The Best Lightweight Trousers For Hot Countries

One of the things I struggle with is knowing what I will need for what climates and activities. Trousers are a constant struggle as you can get them completely wrong or perfectly right. To help with all the confusing you might have here are the best lightweight trousers for hot countries.

You might be reading this thinking well why even wear trousers in hot countries? Why not wear shorts or a skirt? Honestly, it isn’t always that simple, there are a number of reasons people like to wear longer length trousers.

Reasons such as religion, whether it is their own or the country they are visiting. Another reason may be that they are trekking through forest and wearing trousers is safer. Some people are just naturally more comfortable with their legs covered up. Places such as temples, religious sites and monuments may require legs to be covered.

Best Fabric To Look For In Trousers For Hot Countries

Before I dive in to tell you all about the best lightweight trousers for hot countries I wanted to give you some information that in the future will help you find them on your own.

Many factors can go into the best suited trousers for hot weather, one of these things is the actual fabric make up. Many companies will blend materials to get an almost perfect material that helps keep you warm and cool along with other high tech features.

One of the main things to look for in fabrics is something thin, natural fabrics and generally quite flowy or easy to wear. Try to avoid man-made fabrics and polyester as they block moisture from leaving the body and can’t cause you to feel uncomfortable.


Cotton is probably one of the most well known natural fabrics around. Cotton can seemingly come in many different styles, anything with 100% cotton or cotton blend will be fine. Cotton is a natural fibre that allows the body to move, moisture to be caught and leave along with being comfortable.


Linen, like cotton is another natural fabric, it is great for hot countries and warm temperatures. Linen is often used for trousers for holidays, as they are breathable, smart and easy to care for. Linen is a pretty standard form and you can sometimes find garments with a linen blend. Any of those will be great for hot weather.


Rayon is the only man made fabric on our list. It is made with the extraction of an ingredient from a tree called cellulose. This fabric can be manipulated to feel like woo, silk, linen and cotton.

Blended Fabrics

As I mentioned before there are companies that are building technologies around blending fabrics to make sustainable and wearable garments.

These are the main fabrics to look for when looking at buying lightweight trousers for hot countries.

Different Style Of Lightweight Trousers For Hot Countries

Another factor to look for when shopping for lightweight trousers for hot countries is the style. This can totally depend on what you are most comfortable in but here are a few styles I think are worth looking out for.

Wide Leg

Wearing wide leg trousers is great for getting air into the legs while still feeling covered. You can find these a variety of fabrics, prints and lengths from full length to 3/4 length.

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Wide leg trousers are popular with fabrics such a linen. This style works well for those who are spending more time relaxing on holiday and doing light activities. They aren’t as easy to protect you from mosquitos but work well to keep you cool and covered.


Cargo pants are a slim style of trousers that are popular with hikers and walkers. They are also great style and popular fashion choices. These can be a straight leg fit or a slim leg, some even come with a cuff at the bottom.

These are usually made of quick-drying synthetic or cotton-synthetic blends. These materials and styles are great lightweight trousers for hot countries. This style is more common with people who are hiking, walking or going to areas that are within wildlife and need more protection.

Cargo style trousers are a much more practical style of lightweight trousers as they often have pockets and extra pockets on the legs. This is great for people who are travelling and climbing mountains etc. These are a great choice to help keep out mosquitos and bugs as the legs are generally straight legs or cuffed at the bottom.

3/4 Length

This is a great style if you are on holiday and looking to wear something loose, casual but also modest and covering. These are a great choice to help keep out mosquitos and bugs as the legs are generally straight legs or cuffed at the bottom.

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These are a great choice for evening wear especially as they keep you cool but also give you some protection as the evening chill sets in.

Sports/Work Out

Sportswear is probably one of the easiest and most versatile style of lightweight trousers for hot countries. There are a variety of styles to suit all shapes, sizes and requirements. I found using my own sports gear to be really useful while traveling around in hot countries.

The materials are made to go through sweat, heat and are made to be put through the paces. These are one of the best lightweight trousers for hot countries as they are made to deal with sweat. The fabric component of the trousers are made to release moisture which makes them ideal for hot countries.

They are the heaviest style of trousers on this list but can also be one of the most versatile. I found a great pair of legging style trousers that were great for travelling as they could be worn as a base layer in cold weather or a main layer for walking in hot countries.

The Best Lightweight Trousers For Hot Countries

These are our top picks and the most recommended of lightweight trousers for hot countries. These are found in stores and online. I decided to place the stores and brands rather than the products as they often have very similar styles and updated versions of the trousers I have seen and used.

That way when you go to find the trousers and find you can no longer buy the specific style you won’t feel let down. I also didn’t split this into Men, Women, and children as many of the following brands and styles apply to all categories.


We have worked with Craghoppers on many occasions and are fans of their clothing. We still to this day love the winter waterproof trousers we got which are great for trips to Iceland or just snow ays here in the UK.

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They have a variety of styles that are available throughout the year for both hot weather and cold. I found some light coloured chino style trousers which are perfect for hot countries and exploring. The best part is that most of their trousers are built to last, be comfortable and even look nice with your existing wardrobe.

The trousers come with a couple of gadgets included such as quick drying, UPF 40+ sun-protection, anti-insect and odour control. Making these great for long travel days, walking around in the heat and hiking in the mountains.


Gap is a well known brand in many places across the world. I worked there for a year and loved so many styles of their clothes. One of the things they made well was the linen trousers, perfect for summer and perfect for holidays.

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The quality of clothes made at Gap are great, they last long, wash well and fit really nicely. They are a much more fashionable choice of place to shop and I would advise these to be better suited to more relaxing holidays and temple visits rather than for hiking in the rainforest.

They produce great styles of Khaki trousers, cargo style trousers and linen trousers. All of which are great styles and fits for hot countries but also the best materials to help keep you cool.


Much like Craghoppers, Regatta is a brand known to design and make clothes to last. Their main focus in outdoor clothing for all types of activities and weather. They have formulated their own technologies to improve durability and protection.

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The brand is well known and trusted and clothes can be found in stores and online. The styles aren’t as relaxed as Gap but still worth noting if you are looking for lightweight trousers for hiking, climbing in hot countries.

They have many styles available made from a variety of materials each with something uniques to offer from the Isoflex technology, sun protection, water repellent features and multiple pockets perfect for travelling.

Jack Wolfskin

Though the range isn’t as vast as some of the other leading brands Jack Wolfskin have a couple of different styles that are perfect lightweight trousers for hot countries. With features such as sun protection, water resistant and comfortable fit they are the perfect choice.

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They offer ranges for men, women and children making it easier to find something to everyone. They also have a range of trousers that are zip off so you can wear them as long shorts or as trousers. Making these perfect lightweight trousers for hot countries.


FatFace is a high street store that follows fashion trends and creates high quality clothing in a range of lovely fabrics and colours. Though FatFace doesn’t have the technologies of sun protection and water resistant materials like Regatta or Craghoppers they offer something else.

The clothing here is much more relaxed and easy-going. The styles will change year on year even if just slightly and by colour. FatFace offer stylish clothing that is made from high quality materials that are still great for lightweight trousers for hot countries.

You can find styles such as cargo, capri and chino styles that are a perfect fit for hot weather along with stylish looks. These may be easier to wear in scenerios where you plan to do much slower and steady walking, city breaks and gentle exercise.

There are many more places you can find great lightweight trousers for hot countries. Using the tools and fabric guide further up you can find a great pair of trousers in places you already like to shop and know the sizing of.

That is everything for our best lightweight trousers for hot countries. If you have a pair you really love and want to share let us know in the comments below. Also if there are any qualities you look for in lightweight trousers for hot countries we would love to know.

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