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best caf?s in Phuket Town - Bacon Chicken Sandwhich at Work Cafe

When you think of Phuket, Thailand, you probably don’t think of a caf?. Let alone a cluster of caf?s. However, visit Phuket Town and that’s exactly what you’ll find. Caf? hopping is very popular here and thanks to the value for money of this fantastic country it’s easy to afford to visit multiple unique and quirky caf? in Phuket town during your stay.

Here’s a handful of the best caf?s in Phuket Town that we found during our visit.

B Cat Caf?

Cat caf?s have grown in popularity around the world and Thailand is no exception with the launch of B Cat Caf? in Phuket Town.

The cat’s here at the cat caf? Phuket town are absolutely adorable however I worry that they are a little too ‘picture perfect’ with the vast majority being flat faced cat breeds. On the flipside of this, there was a promotion for locals to adopt cats from Soi Dog. A foundation we had the pleasure of visiting on a previous trip to Thailand and very much encourage others to do.

Cat Cafe Drinks - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

In the terms of food and drink. For access to the cat caf? Phuket you must purchase one drink per person and a slice of cake (for the party I believe?) the prices are very reasonable, the only downside was that we’d only had breakfast 45 minutes earlier and so we really didn’t fancy any cake.

The cats weren’t the most interactive we’ve experienced from previous cat caf?s. For that reason, we decided to spend 30? each on them a food treat from the counter. This changed everything and before we knew it we had a handful of new friends.

Young Woman at B cat cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

The caf? comes with complimentary WIFI that’s more than good enough to share photos online with friends and family. This would be a cat lovers dream and easily become the best caf? in Phuket town.

Lazy cat sleeping in a box at b cat cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

In conclusion, B Cat Caf? Phuket town is a?great little place for those novelty cat photos. If culture, amazing coffee, working or socialising with friends is more your thing then I’d probably suggest checking out one of the other caf?s of Phuket that are listed below.

Gallery Caf?

The amazing caf? in Phuket town that is Gallery Caf? by Pinky is rather used to being spoken about in the media, with mentions in such publications as Lonely Planet. However, it’s by pure coincidence that we ended up there during our wander around the old town.

Menu at Gallery cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

We chose to have some breakfast to share and chose the Breakfast Bagel, it was beautifully cooked and displayed. It is easy to see why Lonely Planet had recommended this place. The total cost for the meal and 2 soft drinks was 280 baht, which was okay, the drinks were 50 baht each which I found a little expensive but the food made up for it.

The caf? also had complimentary WIFI with every purchase which needed a login code to access. The WIFI like many of the other spots around Phuket Town was good and more than enough to send a couple of pictures to family and friends. While we have done our fair share of caf? hopping I would easily go as saying that this is one of the best caf?’s in Phuket Town.

Breakfast bagel at Gallery Cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping


WORK caf? is located inside Limelight Shopping centre on the second floor. The modern, spacious and cute styled caf? is very popular with both locals and tourists. It’s independence also makes it much more affordable to the 24/7 Tom n Toms beneath.

Work Display at Work Cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

The caf? has a wide variety of meals available with Thai options as well as more Western dishes. The prices were very reasonable, we managed to get 2 large sprites, 1 chicken salad and 1 club sandwich with chips for 298 Baht. WORK Caf? had lovely food and would even go to saying that it was one the best meals I had eaten while in Phuket. The caf? comes with complimentary WIFI and was more than good enough to sit and work for a little while. In conclusion, I would go on to say that this was one of the best caf?s in Phuket Town.

Crispy Chicken Salad at Work Cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

The Club Sandwhich at Work Cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

It is a great place to visit if you are looking for a caf? in Phuket town, with fresh modern look and great food.

Tom n Toms

We visited Tom n Toms a couple of times due to it being 24 hour opening times. With our jet lag, this gave us somewhere to go – even at 2 am. The prices at Tom n Toms were a little more expensive than some of the other caf? in Phuket town we had visited.

However, there’s plenty of seating with a variety of different seating areas including high tables for working with plug sockets and lower comfy seating to relax.

A large (venti) iced coffee here will set you back 150 baht.
Meanwhile, soft drinks are available from 50 baht.

If you’re after a bite to eat, the food here is very, very good (to our surprise) and served once again 24/7.

If you’re coming here to work remember you’ll need to purchase something and keep a hold of your receipt to log in. If you require more than one device onto the WIFI, ask at the counter for a second as the WIFI will only allow one device per code.

Tortilla Pizza and Pepperoni Twist at Tom n Toms - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping


After an exhausting walk up (and back down) Monkey Hill, we were in need of a cold drink and something to eat. We were heading back to our hostel when we spotted this caf? in Phuket town just 5 minutes walk away. It is located on Phangnga Road near the Phuket Triceye Museum.

The modern, cool and intriguing caf? was popular with both tourists and locals. Though a small caf? it had plenty to offer with freshly made coffee and great food. The decor was the most intriguing as they had used an old Levi Strauss jeans printed tabletop with the base of an old singer sewing machine. We ordered a diet coke and a beef cheeseburger with chips each, the total cost came to 360 baht.

Beef Cheeseburger at MARK cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

The food was delicious and just what we needed after a long walk, the service was good and there was complimentary WIFI. This has to be one of the best caf?s in Phuket Town, it had everything you would need and friendly staff. After all our caf? hopping while in Phuket Town this has to be a favourite of mine.


Hatch is a caf? and co-working space located next to the Limelight shopping centre. We first discovered this place when visiting the Indy Night Market. The cafe is split into two sections, the first section is just a normal caf? offering up coffee, soft drinks and smoothies as well as a few cakes. The second part is at the back a couple of steps up, this is closed off to create a quiet working area, the co-working space.

Hatch Co Working Space Phuket - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

The caf? itself was nice, modern and well laid out, it had plug sockets built into the ground for easy access. We sat in the normal cafe? area and used the free WIFI. The tables each had the WIFI and password stuck to the table for easy access.

Hatch WIFI speed test - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

While we were there we bought a can of coke each and the total was 30 baht. The prices of the soft drinks were cheap compared to other caf?s in the area. While we didn’t require the co-working space you have to walk through to get to the bathrooms. We also didn’t catch how much it was to work the in the co-working space. If you are looking for a spot to get some work done this is a great?caf? in Phuket town to visit.

Hatch Cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

Mame Homemade Cake

After finding this place online and reading the good reviews we decided to continue Caf? hopping and chose to have breakfast here one morning. We were there for opening and were their first customers of the day. We both chose a soft drink with the American Breakfast, there were plenty of options to have for both breakfast and lunch. As well as different coffees, smoothies and soft drinks.

The food was lovely and came with a slice of dragon fruit, the presentation was nice and very clean. The total cost for 2 x American breakfast A and 2 soft drinks was 220 baht. This was one caf? in Phuket town located on Phang-nga Road.

American Breakfast at Mame Homemade Cake Cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

O-OH Farm

This was a place that came very highly recommended online as a place you must eat while in Phuket. Even described as one of the best caf?s in Phuket Town, and I can see why. This was our 2nd caf? on our caf? hopping tour for the day and we didn’t leave disappointed. We had a bottle of water, diet coke, watermelon smoothie and bruschetta to share for 219 baht.

O-OH Farm Cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

The menu had a wide selection of dishes that wouldn’t disappoint anyone with a mix of western food as well as traditional Thai food. The service was good and friendly, the food was delicious and would be back for more next time.

Bruschetta at O-Oh Farm cafe - The Best Caf?s of Phuket Town | Caf? Hopping

Though it was a little struggle to get WIFI, once we had it it was a good speed and managed to get plenty of work done. There is plenty of seats both tables and softer lounge chairs available, as well as bar areas to work from. You can easily see how this was said to be the best cafe in Phuket Town.

If you have visited any of the caf?s in Phuket or know of any cafe in Phuket town that you would recommend let us know in the comments below. If you have found other places to add to our list from your time Caf? hopping let us know.

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