Review: The Centurion Lounge At McCarran International Airport

Today we are checking out The Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. After flying 11 hours from Gatwick to Las Vegas we were ready to stretch out legs and eat some good food before flying onwards to LAX.

If you are heading to Las Vegas and looking at lounges to try out before going home I would read on to see why The Centurion Lounge is on the list.


The Lounge is located within D, the lounge is located just before the gates of 1-15.

As if you are walking down towards gates 1-15 the lounge is located on the left-hand side. It is signposted there and there is a short walk down the corridor to the welcome desk.


Usually, we gain entry into the airport lounges with our Priority Pass but this time we gained access by being American Express cardholders.

You can use your American Express for a total of 3 people, the cardholders and 2 guests. We visited this lounge on two separate occasions and had no trouble getting in.

As we returned as a party of 5 we used two American Express cards to gain entry.


There are many pockets of areas that create comfort and privacy within the lounge. There are a number of areas that are separate for dining, lounging and working along with an area for children to play.

The lounge overall is quite large and spacious to say there are so many areas of seating and desks. The lounge has a large dividing wall that separates the main dining area from the window seating areas which helps break up the noise and the room.

There are so many varieties of seating to choose from within the lounge. From family seating, solo booths and comfortable lounging areas.

We chose to sit in the main dining area of the lounge. This had both hard wooden seating with a large sofa style back along one curved wall. Lighting was very soft and atmospheric and quite soothing which was appreciated.

One of my favourite areas were the booths that were sleek and built into the walls. These were perfect for the solo travellers who don’t want to take up a table meant for 2 or 3. They each had plugs, a USB port and an ethernet cable port. We tested one out and unfortunately we had trouble with the power.

The view from the lounge was a little hard to see as they had thin blinds down over the windows. I can only assume this is to help keep the room cool and in the shade.

The windows span across one half of the lounge and so there is plenty of seating available with a view.

Food & Drink

We were visiting the lounge at 5 pm so they were serving dinner. While there wasn’t a huge array of choices the food was delicious. With fresh vegetables, fried chicken and light pasta. There was also a range of salad items along with sauces and dips.

There were a variety of areas laid out for coffee, tea and coffee machines. There was a box of Twinings tea bags to choose from. They had green tea, golden caramel and black tea forest fruits along with many more. There was also hot water in a flask and honey to one side for those who want to sweeten their drink.

There was a section for fresh juices that were made up of citrus black tea, pineapple juice and filtered water. There was also a stack of clean glasses at the side and a bin under the table.

Within the catering and bar, many of the areas for drinks were split up. While this may have been a happy coincidence it was also great as it kept the queues down. Having the areas split and scattered within a radius of each other helped disperse people and stop accidents happening.


There are a number of facilities in place which are useful for passengers. One of those is the member’s helpdesk, this is a place you can go for any queries regarding your American Express card.

One of the best facilities has to be the playroom for children, it is a soft carpeted room with low countertops covered in toys. There is a tv with a children’s channel on with plenty of things to play with.

There is a long table towards the back that is lower with chairs on both sides, in the center of the table are multiple plugs. This area is perfect for people who are travelling for business and are looking to charge their laptops and work. I always appreciate these spaces as we often work in lounges while travelling.

To the right of this table is a desk with 2 computers hooked up to a printer. I can only assume these are free for guests to use for flights and any onward bookings.

Wifi was provided on a card on entry which I found helpful as all I wanted to do was sit down. The wifi was great service so we could get plenty of work done while there.

There are bathrooms provided within the lounge. They are very clean, sleek and modern much like the lounge itself. I was impressed as the sink space was clean, tidy and had thick paper towels to use. There are handwash and hand lotion from L’occitane En Provence which was lovely to use after a long flight.

From the moment we walked down the corridor to be greeted at the desk until leaving was more than a pleasant experience. The staff were happy to see us and were very welcoming.

As we sat down and began to have a drink and beer other staff members passed and greeted us. They were very good at clearing up used plates, empty glasses and any other mess.

I was impressed that the staff at the bar remembered the orders of the guests. I was also very pleased when we returned to the lounge that the staff were as equally as welcoming and helpful as the previous visit.


Overall I was really impressed with the lounge from the food to the staff to the seating. We got to visit the lounge on a fairly quiet evening so I cannot speak of what the lounge is like in busier times.

The service was great and friendly and couldn’t be faulted by any means. My only negitive comment about the lounge would be there weren’t many smaller items to snack on or nibble such as crisps/chips, nuts or biscuit style items.

The Centurion Lounge At McCarran International Airport

Helen Harrison

Food & Drink


A great lounge with clean and modern facilities and open to families. Great drinks options and lovely fresh food.

Would definitely recommend coming if you are to be passing through or flying from this airport.


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