The Best Place To Buy Disneyland Paris Tickets

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting Disneyland Paris multiple times over the past decade, and there are only two places I ever purchase our park tickets.

The decision of which of these two places I use comes down to whether or not we’re staying on-site and booking a vacation package, or whether we’re booking DIY and staying in a nearby hotel or Airbnb.

If You’re Booking A DIY Disneyland Paris Trip – AttractionTix

If you are booking your trip to Disneyland Paris separately and therefore park tickets are not included then I recommend purchasing your park tickets through AttractionTix.

Not only do I use AttractionTix for our park tickets for Disneyland Paris but I also use them for our tickets for Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and more…

AttractionTix have the most comprehensive range and competitive prices on Disneyland Paris tickets that you’ll find.

This includes;

  • A one-day ticket to one of the two Disneyland Paris parks
  • A one-day ticket to both of the Disneyland Paris parks
  • A two-day ticket with one day at each of the Disneyland Paris parks
  • A three-day ticket with one day at each of the Disneyland Paris parks
  • A four-day ticket with one day at each of the Disneyland Paris parks

However, AttractionTix also includes a range of dated and flexi tickets to ensure you maximise your ability to save money.

Dated tickets require you to specify the date you’ll be visiting each (where applicable) of the Disneyland Paris parks and save you roughly 50% compared to flexi tickets.

Meanwhile, flexi tickets are significantly more expensive but are also valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase allowing you to visit the park on a whim.

Since tickets for Disneyland Paris are no longer sold at the gates the tickets from AttractionTix are park ready.

There’s no need to head to a special area or exchange your pdf ticket for an official ticket. Instead, you’ll simply scan the QR code on your ticket and you’re good to go.

Alongside your primary Disneyland Paris park tickets, AttractionTix also sell a number of special event tickets including;

  • Disneyland Paris Pride
  • Disneyland Paris Magical Halloween Celebration
  • Disneyland Paris New Year’s Eve Party

If You’re Booking A Disneyland Paris Package – Disneyland Paris

If you’re planning on staying on-site at a Disneyland Paris hotel then the best (and cheapest) way to book your entire vacation is on the Disneyland Paris website.

If you’re from the UK you can book a vacation on the Disneyland Paris website as a combination of either;

  • Hotel & Park Tickets
  • Park Tickets
  • Transport, Hotel & Park Tickets

While those outside of the UK can use the Disneyland Paris website to book;

  • Hotel & Park Tickets
  • Park Tickets

Since purchasing park tickets alone from Disneyland Paris is more expensive when compared to AttractionTix I suggest only using Disneyland Paris if you plan to stay on-site at one of the Disneyland Paris hotels.

Pro tip: The transport options available when booking on the Disneyland Paris website include flights, Eurostar & Eurotunnel however the availability is often significantly smaller than when booking the transport yourself separately.

Booking your Disneyland Paris vacation online through the Disneyland Paris website also allows you to book and pay for extras to enhance your trip including;

  • Disney Photopass+
  • Disney Express Luggage Service
  • Disney Meal Plans
  • Shows & Excursions

However, when booking using the Disneyland Paris website you’ll still want to make sure you can’t get the trip cheaper by booking it separately yourself since most of the on-site hotels at Disneyland Paris are also available through and other third-party hotel websites.

A quick example of how to check you’re getting the best deal is to head to the Disneyland Paris website and find the price of the vacation you’re looking to book.

In my case, it’s two nights at the Santa Fe hotel in the standard Cars room for two adults. This includes three days of park tickets and costs £958.64.

Then go over to and look for the same hotel, the same room, for the same two people on the same two nights.

In this instance, the hotel cost £715.

This combined with two three-day, two-park tickets for the parks from AttractionTix comes in at £341.98 bringing the total cost to £1,056.98.

Which in this case is £98.34 than booking separately making it worthwhile in this case to book my hotel and tickets together with Disneyland Paris themselves.

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