8 Best Backpacks For Disney – Cute, Stylish & Practical!

We have been to Walt Disney World enough times to know what things you need and don’t along with what bags are good and aren’t. We generally use the same style bag on our visits and now I have a favourite that I use on most visits.

I am usually a strong advocate for packing sensibly, wearing comfortable clothing and being practical but Disney is way too fun to be too restrictive. While I still think certain practicality applies to clothing, these rules are little more relaxed when it comes to backpacks.

I have used the same backpack for our last 3 Disney Trips and it has had its ups and downs but I love it. If you have a bag you have at home that works well for you and you want to use that, I would go ahead and do so.

Can You Bring Bags Into Disney?

Yes, you can. Bags no larger than 24 inches are fine. Anything larger won’t be, also suitcases are definitely a no.

Can You Take Bags Onto Rides?

Yes, you can, all rides are bag friendly.

Water Rides such as the rapids in Animal Kingdom do provide lockers for holding bags and belongings if you choose to use them.

Tips For Choosing The Best Backpack For Disney World

  • Try and pick a backpack that is comfortable, straps can be adjusted and is easy to wear.
  • Decide what you want to pack into the bag to make sure it is big enough and has the right amount of pockets you need.
  • Choose something quite easy to see amongst crowds or add something unique to make it stand out – this will help when trying to find each other or if you happen to loose your bag it is easier to identify.
  • Work out if everyone in the group/family are taking a bag each or just 1 – 2 people to save space and waste.
  • Try look for a bag that is durable, made of sturdy fabrics and is good quality so the bag will last longer and not cause any issues.
  • If you can get shower proof, water proof or leather that is a bonus.
  • Small secret pockets for money, cards and tickets are great as you can keep those safe and separate.
  • I advise finding a bag with a zip fastening, mostly for when you are on rides and for safety reasons.

The Best Backpack For Disney World

I honestly find backpacks of any shape and size the easiest bag to use for Disney World. They are easy to wear leaving you hands-free and also the most spacious (in certain styles) to hold the essential items you need for the day. I also really like that you can find many that are Disney themed and others that have pockets and separate zip areas to hold items.

Backpacks are the most common style of bag used at Disney World as it is the easiest to use. Backpacks are great for families, groups and those who need to be able to pack plenty of supplies for the day.

Be careful not to overstuff and overfill your bag, you might think you need it but it isn’t always essential. If you add too much to your bag the weight will be too much on your back for the day.

If you are uncertain whether the backpack will be right for Disney do a test run at home. Place in some of the essentials you would carry around, try to get things in and out and see how comfortable it is to wear. That way if the bag isn’t right for you, you can return it or exchange it.

1. HIKPRO 20L Lightweight Packable Backpack

This backpack is found on Amazon and is just a brand that is rarely seen unless from there.

This is a great backpack as it folds away really small making it perfect for people who are travelling home by plane making it small and easy to pack away.

It also comes with super handy elasticated pockets on each side for snacks and drinks.

It also has zip pockets for valuables to be stored while on the move and a 20l capacity to store all the essentials. The backpack is lightweight and easy to use day in day out, not to mention the showerproof material for those water rides.

Buy Here: HIKPRO 20L Lightweight Backpack

2. The North Face Unisex Jester Backpack

This is another solid backpack, not too big so it won’t hold too much and weigh you down.

The bag is a great brand which we have tried and tested ourselves before and love the level of comfort you get from this brand.

Though it doesn’t specify whether this model is waterproof or not you can get around that by buying a cover like the one further up.

The bag is built to be a student or workday bag for carrying a laptop and books. This makes it one of the best backpacks for Disney World as it has built-in zip pockets and wallet space, keeping everything organised for you.

Buy Here: North Face Jester Backpack

3. Loungefly x Disney

I decided to be a little wild and add in a Disney-style backpack because why not right? If you aren’t too bothered about having all the gadgets of pockets and a water bottle holder on the side a standard backpack like this is great.

This makes for a great backpack with plenty of open space in the main pocket of the bag for everything you need.

The quality is still very good as it is Loungefly which lives to make funky fun backpacks and bags. The bag is still good enough to carry around the essentials as the straps are padded and adjustable for any style of comfort.

I would also recommend getting a cover for this for water rides if you plan to go on them. The best part about Loungefly partnering with Disney is that they constantly work on bringing out new designs, limited-edition versions and matching purses so you can be fully kitted out for your trip.

Buy Here: Loungefly Backpack

4. Under Armor Backpack Hustle 4.0 Backpack

The Under Armor backpack is a great contender for the best backpack for Disney as it has many different qualities that are helpful.

The backpack is waterproof which is great for those tropical showers that appear every so often, it also had multiple pockets.

If you are serious about carrying around everything you need from snacks to suncream this is the bag for you.

I personally think this is a great bag and suits the dads and families as it is durable and has plenty of space for all the small essentials. There are pockets of either side perfect for holding bottles and drinks, perfect for easy access.

Buy Here: Under Armor Backpack Hustle 4.0 Backpack

5. Osprey Europe Daylite Plus Lifestyle Pack

The Osprey Daylite backpack is perfect for using around the Disney Parks. Due to the backpack having a shaped back and added support this makes the best backpack for Disney as it will have added comfortable and support.

This is another backpack that is better suited to families and groups as it has more space to carry hats, sunglasses and spare clothes.

There are two main pockets so you can split up your items in your bag to make things easier to find throughout the day. I also really like the elasticated pockets perfect for fitting in a water bottle.

This is definitely a good bag to use around the parks as it is lightweight and easy to wear. It also comes with added shoulder padding and straps to make the bag fit to the back for ultimate comfort.

Buy Here: Osprey Europe Daylite Plus Lifestyle Pack

6. Loungefly Backpack Disney Buzz Lightyear Mini Backpack

The mini Loungefly backpack is probably one of the most popular backpacks for Disney. You will see loads of people from teenagers to adults wearing these around the parks and you can see why.

These bags are super cute and come in a whole range of Disney themes from princesses, individual characters to Disney Villians.

You can find them in a number of store in the parks, retail stores and online. We love these bags and think they make one of the best backpack for Disney as it is small, easy to carry and on theme!

If you don’t plan to take much other than a few essential such as suncream, water bottle and money this is the bag for you.

Most of the bags have the main large pocket which is zip closed and a smaller pouch on the front perfect for holding small items such as money, lip balm or park tickets.

Buy Here: Loungefly Disney Buzz Lightyear Mini Backpack

7. Herschel Supply Company Day Backpack

I love Herschel bags, they are super easy to use and stylish. I like that you can get them in a variety of styles and colours so you can get what suits you. These bags are super simple and easy to use, they are great for using for school, as a day bag or for a day at Disney.

They are made from durable canvas fabric which makes the bag soft and easy to wear but unfortunately they aren’t showerproof.

You can buy a cover for when the tropical showers appear and store it in the bag while you wander around the park. This is a good bag if you don’t need separate pockets or side pockets for a bottle.

You can find them in a number of high street stores and online. There is one large pocket and one smaller on the front perfect for holding tickets, money and small items. These bags are great as they are comfortable to wear and quite light so even with a few items in you can be comfortable all day.

Buy Here: Herschel Supply Company

8. Cath Kidston Backpack Grove Bunch Oilcloth

I know Cath Kidston are generally mostly UK based and aren’t as easy to find in Europe and the USA but they make great quality backpacks. One of the features I really like about Cath Kidston backpacks are that you can find the designs made from oilcloth which makes them shower proof and easy to keep clean.

You can find a number of styles of backpack to suit your needs along with a wide variety of patterns and prints from florals, cute and fun patterns and even Disney styles.

The Disney patterns are always highly popular and often sell out fast so keep your eyes peeled for announcements if you want on.

The backs come with fabric straps that are adjustable and easy to wear, along with pockets both inside and outside of the main body of the bag. Some of the designs have secret pockets and slots to hold water bottles which I really like. You can even find many of the same patterns and styles in smaller backpack sizes perfect for children.

These make for one of the best backpack for Disney World as they are so fun and stylish but also highly practical in terms of shower proof, plenty of pockets and comfortable to wear.

Buy Here: Cath Kidston Backpack Grove Bunch Oilcloth

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