Review: The Club Airport Lounge at MCO (Orlando International)

The Club At MCO soft drinks bowl

Helen and I recently upgraded from an American Express Gold card, to an American Express Platinum card. With this came a complimentary Priority Pass that provides us with access to hundreds of airport lounges around the world for free.

I’ve been wanting a priority pass for some time now but struggled to justify the cost. However, with the benefits of upgrading to the platinum card from American Express, we found it to be worth it – for this year at least.

Which means we’re going to be doing A LOT of airport lounge reviews from different airports around the world. Airport lounges are in our opinion at least great value for money if you’re flying long haul or enjoy an alcoholic drink or two as a way to kick off your travels.

Access to an airport lounge usually retails between £15.00 and £25.00 depending on the lounge you visit and different lounges offer different facilities and services.

Disappointed with our recent experience at the Delta Sky Lounge at MCO. We instead (by recommendation) opted to visit ‘The Club at MCO’ just a short walk across the main hall in the terminal where gates 70 – 99 are situated.

Find out how we got on in this comprehensive review of The Club At MCO Airport;

Where To Find The Club At MCO

You’ll find The Club At MCO after you’ve at gates 70 – 99. Once you arrive on the airport tram keep right, and go around the spa and massage area. You should see a small entranceway to your right with a sign above signally ‘The Club’.

On the side of the entranceway, you’ll also see a list of memberships in which The Club At MCO permits complimentary access to. Don’t get distracted by the Best Buy Express vending machine like I did and continue walking wondering “where on earth is it?”

Lounge Comfort

Lounge Arrangement

In our opinion, this lounge had one of the best seating arrangements we’ve ever experienced in a large lounge with often a high capacity. Making the most of every inch of space with nothing feeling cramped or out of place.

The lounge itself is set into five sections;

There’s a high open plan reception area with no seating.

Going through to a major seating area with a number of seating options for couples, families and larger parties. Alongside a vast window. Off to the side of here, you’ll also find the Kids Corner.

Going back further into the lounge you’ll find the bench workspace designed for those who are travelling and working. The seats are in a bar-stool form and the bench has easy access to power outlets.

Towards the left-hand side, you’ll see the bar with another small seating area designed for couples and families.

Then at the very back of the lounge, you’ll see the array of food options with some ‘booth style’ seating again highly suited to couples and families.

View from The Airport Lounge

While I did notice a window at the far hand side of the lounge (opposite to that in which the food is available) I wasn’t able to see what sort of view is provided.

Catering / Bar

We had lunch/afternoon tea at The Club at MCO. Unfortunately, much like the Delta Sky Lounge, it was the catering options that in our opinion let down the overall impression of this lounge.

There was a selection of fruit snack bars, small nuts, crisps and biscuits all available in branded packaging.

Premium branded drinks including Campbells Tomato Juice…

Not to mention a rather sophisticated coffee machine with access to a variety of different flavours of both tea and coffee.

Finally, there was access to a drinks dispenser for pop/soda style drinks. I’m a little disappointed by this having been used to service of drinks like this in glass bottles etc in other airport lounges around the world.

It might not sound like a big deal but when you drink as much of the fizzy stuff as I do you can quickly tell the difference (and cheapness) of drinks from a dispenser like this one when compared to a can or glass bottle.


Shower Room

There is one facility inside The Club at MCO that made this my favourite airport lounge ever (well… to date) two amazing showers!

Games Room

The second facility I want to draw your attention to inside The Club at MCO is the children’s game room. This is the first airport lounge I’ve ever been to with facilities for younger travellers. Situated in a ‘kids hub’ you’ll find access to games consoles that will no doubt keep the kids quiet indeed!


The internet speeds here aren’t as good as the Delta Sky Lounge. However, they are more than good enough for general browsing of the internet, streaming music etc.

Staff Service

The staff were very, very friendly at The Club at MCO Airport lounge. Upon arrival at the lounge, they were thorough, highly responsive and friendly in explaining everything we could possibly need to know.

I managed to lock myself out of the shower room in an excited, attempt to get my camera to film inside. They were more than understanding and accommodating in regards to the inconvenience I caused them asking to be let back in.


In conclusion, the only thing that really lets this lounge down, in my opinion, is the access to proper food/meals and soft drinks in glass bottles rather than being served from a dispenser.

Then again, these disappointments were more than made-up on thanks to the amazing novelty but also a highly practical shower room.

Should we visit the MCO Airport again, I would choose to visit The Club at MCO over The Delta Skylounge. However, of course, this is only my opinion. I’d love to know which of the lounges you prefer in the comments below…

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