Best Snacks At Hollywood Studios

Ever seen some epic snack in the park and wondered where in Disney it could be? Walt Disney World have done a great job of making something for everyone and snacks is one of those things. I decided to put together a guide of the best snacks at Hollywood Studios and where you can find them. So you too can try out these delicious Disney treats!

The Best Snacks At Hollywood Studios

I wanted to break up the snacks as I know the snack game is strong at Walt Disney World and all of the parks have their own specialities. You can find amazing things such as Rapunzel Eclairs in Magic Kingdom or an elephant ear pastry in Animal Kingdom.

What I love is that there is something for everyone and most definitely a theme for each park and area. This is a super fun thing to do if you are a regular visitor and looking to discover new and exciting ways to spend your days at Disney World.

Sweet Snacks At Hollywood Studios

Lunch Box Tart – Woody’s Lunch Box

This is of course located in the amazing toy world of Toy Story Land. The lunch box menu has had so many rave reviews that I have lost count. The one thing that I see so many people falling in love with is the lunch box tarts.

These come in 2 different flavours and are amazing. You can get them in both chocolate hazelnut and a seasonal flavour ( currently lemon-blueberry). They are great to share or even snag one for yourself.

Location – Toy Story Land

Dining Plan – Yes

Funnel Cake – Epic Eats

The funnel cakes are epic of course! They come in two flavours strawberry topping with vanilla soft serve and cookies and cream with vanilla soft serve. The ice creams are wonderfully crafted and taste amazing.

You can also grab a drink or alcoholic beverage here too. Don’t forget to take a picture to make everyone back home jealous!

Location – Echo Lake

Dining Plan – No

Hollywood Scoops

You can probably tell from the name this is a place to go no matter what they serve. Here you can find a number of desserts and snacks to suit every taste bud. There is plenty of choice and something for everyone.

The sizes can be a little on the larger size so if you are planning on trying quite a few of the best snacks at Hollywood Studios I would get one of these to share. We decided to get a couple to share between a few of us and we had leftovers.

Location – Sunset Boulevard

Dining Plan – Not Accepted

Savoury Snacks At Hollywood Studios

Totchos – Woody’s Lunch Box

Another point goes to Woody’s Lunch Box, another rave review and has so many visitors and fans talking. This time it is for the Totchos which need a post of their own!

Image Courtesy of

These are made up of the potato barrel with beef and bean chilli, sour cream, cheese and chips. Everything you could want and more to keep you going for the day at the park. These are a perfect thing that is both light but filling and is definitely one of the best snacks at Hollywood Studios.

Location – Toy Story Land

Dining Plan – Yes

Kat Saka’s Kettle

Of course we couldn’t forget the out of this world offerings from Galaxy’s Edge. Kat Saka’s Kettle brings us the sweet and spicy popcorn in colourful arrangements. The popcorn is sold in a bowl and is definitely worth a try.

Location – Galaxy’s Edge

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

KRNR The Rock Station

The rock station doesn’t offer much but it does offer up a really good Mac and Cheese. There are two styles the buffalo chicken and the chilli. There aren’t many places you can find Mac and Cheese within the park and if so they are pretty standard.

Location – Sunset Boulevard

Dining Plan – Some Accepted

Onion Straws

This is a side but such a good snack, lover of onion rings? Well, these are just that but better. Served with a Texas Petal Sauce for dipping in a tray it makes for one of the best snacks at Hollywood Studios.

These are a great alternative to bread-based snacks or sweet snacks around the park.

Location – Rosie’s All-American Café

Dining – Some Accepted

Baseline Tap House

It is said that pretty much anything at this place is delicious and deserves praise. I originally was drawn to this place for the Bavarian Pretzel but there is so much more on offer. This is a great place to stop for a drink whether it be alcoholic or not.

There is also the California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate which looks epic on all accounts and could easily be shared between friends while enjoying a drink. There is also the Coffee-rubbed Rib-eye Steak Puff with Olive Salad, I am not a fan of coffee at all but even this sounds delicious!

Location – Grand Avenue

Dining – Not Accepted

That is everything for our best snack at Hollywood Studios. If you have been and had any of the above snacks we would love to know what you thought and which you love. Alternatively, if you have a favourite snack at Hollywood Studios you think we should know about leave us a comment so we can try it out on our next trip!

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