The Ultimate Guide To Murano

If you are looking into exploring the island of Murano you might want to know a couple of things before you go. You might wonder what there is to do and how you get to Murano. Though there isn’t as much as you would find in Venice itself there is still plenty of reasons you should visit the island of Murano. Here is our ultimate guide to Murano.

How To Get From Venice To Murano

There is one main way to get from Venice to Murano and that is by boat. There are two options for getting the boat and it all depends on your budget.

Public Transport

From getting off the bus or train in Venice you can catch the ACTV public boat from the docks. You can get the boat from station letter N and take the 30-minute ride over to Murano. The public transport can get a little crowded but once you get to Murano the crowds disperse.

Private Taxi

You can take a private taxi to Murano this will cost you more as you are hiring a boat to take you over to the island. There are companies located at the transportation center that can arrange a private boat for you to take you to Murano.

How To Get Around Murano

Murano is made up of 7 different islands all connected by bridges. Don’t worry as Murano itself only measures 1 mile which is easily walkable in 20-30 minutes. The island is very easy to get around by foot and is best explored that way. The island is also quieter due to the lack of transport needed on the water to get visitors around.

You can also get another water taxi from Murano to Burano to explore more. You can also get the boat back to explore more of Venice itself.

Things To Do In Murano

Murano Glass Factory Tour

Murano is famous for its glass. They make and produce the glass right there on the island. There are museums, factories and many shops with intricate pieces along with simple but beautiful designs.

You can take a trip around the tour with a guide that speaks English, French, German and Italian. You can watch the amazing designs come to life and be molded in front of your eyes.

Visit The Palazzo Da Mula

This building is one of the oldest of the island which dates back to the 13th century. The building itself is not to be mistaken with the Palazzo da Mula Morosini which was painted by money in 1908 and is located on the Grand Canal of Venice.

Check Out The Sculpture In Campo San Stefano

Walk to the square and head over the bridge, from a distance you should be able to see a colourful structure. The Murano made glass sculpture changes over time and has been many before now. The square always has something in it to see along with a lovely little restaurant for lunch. There you will also see the beautiful clock tower located on the square, kind of hard to miss it!

Take A Stroll Around The Island

The best way to see Murano is to just walk around, you can spend the day exploring or just the afternoon. Either way, it won’t take you long to explore what the little island has to offer. The ultimate guide to Murano is al about exploring at your own pace. The beauty of Murano is that it is much quieter than Venice, it has less people, less boats and much more opportunity to take in the wonderful scenery.

Go See The Beauty Of The Church of Santa Maria e San Donato

The church is said to be housing remains behind the alter of a dragon that was slain by Saint Donatus of Arezzo. It is also said that the mosaic pavement is to contain relics of Saint Donatus of Arezzo himself.

Find A Spot To Sit With A View

We saw a couple on our way back to Venice sat on the very edge of the island looking out into the open water. From that spot, you could see the boats passing by, the other islands in the distance and what would be a great spot for a sunset. Though there is limited seating on the island you can simply sit or stand on the edge of the island to take in the views.

Go Shopping

Though your range of shopping is limited you can find some beautifully crafted items made by the people on the island. As Murano is famous for making glass sculptures and pieces this is what you will find the most in shops. You can also find other small items that are great to take home, but if not it is always nice to see what is available.

Where To Eat In Murano

Osteria al Duomo

Erika, from Erika Travels, ate at the Osteria al Duomo, known locally as the Murano Co-op, is a Muranese eatery that is popular with locals and tourists alike. The atmospheric no-frills restaurant sits tucked away from the island?s main tourist promenade, across the canal from the St Mary and Donato Basilica.?

The osteria has both indoor and outdoor seating. Its large courtyard is pleasant and lively, shaded by leafy trees that provide respite from the Italian summer heat. 

The Osteria al Duomo has an extensive menu showcasing pizzas and classic Italian dishes. It is a fantastic place to try local specialties like squid ink pasta and sarde in soar.

Founded in 1908 by the St Mary and Donato Basilica?s parish priest, the Osteria al Duomo is among the oldest restaurants on the island.  Originally established as a cooperative that sold goods to working-class Muranese, the restaurant has since changed hands numerous times. 

To this day, however, it still contains a wide variety of tasty dishes at reasonable prices. 

That is everything on our guide to Murano. If you are looking to explore Murano and want to know anything else leave us a comment below. If you have been to Murano and enjoyed anything, in particular, we would love to know.

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