The Best Time To Visit Oslo

visiting the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet - what to see in oslo in one day

Are you looking for the best time to visit Oslo? If you’re only planning on spending a short time in the city then ensuring you visit during a season where it’s quiet and the weather is nice can really help you to maximize what you manage to achieve during your trip.

We believe the best time to visit Oslo is between the months of May and September.

We say this because it’s summer, so you’ll find that the weather is much warmer than in the winter months with an average of 18 degrees during the day and 8 degrees at night.

However, where possible we’d advise you to avoid late June and July if possible as this is the summer break for the school kids in Oslo. You might, therefore, find that the major attractions are busy with family entertainment for the region.

Of course, you don’t have to visit Oslo at ‘the best time’ of year. It’s often cheaper to visit in the offseason.

We have visited Oslo in the winter months (November) however, found it to be bitterly cold around 0 degrees during the day and anything up to -8 degrees on an evening.

While Norway as whole caters for this colder climate and all attractions remain open, the cold can take-away from some of the enjoyment of visiting – especially if you’re not prepared for it. So if you do plan to go in the winter, pack your thermals, raincoats, boots, and big socks!

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