Our 7 Favourite Things To Do In Bucharest

Things To Do In Bucharest

An affordable, and in our opinion overlooked destination in Europe in Bucharest. The capital of Romania. We spent three weeks exploring Romania, and at that time we really got to know the city.

What we love about Bucharest is how affordable it is, which meant you could do so very much and not have to worry about breaking the bank. 

While it’s fair to say that Bucharest isn’t going to win any awards for beauty or style. The Romanian capital surprises many first-time visitors such as ourselves with its amazing cosmopolitan vibe and energy.

1. Visit The Village Museum – Muzeul Satului

The Village Museum is located in Herastrau Park just outside of the city it’s easy to get to on the metro, bike or taxi. The museum is host to many beautiful and intriguing wooden huts and houses from over the centuries, each having its own unique flare.

The houses don’t just differ from century to century but from region to region within Romania. Some of the huts are open for you to look at the interior and each was decorated with heavy embroidered cloths and handmade woven rugs.

The museum is open Monday at 9.00am – 5.00 pm and Tuesday to Sunday 9.00 am – 7.00 pm, there is a cafe nestled within the park for a drink or bite to eat.

What I found most enjoyable during our time here was the outdoor element. Providing us with the ability to make the most of the beautiful weather and soak up the Romanian culture was a great way to spend an afternoon.

2. Go On One Of The Free Walking Tours Of The City

I’ve had to slightly segment the free walking tours of Bucharest, as there’s not one but two to choose from – both of which are different.

The first, and the more established is run by Walkabout. The tour leaves the clock in front of the fountains in Unirii Square Park every day come rain or shine. Starting at either 10.30 am or 6 pm and last 2 hours (although our tour lasted 3)

This is a great way to get to grips with this extraordinary city all whilst taking in the major sites. This was by far one of my favourite things to do in Bucharest. I learnt so much about the city itself and the history of the people.

The second, and new to the scene free tour are hosted by BTrip. This tour runs Monday to Friday at 6 pm and every weekend at 10:30 am and 6 pm. Does the tour leave from in front of the Bucharest Athenaeum columns and lasts around 2 hours.

Both of the free tours of Bucharest, Romania are rather different, so if you have the time consider going on both.

3. Walk Around Herastrau Park

Listed as the number one attraction (In accordance with TripAdvisor) Herastrau Park is an absolute must when visiting Bucharest. At a size of 200-hectares however, it’s unlikely that you’re going to see the entire place. It is a stunning place and is definitely on the list of things to do in Bucharest.

We entered the park via one of the main entrances which is just a short walk from Aviatorilor metro station and passed numerous different children’s play area’s, a skatepark as well as a number of coffee shops on our walk down to the large lake.

4. Become An Art Connosuir At The National Museum Of Art

Like many of the buildings here in Bucharest, The National Museum of Art is of great beauty and size. There’s currently two exhibitions open European art and the Romanian modern art.

Tickets for adults are 10 lei, however, if you are a student you can go for 4 leu or 8 leu for both exhibitions.

We chose only the one exhibition, the European Art exhibition, we were kindly directed by the lovely staff and were told which way around was best to go. The museum itself has beautiful architecture, even if the art doesn’t catch your eye the design of the building will.

5. Learn About The History Of Romania At The National History Museum Of Romania

One of the many museums in Bucharest, Romania but to me one of the more interesting. The building itself is beautiful on the exterior but once inside you forget where you have entered.

The museum is open from Wednesday until Sunday, from 10.00am to 6.00 pm. Prices are 20 leu for adults and 2.50 leu for students.

It has the first exhibition which is different artefacts and statues through time, this is located as soon as you walk in on the ground floor.

The second is located through an open doorway instantly showcasing parts of Trajan’s column forming a story around the room. The last exhibit was the vast collection of gold artefacts from overtime including crowns from Queen Elizabeth.

This was interesting to see the column but would have liked to see more about the Romanian history.

6. Dine At The National Military Circle

We heard about the grand interior of the National Military Circle along with the fabulous lunch menu from someone staying in our hostel dorm. It all proved too intriguing to resist.

For just 19 leu you can get two courses from a set menu (of three different choices), complete with sides. 

7. Play Video Games At Nexus Gaming Pub

This place is a hidden gem. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of Bucharest with the fastest Wifi, I’ve experienced in my life!

Nexus gaming pub has plenty of seating. However, the loud music and lighting aren’t going to make it suitable for everyone to work in.

If you're looking for one of the great things to do in Bucharest, consider heading to Nexus pub to play some video games

However, once the work is over Nexus Gaming Pub is perhaps THE GREATEST place to hang out in Bucharest. With access to gaming computers, a PS4 (alongside some of the latest titles) and a load of board games.

We spent around one and a half hours in this place, we had 2 bottles of waters and 1 bottle of Fanta. All this came to just 12 leu.

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