3 Best Beaches In Bohol – Beautiful Beach Spots To Visit & Stay!

You know you’re in the right job when your friends start asking you to find the best beaches in Bohol for their upcoming visit to the Philippines.

I mean, seriously, spend the day exploring luxury beaches – sure, why not!

All but one of the dozen beaches or so located in Bohol are on Panglao Island which is around 4 miles from Tagbilaran City.

Panglao Island is just 80km sq so navigating around the entire island and between the beaches and resorts is relatively hassle-free.

Dumaluan Beach

Our favourite beach in Bohol is Dumaluan Beach. This isn’t the quietest beach we’ll feature in this article however, it has enough daily visitors that there are minimal resources here to make your stay or day trip here possible.

Dumaluan Beach has an entry fee of 25 pesos for adults and 10 pesos for children (up to the age of 13).

There’s also an additional fee of 25 pesos for parking motorcycles here.

If you’d like to stay here we’d recommend Bohol Beach Club which is located right on the seafront.

If you’re after something to eat during your visit to Dumaluan Beach then you’ll find a small place selling a range of foods including sandwiches, seafood and meat dishes.

There’s an extensive seating area in the shade perfect for eating your lunch, alongside shaded huts that can be rented for the day.

There’s a number of habal-habals in the area which make it easy to travel from the beach to other areas on the island, or simply to town for things from the local stores.

Pro Tip: Dumaluan Beach is also connected to White Beach.

The distance between the two is around 500 metres from the entrance of Dumaluan Beach and can be walked to on the sand.

For this reason we wont be including White Beach on this list.

There’s also a number of boat trips and excursions that leave from this beach which can be booked in advance or upon arrival.

Bikini Beach

Located just 8km from Tagbilaran seaport and 6km from the Blood Compact Shrine, Bikini Beach is the closest proximity for those looking for a beach when travelling from Bohol Mainland.

The entire beach is incredible, it’s beautiful, although part of me wonders if the charm of this place is simply enhanced by the fact there’s simply nobody here.

We spent around one hour at Bikini Beach and saw less than ten people during our entire visit.

Of course, the downside to this is there’s simply no facilities. We saw a handful of local homes, but no restaurants, no shops and no habal-habals.

You simply can not visit here unless you plan to pack a snack, a bottle of water, and are travelling on a scooter otherwise, much like myself and Helen you’ll find yourself walking the 2km incline back to the main road with no water in the midday sun!

Of course, this doesn’t take away from the fact that finding an ‘undiscovered’ beach like this is many peoples dream. As long as you’re aware of what to expect upon your arrival you’ll have an incredible time here.

Alona Beach

Situated at the bottom of Panglao Island, furthest away from Tagbilaran City you’ll find Alona Beach.

This is the most popular beach resort on Panglao Island and as such, you’ll find an extensive range of restaurants, bars, shops and accommodation here.

If you’re looking to stay near a beach during your trip to Bohol, then you’ll likely find yourself here. Our favourite hotels nearby include;

Henann Resort Alona Beach – A five-star luxury resort on Alona Beach with three on-site restaurants an extensive swimming pool and a spa.

Christelle Inn – Located just 500m from Alona Beach these apartments are perfect for those looking for additional in-room facilities.

Bohol Coco Farm – Ideal for those looking to stay near Alona Beach on a budget, Bohol Coco Farm is a highly rated hostel with free parking for scooters and free coffee from 6 am until 9 pm.

Alona Beach is a great choice if you want a variety of services and amenities.

In contrast to other beaches we’ve stayed in around the world it’s got a low foot-fall it is the busiest beach on our list of the best beaches in Bohol.

Being that there’s a vast number of habal-habals and taxis in the area you could always save money by staying here but travel to some of the other beaches on Panglao Island for as little as 200 pesos each way should you wish to do so.

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