10 Incredible Things To Do At Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

Are you looking for things to do at Disney Springs? This area of the Walt Disney World resort might not be a park, but it still has a load of incredible things to offer, and better yet, it’s completely free to enter, with no park admission required.

There’s been a lot of changes going on at Disney Springs over the last decade, for starters… there’s been a name change, the place used to be called Downtown Disney, and it looked a lot different to the amazing district you’ll see in today’s photos.

There are so many things to do at Disney Springs including eating, dancing, shopping, singing.

So we’ve dedicated an entire post to sharing with you the more unique and incredible things you should do on a visit to this part of Walt Disney World that will go a long way to helping you make memories that last a lifetime at this incredible place.

1. Go On The Aerophile Balloon Ride

One of the most striking entertainment pieces at Disney Springs is the giant aerophile balloon that you can ride 400-ft above the resort. Tickets can be booked in advance online or upon arrival at the aerophile balloon desk.

Going up in the balloon is highly dependent on weather, so you might want to check the weather or ring ahead prior to heading to Disney Springs if you’re going there specifically for this.

Tickets are priced at $20 per adult and $10 per child, however, there have been times where packages and discounts have been available on Groupon Local. The desk and loading area for the Aerophile balloon is situated opposite the Disney Style store next to Starbucks.

2. Grab A Chocolate At Ghirardelli

Disney Springs is home to one of the finest speciality ice-cream and chocolate shops in the whole of North America, Ghiradelli. Despite removing the ability, and then quickly reinstated it due to customer backlash you can try a free sample here prior to purchasing.

Sample or no sample however, I’ve no doubt you’ll find something you like here.

You can also indulge in Ghirardelli ice-cream which is just as incredible as their chocolate, and the perfect antidote to the Florida heat. Ghirardelli is situated in Marketplace next to the World of Disney.

Also, quick side note, there’s a really nice Mexican food truck here if you’re after something savoury prior to indulging.

3. Head Out On The Water In A Vintage Amphibious Automobile

If you’ve been to Disney Springs previously you’ve no doubt seen the vintage automobiles riding around on the lake. These depart from The Boathouse (a fantastic restaurant where we had our post-wedding meal).

All of these cars are truly vintage designed and produced in the 1970s and 1980s and purchased directly from collectors.

While approximately 4,000 of these amazing cars were produced, now only 400 roughly remain making this a truly unique experience. Tours last 20 minutes and cost $125 per car with each car holding up to four people.

The tours run daily from 10am until 10pm, weather permitting. Bookings can be made online in advance or on arrival at The Boathouse’s Boutique at Disney Springs.

You can save $25 on your tour in these vintage amphibious automobiles with a purchase of $50 or more inside The Boathouse or Boatique. All the details of this offer will be attached to your purchase receipt which you’ll need to claim the offer.

4. Take A Photo With A Gigantic Lego Model

Disney Springs is home to a pretty incredible Lego store which features an amazing water dragon made of Lego in the lake outside. You’ll find a full pick a brick wall here as well as the usual range of amazing Lego sets and merchandise.

However, what really makes this particular Lego store unique are the amazing gigantic Disney characters made from Lego scattered inside and outside the store.

These models make for the perfect photo opportunity. The Lego Store is situated between World of Disney and Uniqlo (which is opposite the Harley Davidson store). A quick note to dedicated Lego fans, you’ll not be able to claim any AFOL discounts etc. here sadly.

5. Trade Pins At The Pin Trading Station

If you’ve caught the Disney pin trading bug, then you’ll definitely want to visit Disney Springs. There’s an entire store dedicated to Disney Pin Trading here.

Not only is this a great place to trade pins with Disney CM’s it’s also a great place to pick up those hard to find pins (this includes resort pins and is as far as I know the only other place you can buy a specific resort pin other than the resort itself).

Disney’s Pin Traders is situated at the far hand side of Disney Springs by the Disney resort buses and Earl of Sandwich.

While the majority of the stock here is Disney pins you’ll also find a small range of other collectables including the park exclusive Funko Pop Vinyls.

6. Get Your Little One A Make Over At Bibidi Bobidi Boutique

Bibidi Bobidi Boutique is what I like to call “the cherry on top”… Just when you think a trip to Walt Disney World couldn’t get any better you get the chance to experience a make-over that turns you into a Disney Princess – If only it was available for adults as well as kids!

I’ve included this experience on our list of things to do at Disney Springs because while it is available at Magic Kingdom it requires park entry and often gets fully booked much further in advance compared to the Disney Springs venue. That said, we’d still suggest booking a Bibidi Bobidi Boutique experience as far in advance as you can to guarantee a place.

7. Taste ALL The Flavours At Coca-Cola

One of the more unique things to do at Disney Springs is on the roof-top of the coca-cola store situated opposite the Orange parking garage and Planet Hollywood. Here you’ll be able to taste samples of different coca-cola products from around the world.

Tables get full pretty early and continue to fill throughout the day so we suggest visiting this store early in your trip to Disney Springs. The sample set currently costs $21.99 + tax and has enough to serve around 3 – 4 people per set.

On your way back to the ground floor of the store you’ll be able to take advantage of a photo op with the coca-cola polar bear (as part of the memory maker) and purchase some coca-cola inspired products.

8. Get Festive In Disney’s Days of Christmas

At Disney’s Days of Christmas, it’s Christmas every day of the year. This store is without a doubt our favourite at Disney Springs and on our most recent trip, we finally purchased something (a personalised Mickey and Minnie wedding bauble to celebrate our marriage).

Disney’s Days of Christmas is situated at the far end of Marketplace at Disney Springs over by Goofy’s Candy and Earl of Sandwich. If you’re a bit of a scrooge you might want to give this store a miss, as it even plays Christmas music! 

9. Shop At The World’s Largest Disney Store

Having undergone a recent refurbishment and expansion The World of Disney is now the largest Disney Store in the world. The 50,000 ft store is a staple of Disney Springs and features an incredibly extensive range of Disney products across 12 rooms. If there’s anything you want from your trip to Walt Disney World, you’ll find it here.

World of Disney is situated in the heart of Disney Springs Marketplace. Ghirardelli is opposite on one-side and Lego / Uniqlo is opposite the another. There’s also a Starbucks, a Joffrey’s and a fantastic Mexican food truck just outside, for when all the excitement gets a little too much…

10. Sit, Relax & Listen To The Bands & Choirs

Without a doubt, one of my mum and dad’s favourite things to do at Disney Springs is to relax with a Starbucks at the Marketplace Stage.

Here you can admire the amazing live entertainment from schools, choirs and professional artists. To see what’s on during your visit, we recommend visiting the Disney Springs website.

There’s also a large interactive directory at the back of the Marketplace Stage seating area if you’re looking for on-demand information about performances. The Marketplace Stage is situated just opposite the World of Disney and Ghirardelli chocolate shop.

This concludes our guide on what to do at Disney Springs. Of course, this is just a sample of some of our favourite things to do at Disney Springs, there are loads of other great experiences you can have here. We’d love to know you’re favourite things to do at Disney Springs, down in the comments.

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