waterproof but is small enough to fit under and coat or jacket if need be. You can still fit plenty of essentials in, swap out your large suncream for a mini to take with you in this bag. I would say this has to be the best bag for Disney in the bumbag/fanny pack section.

Disney Minnie Mouse Ribbon Red

I found this super cute Minnie Mouse fanny pack/bumbag which is super cute for a day at Disney. You can find other styles from the same brand. What I like about this pack is that the side which sits on the body has a soft cushion edge so it doesn’t rub your skin.

The pack has plenty of space to carry the small items along with pockets to separate money and tickets etc. The bag has adjustable straps making it perfect to fit any waist size. It is super fun and cute perfect choice for the best bag for Disney.


The most popular style bag is a backpack, they are the easiest to wear and have the capacity to hold a number of essential items. You can get a number of sizes of backpack which is handy, as you can choose the size that is most appropriate for the use. As they are so useful and versatile I would recommend a backpack as the best bag for Disney.

Backpacks are the most common style of bag used at Disney World as it is the easiest to use. Backpacks are great for families, groups and those who need to be able to pack plenty of supplies for the day.

Be careful not to overstuff and overfill your bag, you might think you need it but it isn’t always essential. If you add too much to your bag the weight will be too much on your back for the day.

Pros: Plenty of space to take essentials, zips and pockets to keep valuables safe, weight is distributed over both shoulders.

Cons: Harder to access quickly, can be a little large and heavy to carry.

Best Backpacks On The Market

These are some of our top recommended that we have used or know the brand is good quality. You can also look out at your local supermarket, outlet areas and high street stores for backpacks for Disney.

HIKPRO 20L Lightweight Packable Backpack

This backpack is found on Amazon and is just a brand that is rarely seen unless from there. This is a great backpack as it folds away really small making it perfect for people who are travelling home by plane making it small and easy to pack away.

It also comes with super handy elasticated pockets on each side for snacks and drinks. It also has zip pockets for valuables to be stored while on the move and a 20l capacity to store all the essentials. The backpack is lightweight and easy to use day in day out, not to mention the showerproof material for those water rides.

The North Face Unisex Jester Backpack

This is another solid backpack, not too big so it won’t hold too much and weigh you down. The bag is a great brand which we have tried and tested ourselves before and love the level of comfort you get from this brand.

Though it doesn’t specify wether this model is waterproof or not you can get around that buy buying a cover like the one further up. The bag is built to be a student or workday bag for carrying a laptop and books. This makes it one of the best bag for Disney as it has built in zip pockets and wallet space, keeping everything organised for you.

Loungefly x Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hawaiian Surf Vacation

I decided to be a little wild and add in a Disney style backpack because why not right? If you aren’t too bothered about having all the gadgets of pockets and a water bottle holder on the side a standard backpack like this is great.

The quality is still very good as it is Loungefly who live to make funky fun backpacks and bags. The bag is still good enough to carry around the essentials as the straps are padded and adjustable for any style of comfort. I would also recommend getting a cover for this for water rides if you plan to go on them.

Crossbody Bag

There are bags you can use that have a longer strap that go across the body to sit on one side. These are handy if you like to be able to get into your bag quite quick and easily. You can get these in a number of sizes but I would suggest sticking to one that is small/medium as you don’t want anything too heavy on one shoulder.

These styles are bags are also known as messenger bags, saddle bags and satchels. Any of these are great bags as they are easy to access if you are getting out snacks or tickets.

I would suggest bring one that can be fastened well and has a zip on it. As the rides allow bags on the last thing you want is the flap opening and everything spilling out. Also having a zip to keep everything in the bag is great for security reasons, not that I feel that is a big issue.

You can find smaller alternatives that hold much less and are great if you are heading into the parks in the evening for the fireworks. You can also you these in conjunction with a backpack if you are bringing essentials for a baby or small child. That way you can keep items separated and easy to get hold of making this a great choice for the best bag for Disney.

Pros: Easy to use, great for getting in and out quickly, good use of space.

Cons: weight is all on one shoulder, not as secure as backpacks.

Best Crossbody Bags On The Market

These are our top recommended crossbody bags, I decided to add a range of sizes as I feel these are probably more popular with people wanting to take smaller bags to the parks. Also, Loungefly have a great range if you want something Disney inspired and fun.

Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel

This is a similar model to a bag I use quite often, this is perfect for people who are looking to take one small bag to keep tickets, phone and money. It can also double up as an evening bag for anyone looking to take the essentials out for the evening.

The bag has small zip pocket on the front and 2 smaller pockets on the inside. The bag is thin and small easy to carry around for a full day. Also, the strap is adjustable to fit over the body snugly or loose.

Converse Poly Shoulder Bag

This is a unisex bag perfect for taking the essentials to Disney. The strap is adjustable to fit across anybody and is lightweight material. The bag has plenty of pockets to keep your valuables safe and separate.

The bag is small and compact meaning it would be easy to store in your suitcase, hide from the rain under a jacket and not get in the way. It is much better suited for people who want as less fuss and bulk in a bag making this one of the best bag for Disney.

Disney Mickey Mouse Retro Shoulder Bag

This bag is larger than the last 2 bags and of course, is Disney themed because you are going to Disney after all! I wanted to add in another bag I think would be better for families and couples that still want to be able to take a little more with them such as snacks, suncream etc.

This bag is mickey print which makes is a perfect fit for our best bag for Disney list and is also practical. The strap is adjustable and easy to wear on a long day. The bag has multiple pockets that are zipped so they are secure and easy to use. It is larger so you can fit plenty in and is showerproof making it perfect for water rides.

That is everything for our best bag for Disney. I hope you have found this helpful and you have found a bag perfect for your trip. If you have a bag, brand or style that you love and works great for you let us know in the comments below.

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