The Best Fast Passes For Magic Kingdom

Heading to the Walt Disney World, then here are the best fast passes for Magic Kingdom. A couple of things to note before you begin with this list.

Some of these rides suggested do have minimum height requirements so be sure to check that those who you’ve selected to fast pass this ride are eligible.

These suggestions are based on demand only and don’t consider personal preference. You’ll likely want to go through this list and consider personal preference i.e. If you’re not looking at going on the ‘major’ rollercoasters at Magic Kingdom then you’d probably want to skip the likes of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain and instead go straight for the likes of character meet and greets along with Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin and Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This ride has a minimum height requirement of 97cm and usually has a standby wait time of more than 100 minutes.

It is one of the faster rides at Magic Kingdom with a ‘rollercoaster’ feel along the theme of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is one of the most symbolic rides at Magic Kingdom. It has a minimum height requirement of 112cm. The usual standby time of Space Mountain can be anything from 80 minutes through to 180 minutes.

The Space Mountain buggy you sit in is set into three seats which are aligned one in front of the other which requires riders to sit alone with nobody by their side. In our case, there were five of us so three of us went in one buggy together and another two in a buggy with one spare seat (or single rider in some cases) however, nobody could quite hold the hand of 7-year-old Frankie who was just tall enough to ride.

He didn’t like it, especially being in the dark – although if you ask him afterwards it was brilliant (he totally wanted to look cool and like a ‘big boy’ in front of his sister and cousin being the only one tall enough to ride it)

Splash Mountain

On this ride you will likely get wet!

Splash Mountain is one of the three mountain rides at Magic Kingdom it has a minimum height of 102cm. The standby wait time for this ride is usually upwards of 100 minutes.


Barnstormer is a traditional rollercoaster ride in Storybook Circus – at the back near the Fantasyland Station. It has a minimum height of 89cm and is a great introductory rollercoaster for kids.

Frankie, who didn’t like Space Mountain so much loved the Barnstormer – perhaps in hindsight we should have started his rollercoaster journey here first ?

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Last of the mountains on our list is Thunder Mountain which has a minimum height requirement of 102cm. The wait time for this ride is usually in excess of 100 minutes.

Character Meeting Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

There are other changes to meet Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse at the other Walt Disney World parks. However, they come dressed in different themed outfits at each park so, if you wanted to be specific you could base where you meet them based on the outfit you want to see them in (for example, in Animal Kingdom they are in safari outfits)

There is no minimum height for the meet and greet of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

The standby wait time is usually between 60 and 120 minutes. However, we have been known to get last minute fast passes for this meet and greet on the day once we’d completed our other three fast passes (even during their celebration outfit period)

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin has no height requirements and is a fantastic family-friendly ride at Magic Kingdom. Each buggy holds two people and you go around shooting aliens to try and defeat Emperor Zurg. This ride often has a standby wait time in excess of one hour.

Princess Fairytale Hall

The Princess Fairytale Hall is a meet and greet area. The standby wait time of these princesses is usually around 60 minutes each set. There are four princesses to meet here however you queue only for two (and therefore fast pass only two) you can select the two you would like to meet during the fast pass booking period.

The standby wait times of this meet and greet are much lower in the evening when many families are watching the fireworks or have gone home to bed. Being a meet and greet there is no height requirement for this attraction.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh is suitable for all ages with zero height requirements. It’s a story tale ride where you sit in a carriage and slowly go around reading the story together.

It’s a popular ride with an estimated standby wait time in excess of 45 minutes.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

This is a performance and has zero height requirements.

This performance only runs at selected times during the day. With a fast pass, you’ll not only be able to get to the front of the queue and be the first into the performance theatre, but you’ll also, as a result, be able to get a fantastic choice of seats.

Please remember you are only able to book three fast passes in advance. We’ve provided a selection based on demand to allow for minimum heights and personal preference.

However, this list is also great to have on-hand so you know what rides you should get if you’re able to complete your three fast pass reservations on the day and are looking to fast pass some of the other rides inside Magic Kingdom.

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