The Best Epcot Itinerary For The Entire Family

Looking for the best Epcot itinerary for the entire family? – Then look no further!

Epcot (or Epcot Centre as it was previously known) opened to the public in 1982. The park was a personal project of Walt Disney himself. His vision for the park was that it was to be an actual city where people would work, live, and play.

Since then it’s undergone major redevelopments, Walt Disney said himself that “Epcot will always be in a state of becoming.”

This statement couldn’t be any truer than it is today with the announcement at D23 in 2019, that the park would undergo the biggest transformation to date. With new rides such as Mary Poppins in England, within World Showcase set to open in 2021.

Pro Tip: if you’re visiting the park during the transformation period, then make time in your itinerary to view the Epcot Experience in Future World.

Which provides a behind the scenes look at the re-design and re-development of the Epcot park by the Walt Disney Imagineering team.

We recommend booking your tickets to Epcot in advance online, not only does this save you time and money compared to the ‘on the gate’ prices. It provides you with additional benefits that help further enhance your Epcot experience.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation then entrance to Epcot is included.

If you’ve booked a set ticket period i.e. 14 days or 7 days, then access to Epcot is also included. Be sure to get a ‘Park Hopper’ ticket to ensure you can move between the Walt Disney World parks during the day without restriction.

Buying your Epcot park tickets in advance will allow you to gain access to My Disney Experience. In the My Disney Experience area, you’ll be able to book fast passes (either 30 days or 60 days in advance, depending on the type of booking you have).

Strategically planning, booking and executing your fast passes while visiting Epcot will allow you to get on the most popular rides at the park, with a significantly shorter wait time.

Giving you more time to explore everything this incredible Walt Disney World park has to offer.

Morning – Rope Drop, Essential Rides & Breakfast!

Depending on the fast passes you’ve managed to achieve in advance, and the rides you’re simply desperate to go on during your time at the Epcot park, you might want to consider arriving for rope drop.

Rope drop is the term allocated for arriving at the park prior to opening, staff hold a number of ropes at the arrival area (just before spaceship earth, after the entrance and security).

Once it drops you’re free to enter the park. Then the race is on to get to the most popular rides (that you might have missed out on for a fast pass).

You'll find plenty of entertainment prior to rope drop at Epcot.

Rope drop isn’t for everyone (I’m more of a night owl personally) but arriving and heading on say the popular ride Soarin’ can save you up to two hours compared to the regular queue for the ride during the day.

If you are planning on arriving at Epcot for rope drop, be sure to check the opening times online first. Then allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at the park (and park, if you’re driving), go through security and use the entrance gates with your Magic Band or park ticket.

On our trip to Orlando in 2019 (when we got married) we visited Epcot for rope drop. We managed to be the first inline for the character spot just outside of The Land / The Sea area and managed to meet;

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck


Joy & Sadness


All in the space of 20 minutes – it was incredible!

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure of what rides to head to when ‘the rope drops’ have a look at our fast pass guide and compare it to the rides you’ve already got fast passes for.

You want to target rides that have an average wait time of 45 minutes or more. – Don’t forget to check the height restrictions to ensure you’re all eligable to go on the ride, you don’t want to be rushing to the ride only to find out your kids are not eligable to go on!

Ideally, you’d like the location of these rides to be at the start of the park (The Land, The Sea and Future World) so you’re not having to fast pace walk all the way to the back of the park.

If you’ve not had breakfast prior to heading out to the Epcot park (or fancy a mid-morning snack) then you’re in luck.

There are some great options near the front entrance of Epcot for food and drink. I personally opt to visit Fountain View which is a Starbucks.

This is also a great location to pick up your Disney Parks Starbucks mugs, but be warned this location is highly popular and has very little seating outside (although you could sit just a little further to the centre inline with Spaceship Earth near the fountains) the queue here can often reach the entrance of the store.

If you’ve rope dropped Test Track over in Future World, then consider picking up your breakfast snacks and drinks from either;

The Electric Umbrella: This counter service location has ample seating both indoors and outdoors. It offers a range of traditional American food such as; Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches and Salads.

There’s also a variety of soft drinks alongside speciality cocktails including Pina Colada & Strawberry Margarita.

Taste Track: The Taste Track kiosk has some benches between its location and the Test Track ride, just by the water fountains (where kids often go to play – if this sounds like your kids, be sure to pack a change of clothes for them!).

It serves a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads, alongside soft drinks.

Once you’re refreshed, it’s time to explore The Sea’s and The Land which are located to the left of Spaceship Earth (as you look at it upon entrance to the park).

The Seas With Nemo & Friends: Alongside a slow-paced ride with no height restriction in which you follow Nemo and his friend Dory, around the sea.

You also have the mammal viewing area where you can see a variety of mammals and learn about the rehabilitation programmes that Epcot runs for injured animals.

Turtle Talk With Crush: Just before the shop and exit of The Sea’s you’ll find Turtle Talk With Crush. This hilarious interactive show runs every 15 minutes and is around 10 minutes long.

It somewhat reminds me of the Laugh Floor hosted by Monsters Inc over in Magic Kingdom.

Soarin’: Just next to The Sea you’ll find The Land. This large indoor complex is made up of a number of rides, including a variety of both quick service and buffet-style dining options (ideal if you’re running behind schedule and already ready for lunch!).

It’s here you’ll also find the incredibly popular ride Soarin’. Suitable for those 1.02m and above, this is one of those rides you’re going to want to rope drop or get a fast pass for in advance.

The standby queue here often reaches two hours – Many say it’s totally worth the wait, sadly I don’t think so.

Living With The Land: One educational and a ride I personally found highly interesting is Living With The Land.

Suitable for all heights and ages, the ride takes you around the indoor greenhouse in which a variety of foods are grown to be later served in the on-site restaurants at the park.

Even during our visit to Epcot during the Flower & Garden Festival, this ride only had a standby wait time of 30 minutes.

Afternoon – Lunch & The World Showcase

Once you’ve finished exploring The Seas & The Land, it’s time to explore the pinnacle of Epcot. The World Showcase.

World Showcase is a large area centred around an incredible man-made lake. Designed to look like a world fair you’ll find 11 different pavilions each representing a different country.

Typical of Disney design, each of the pavilions has been beautifully designed, with incredible attention to detail and features a range of;

Shops with the countries local products

Character meet and greets based on the Disney films location setting

Dining opportunities

Rides based on the rides characteristics matching that of the Disney film and film location

The distance around the World Showcase is roughly 1.25 miles. However, it’s likely going to take you between four and six hours to walk around the entire area.

Here are some of the things to consider when planning your World Showcase Epcot itinerary;

The amount of shopping or shops you’d like to look in at each pavilion.

Whether or not there’s another special event going on at the same time such as The Flower and Garden Festival or Food and Wine Festival.

How many characters you’d like to meet and greet along the way.

Whether or not you plan on stopping for food or drinks.

For example, we recently ‘drank around the world‘ and found that stopping for a drink slowed us down significantly. Especially the tipsier we found ourselves nearer World Showcase experience.

Everyone has their preferred way of going around World Showcase, with some starting in Canada and going anti-clockwise (our prefered method and the method featured in the itinerary below) and others going from Mexico clockwise.

There’s no right or wrong way, but do consider the fast-passes and dining you’ve booked, to ensure you arrive with plenty of time.

Pro Tip: If it’s ‘Festival Season’ at Epcot (which runs from the end of August through the end of May, pretty much uninterrupted), you should stop to enjoy either the food & drink booths or special offerings during these events.

We tend to go to Walt Disney World annually around March / April time which is Flower & Garden season at Epcot. However, we’re really hoping to attend for the Food & Wine Festival (most popular) this year.

Canda: At the Canada pavilion you’ll find a wonderful Canadian Rockies themed shack, filled with fantastic Canadian merchandise. You’ll also find Le Cellier Steakhouse which is a high-end fine dining steak restaurant.

Le Cellier Steakhouse serves Brunch, Lunch and Dinner. The restaurant accepts both the standard dining and deluxe dining plan when serving lunch and dinner however it’s two credits rather than the standard one.

The attraction at the Canadian Pavilion is the ‘Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360‘ which opened in January 2020. There’s no limit to height or ages.

There’s no fast-pass for this attraction as it’s a theatre performance which happens repeatedly without intervals during the parks opening hours.

United Kingdom: The next World Showcase Pavillion is the United Kingdom where you’ll be able to experience the architecture of London alongside traditional countryside cottages.

Right now there’s no attraction other than the character meet for Alice from Alice in Wonderland (standby queue only). There is going to be a Mary Poppins attraction coming soon.

There’s a number of shops selling traditionally British products including; candy, homewares, jewellery, and other foods.

Speaking of food, there are two dining options at this pavilion;

The quick-service ‘Yorkshire County Fish Shop’ which is located to the side of the Rose and Crown pub has a number of seats just outside.

This particular quick service location only serves Fish and Chips which are available to buy for $11.49 or with 1 quick service credit from the Disney Dining Plan.

Pro Tip: Being from the UK, this is often the LAST place I want to eat when visiting Epcot. Instead, I prefer to dine at the Mexican or Japanese pavilion – more on that below!

Alternatively, there’s also the Rose and Crown Pub. This table-service restaurant offers a wide range of traditional British food including;

Fish & Chips

Bangers & Mash

Hot Pot

Shepherd’s Pie

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Meals at The Rose and Crown Pub are eligible for use alongside the Disney Dining plan and require one table service credit. If you’re paying for the meal in cash then you’ll find an entree sets you back around $24.

Pro Tip: Between the pavilions of the United Kingdom and France you can arrive or leave Epcot and head to multiple resorts as well as the Walt Disney World Park, Hollywood Studios using the boats leaving from the Friendship boat launch.

Alternatively, you can walk to Hollywood Studios – it takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

France: The French pavilion is somewhat set back, so be sure not to simply stroll on by. Here you can experience a meet and greet with Belle and The Beast from Disney’s Classic – The Beauty & The Beast.

However, my personal favourite thing to see at the French Pavilion is the ‘Serveur Amusant’ acrobats.

Together they build an incredible tower out of chairs and finish by balancing on top – it’s one of those moments where you’ll find yourself watching between your fingers as your hands cover your face out of sheer fear that someone could go so high on a tower made of balancing chairs!

The World Showcase France Pavilion has two major attractions;

Impressions de France which is an 18-minute film being shown throughout the day that provides a look at the French scenery and history of the country.

The Beauty and The Beast Sing-Along, a new attraction for 2020 in which guests can sing along to classic songs from the hit film – somewhat like the Frozen Sing-Along over at Hollywood Studios.

There’s a number of places to eat at the French pavilion, including;

Table Service Resturants: Les Chefs de France, Monsieur Paul.

Quick Service Counters: Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie, L’Artisan des Glaces.

Finally, there are some luxurious French shops, selling high-end perfumes and wines. This is seriously my mum’s favourite area in all of Epcot (much to the dismay of my dad).

Morocco: When you see the terra cotta tiles and carved plaster buildings you’ve made it to the Moroccan pavilion.

The only entertainment here is the Musique Aramenco who perform traditional Moroccan music five days a week. However, despite the lack of entertainment, there’s still plenty to see (and eat!) at this pavilion.

You’ll find a number of shops at the Morrocan pavilion selling traditional items including; hand-knotted carpets and rugs, glass lanterns, wind chimes, henna lamps, honestly, the list goes on…

The entire area is made up of both indoor and outdoor bazaars that mirror the shopping experience in Morrocco. In my opinion, this is the most realistic and immersive shopping experiences out of all the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot.

There are two quick-service restaurants at the Moroccan pavilion;

Tangierine Cafe – Serving traditional savoury items and desserts. Inside there’s limited seating, and this location also currently doesn’t accept the Disney Dining Plan.

Moorish Café and Pastry Shop – Serving crepes, pastries, tea and coffee.

Japan: I fell in love with Japan here at Epcot, and went onto visit the country for one month around five years after my first visit to Walt Disney World.

Again, there’s no attraction or entertainment here, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do. Starting with the Mitsukoshi Department Store which is located inside the Imperial Palace.

Fun Fact: The Mitsukoshi Department Store get’s it’s name from the Mitsukoshi retailer. The oldest department store in the world which was founded in 1673.

This is the largest retailer at Epcot’s World Showcase, with the large store offering an extensive range of Japenese gifts and souvenirs including; Funko Pops, Magazines and other Manga products alongside traditional Japanese snacks and drinks.

For those looking for an experience at the Japanese pavilion, I highly recommend the ‘pick a pearl’ area.

Located inside the department store (you’ll find the area inside the store easily due to the crowd watching the pearls being opened) in which for $20 you can select an oyster which will be opened to reveal a pearl which is yours to keep.

When it comes to eating at the Japanese pavilion you’ve one quick-service restaurant, Katsura Grill in which seating is available both indoors and outdoors.

Alongside this, you’ve also Kabuki Cafe which offers a range of Japanese snacks such as Sushi and Edamame alongside the popular rainbow coloured drink, Kakigōri.

Alternatively, there are three table service options including;

Tokyo Dining – If you’re looking for a less energetic atmosphere than that at Teppan Edo, consider dining at Tokyo Dining, this contemporary restaurant offers traditional Japanese dishes and is available for one table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Teppan Edo – Available for one table service credit on the Disney Dining Plan. This dining experience features Teppan chefs cooking traditional Japanese dishes right at your table.

Takumi-Tei – This luxury dining experience is not included on the Disney Dining Plan, with the majority of entrees costing in excess of $50 and the most expensive being $120.

United States: When you make it to the United States Pavilion (also known as the American Adventure Pavilion) you’re around halfway around Epcot’s World Showcase.

The American Adventure Pavilion is all about patriotism. Here you’ll find meticulously maintained gardens planted in the national colours of red, white and blue which are a credit to the team that continues to maintain the incredible grounds of all the Disney parks.

The attraction at the pavilion is the American Adventure which lasts 29 minutes in total and features an incredible array of Audio-animatronics with images that tell the story of the United States through the ages.

Notable moments in the American Adventure performance include; Pilgrims’ arrival at Plymouth Rock, the Boston Tea Party, George Washington at Valley Forge, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, slavery, and the invention of the telephone.

Once the performance has been completed you’re free to walk around the rest of the building which is made from traditional Georgian bricks, has a genuine marble floor and features an exhibit of historical items.

After the performance and exhibit you very well maybe hungry. In which case you have the choice of three quick service locations (sadly there’s no table service at this pavilion) they include;

The Liberty Inn – Serving traditional American foods such as; hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie. This location has a fair amount of seating inside, where you’ll be able to retreat from the hot Florida sun.

Fife & Drum – Serving hot dogs and turkey legs from a window at a small hut. There’s no allocated seating here so you’ll want to find some elsewhere in the pavilion or eat as you go.

Funnel Cake Stand – This booth is located just to the right of the American Adventure building and serves funnel cakes with a variety of toppings.

Italy: Grab your gelato, it’s time to visit the Italian pavilion!

Sadly, much like Germany, the Italian pavilion currently has no attractions and limited entertainment (there’s sometimes a mime or a juggler performing, although these have no set times)

There is plenty of photo opportunities here though, and we managed to get one from a Disney PhotoPass photographer who was in the area (We had a great Disney PhotoPass photo at the France pavilion too)

What the Italy pavilion lacks in entertainment, it makes up for in dining opportunities with;

Via Napoli – This restaurant is available on the Disney Dining Plan and offers a wonderful array of pizzas.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar – You can’t use your Disney Dining Plan credits here, but you can enjoy a glass from over 200 bottles of Italian wine that are stocked while nibbling on small-plates of meats, cheeses and desserts.

Tutto Italia Ristorante – You’ll find your pasta and seafood dishes at the Tutto Italia table service restaurant.

Pizza al Taglio – Quick service location offering a variety of pizza slices. There’s no seating here though, instead, you’ll have to head back to the main plaza of the pavilion and try and find a seat there instead.

Gelati – The only location to get your well-deserved gelato when at the Italy pavilion at Epcot. Sadly, you can’t use a snack credit here, and instead, have to pay cash for the gelato you choose.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to get an ice-cream or desert using a snack credit from the Disney Dining Plan while at Epcot then check out this guide for the best locations.

Germany:  The Germany Pavilion is an architectural dream which features an array of different buildings from different German regions.

If you’re ‘drinking around the World’ then be sure to stop and dine at the Biergarten, which has a fantastic Oktoberfest atmosphere with live music.

Pro Tip: We made the huge mistake of eating at the quick service in Italy rather than planning a meal when we ‘drank around the world’ at Epcot. 5 slices of Pizza and 3 beers (well we we’rent going to stop drinking even though we we’re eating now we’re we) cost us circa $80!

So, stopping at Biergarten which has food and beer on the dining plan and has the fantastic atmosphere is a very wise choice!

If you’re after a quick service meal at the German pavilion then you’ll want to visit Sommerfest. Here you’ll find traditional German dishes including; frankfurters, sauerkraut, pretzels, and apple strudel.

Sadly, the German pavilion lacks in entertainment and attractions with just the German shops offering a selection of famous German brands and products and the Born to Polka band who perform classic polka music throughout the day.

China: Welcome to the China Pavilion. While this pavilion has been overlooked for a long time the release of the live-action Mulan film in 2020 seems to have revitalised it.

There’s one major attraction at the China Pavilion and that’s Wondrous China which replaced Reflections of China in 2020 as the showing in the 360 theatre inside the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.

The style of this showing is highly similar to that you’ll see at the Canadian Pavilion except you’ll see footage from the Great Wall, the Forbidden City of Beijing and the Gobi Desert.

Again there’s no FastPass for this attraction as the showings are repeated throughout the day – often with little to no wait times. The theatre has no seats, instead, you lean against a rail – however, it’s still a great place to cool off from the Florida sun.

The Chinese Pavilion also has a very impressive replica of the Terracotta Army. The Terracotta Army is one of the major tourist attractions in China, located in Xian these figures date back to 210 BC. Again you’ll find little to no queue to go inside and see this display.

Pro Tip: If you’re a fan of the Mulan franchise then be sure to look out for Mulan and Mushu who are often wondering the pavilion for a meet and greet.

Sadly, they don’t currently have a dedicated meet and greet spot – although I expect that might change with the release of the live action film.

If you’re looking for food at the China pavilion then check out the quick service options Joy of Tea or the Lotus Blossom Café. The Nine Dragons Resturant is the only table service restaurant at the China pavilion and accepts the Disney Dining Plan.

Norway: If you’ve got kids who love the Frozen franchise then you don’t want to miss the Norway Pavilion. Attractions here include;

Frozen Ever After – Visit the Winter in Summer Festival as you take a ride on a log alongside guests of Arandelle. This ride is suitable for all heights and all ages.

Anna & Elsa Meet & Greet – Meet the lead characters of the hit film sisters, Anna and Elsa in the Royal Sommerhus, which is modelled on a traditional Norwegian cabin.

There’s one quick-service restaurant here, and one table service restaurant. However, the majority of those looking to dine in Norway do at the popular character dining location Akershus.

Characters at Akershus Royal Banquet for you to meet include;

Snow White





Mary Poppins.

The restaurant is included in the Disney Dining Plan (one table service credit), however, I highly recommend reserving your table in advance.

Being one of only a handful of restaurants at Walt Disney World that offers Disney Princess character dining, Akershus is very popular.

Mexico: Of course, if you’re rebellious, you’ve actually started here and worked your way clockwise around the lagoon (and scrolled upwards through this Epcot itinerary to your final pavilion in Canada).

Since the release of the incredible Disney Pixar film Coco in 2017, the Mexican pavilion has had an increase in ‘magic’ from the Walt Disney World Imagineering team.

This includes the incredible Mariachi band who perform a 25-minute set telling the story of Coco – Lead character Miguel even features in the form of a whimsical, hand-crafted puppet.

The other major attraction of the Mexcian Pavilion is the Gran Fiesta Tour, suitable for all heights and ages this ride has similarities to ‘It’s a Small World’ (albeit a less catchy soundtrack) and is situated inside the feature architectural monument for this pavilion the pre-Colombian pyramid.

There are one quick-service restaurant and one table service restaurant at the Mexican Pavilion – However, you’ll probably find me at La Cava del Tequila buying a daiquiri.

Future World: Finally, we’ve made it to Future World, just outside of the World Showcase Future World is home to perhaps the most thrilling ride of Epcot; Test Track.

If you’d like to ride this ride, then hopefully you’ll have managed to get a fast pass for it. Otherwise, once you’ve finished your third fast pass of the day you’ll keep going by to the MyDisney Experience app to get an extra one.

Otherwise, you’ll expect to be waiting for more than 60 minutes, maybe even 120 minutes. Of course, a bonus would be to get in the queue for this ride at rope drop.

Then, of course, there’s Spaceship Earth. This giant ‘golf ball’ is the icon of the entire Epcot park and getting to go inside it is a pinnacle of the entire day at Epcot for many.

The ride is slow-paced, suitable for any and all ages and heights and tells the story of human communication since the Stone Age.

Evening – Dinner, Shopping At Mousegear & Epcot Forever!

In my opinion, Epcot has the best setting for sunset at Walt Disney World. On a clear day, I love to sit by the lagoon and watch darkness fall over Paris (situated at the opposite side of the lagoon) – with a margarita from the Mexican Pavilion of course!

Mouse Gear: Depending on the time you complete your round trip of World Showcase, you might have time to shop at Mousegear before dinner & the Epcot Forever fireworks.

Mousegear is the major retail store at Epcot, and one of my favourites of the entire Walt Disney World Resort.

The store is located in Futureworld, however, depending on when you visit depends on where the store will be located as it’s currently being relocated with the main location closed for remodelling.

For further information check out the map upon arrival at the park or speak to one of the cast members.

Mouse Gear is the perfect place for killing time before or after dinner while waiting for Epcot forever by picking up some fantastic souvenirs.

While there are plenty of other themed shops at the World Showcase Pavillions, you’ll find the more ‘traditional’ Disney souvenirs here.

For more information on Mouse Gear and it’s temporary location during the Epcot redevelopment keep reading!

Dinner: When it comes to having dinner at Epcot there are so many places to choose from. Personally, I always try and eat somewhere in World Showcase.

However, popular restaurants such as; Monsieur Paul, Teppan Edo and Garden Grill Restaurant (located in The Land) can quickly become full so I recommend booking in advance.

Epcot Forever: After a 20-year run, the Illuminations Reflections of Earth show ended in September 2019. Replacing it is the Epcot Forever show.

Right now we have limited information on this show as we’ve sadly yet to have the chance to experience it (we’ll report back after our next trip to Walt Disney World in April 2020).

This dazzling fireworks and special-effects show kicks off at 9 pm. You are able to use a fast pass to book a space at the World Showcase Plaza Viewing Location (available to access from 8.30 pm),

However, you are able to view the show from anywhere around the entire lagoon from which the show is broadcast.

If you’ve used all your fast passes up by mid-afternoon then you’re eligable for one new rotating fast pass.

If you’re a fan of the Walt Disney World firework displays then consider looking out for this one and booking it while in the park using the My Disney Experience mobile application.

Once the Epcot Forever show has finished you’ll find that everyone rushes to the exit. Things can quickly become crowded and chaotic, so depending on where you’re situated within the park consider taking some extra time before heading to the exit.

Pro Tip: If the fireworks aren’t for you, or you’ve already seen them and you’re visiting during Epcot’s evening extra magic hours then consider heading back to some of the most popular rides at Epcot that you didn’t manage to get a fastpass for, rope drop or didn’t want to wait in line for.

You’ll find these often have a much shorter wait time as everyone is often around the lagoon waiting for the show to start.

With the evening Extra Magic hours you then have two hours (from 9 pm until 11 pm) to enjoy all the rides you missed with shorter standby wait times. – Fast passes aren’t given out for extra magic hours so there’s only the standby queue!

While some of the shops at the park will be a little quieter and still open for purchases, the main store such as Mousegear can become extremely busy with people making last-minute purchases.

Consider whether carrying around any souvenirs during the day is better suited to you than queuing in the evening. Don’t forget that if you do make purchases earlier in the day there are home delivery options available for a fee.

If you’re staying on-property, then be sure to take advantage of the Resort Delivery service – which allows you to have souvenirs delivered straight to your hotel room for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our readers have when reading this Epcot itinerary;

What Does Epcot Stand For?

EPCOT is an acronym that was created by Walt Disney himself. It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Can You See All Of Epcot In One Day?

Yes, if you arrive between the parks opening hours and midday and with the correct fast passes for all the major rides, I believe you can easily see Epcot in one day.

Don’t forget there are Extra Magic hours available for Walt Disney World Resort guests too which can allow you to spend up to 14 hours inside the park in one day alone!

Even guests staying off-site can spend 12 days here if they arrive for rope drop and leave after the Epcot Forever show at 9 pm in the evening.

How Long Does It Take To Walk Around Epcot?

It really depends on a couple of factors. If you’re speaking about distance, it’s around 1.25 miles around World Showcase, which are the world pavilions situated around the lagoon. However, there’s more to Epcot than just the World Showcase.

The total time is going to really depend on;

The number of rides you’re wanting to go on

What rides you have fast passes for

Where you plan to eat – a table service meal is set to take longer than a quick service

How much shopping you plan to do – all of the 11 pavilions around the World Showcase have a shop

How fast you walk

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Epcot For One Day?

A one-day park pass is $94.00 although there is a discount for Florida residents.

Do You Need A Full Day At Epcot?

In our opinion, not everyone is going to spend the whole day here, we often find it takes us around 6 – 8 hours to complete the entire park.

It really depends on the rides you want to go on, whether you have fast passes for those rides and factors such as festivals (i.e. The food and wine festival).

What are the 11 countries in Epcot?

Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico.

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