The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Guide to Venice

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Venice is one of the most popular cities for tourism in the world and is therefore unsurprisingly on the top of many people’s bucket lists. Thankfully, it’s also one that the LGBTQ+ community can visit without the fear of prejudice and discrimination.

Of course, this does not mean that discrimination does not occur (both documented and undocumented) – that’s the same with any major city. However, during our multiple trips to Venice as a lesbian couple over the past decade, we have generally found the people here to be welcoming, friendly, and helpful.

Is Venice LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Venice is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists and is thankfully a safe place to visit for the LGBTQ+ community.

Italy has a strong LBGQ organisation – Arcigay – which organises and presents many events across the country. That being said, there is little in the forms of specific LGBTQ+ accommodation and entertainment in Venice, but that does not mean that the LGBTQ+ community are unwelcome here.

Annual LGBTQ+ Events in Venice

Venice does not currently host any annual LBGTQ+ events. However, the neighbouring city of Padua (a 25-minute journey from the city) is popular with the LGBTQ+ community who live in this region.

Subsequently, the annual LGBTQ+ events are held here including; Padova Pride Village, which runs from June to September and is the most prominent LGBTQ+ event in Italy having started back in 2008.

Padua was one of the first cities to recognise same-sex wedding certificates and has long been known as a city of openness and diversity.

The Pride Village offers many concerts, drag artists, club nights, and a chance to experience the lively and friendly LBGQT+ community in one of Italy’s most progressive cities.

The famous event also attracts top DJs from the best clubs in the world, and with places to eat, grab a drink, and meet up with friends, it is highly recommended that visitors from the LGBTQ+ community plan their visit when the Pride Village Party is in full swing.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Hotels in Venice

Despite the limited number of LGBTQ+ events and entertainment in Venice, there are still a number of LGBTQ+ accommodation options here.

Hotel Alle Guglie

With great views and close to the railway station, this gay-owned hotel is a charming choice for enjoying the delights of Venice.

The décor is a clever mix of modern and classical Venetian, with rooms neatly laid out and well-equipped. It has a romantic air and is as comfortable as possible.

A three-star establishment, Hotel Alle Guglie is famous for its coffee and is ideally located for sightseeing all the major attractions.

Baglioni Hotel Luna

This centrally located hotel is a high-end establishment that offers plenty of comfort and pampering. Décor is in the classic style of opulence and antique furnishings, while the location makes it the ideal choice for exploring this romantic city.

The Canova Restaurant, within the hotel, is well-known for quality food, and there is also a more casual café. One aspect of the Baglioni Luna has its private boat dock, which allows easy access to the gondolas on the canals.

The major museums and galleries are close by, most are within walking range, and reviews by LGBTQ+ visitors are always favourable.

Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal

With its views of the spectacular Grand Canal, it is no surprise that Hotel Monaco is a popular venue for gay weddings. This luxury hotel boasts unrivalled city views, with famous spots like the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco close by.

Resplendent in Baroque architecture and furniture, the Hotel Monaco is a slice of true luxury, with rooms boasting chandeliers and antique fittings. It’s entirely befitting of a top Venice Hotel and is highly recommended by the LGBTQ+ community who have enjoyed a visit.

Ca Del Nobile

A sensibly priced bed and breakfast in a prime spot just off the famous Piazza San Marco, the 18th-century building and remaining period features make the Ca Del Nobile a charming and enjoyable choice for a stay in Venice.

Ca Del Nobile is openly gay friendly and advertises as such, and LGBTQ+ guests who have stayed here remark about the welcoming and appreciative management and staff. Exposed wood beams add a charming touch to the look and feel of the hotel.

The complimentary breakfast gets good reviews from guests, which is unusual in Italy, and the price of rooms makes this attractive to those on a budget.

Villa Gasparini

If there is a Venice hotel that typifies Venetian style and opulence, it is Villa Gasparini. Occupying a typical Venetian villa, the hotel is decorated in a truly luxurious style and is around 30 minutes from Venice in the town of Dolo. This makes it ideal for visits to gay areas in Padua and Verona.

The most appealing aspect of Villa Gasparini is the special LGBTQ+ packages the hotel offers. It is more than welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community and offers treats such as a massage, private romantic dinner, jacuzzi sessions, or a private gondola tour with dinner in Venice.

This hotel caters beautifully to gay couples looking for a discreet and comfortable place to stay with access to the best gay clubs and bars in Padua.

Map: Other Popular Hotels In Venice

Not found what you’re looking for? There are several other fantastic hotels in Venice for you to choose from.

LGBTQ+ Nightlife in Venice

As we have mentioned, there are few gay bars in Venice, and the LGBTQ+ community is integrated into the city. The nightlife in Venice is mainly centred in the university area, with many bars and clubs that are LGBTQ+ friendly.

Look ahead at what is happening, and you may find ‘Trash and Chic’ in the Molcinque disco club in Venice. Usually held in Padua, it is a popular gay party that is lively and fun. Drag shows are occasionally advertised in bars.

The bars and cafes around Campo Santo Margherita are recommended for their friendly ambience that attracts young people late into the night.


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